Affordable and Unique Albania and Corfu Trip: Crystal-Clear Water, Lush Nature, History, Tasty Food, and New Friends

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Albania, a hidden gem in Europe, offers a myriad of reasons to visit. Nestled between stunning mountains and breathtaking coastlines, this country showcases unparalleled natural beauty. Also affordability is a key draw, allowing travelers to stretch their budget further and enjoy a range of experiences. Delight your taste buds with delicious Albanian cuisine, a fusion of Mediterranean and Balkan flavors. Engage with friendly locals known for their warm hospitality, providing an authentic and welcoming experience. I am Monica, an Italian smiley 🙃 girl living in Spain since 2015! I’m really friendly and open-minded, and I love to spend time having nice conversations, a good lunch, a walk on the beach, practicing sports, exploring new places, or whatever makes me feel alive 🫶 This is a 6 days itinerary in the South of this surprising Country where we will both enjoy the crystal-clear beaches, visit enriching historical sites, natural landscapes and lot of fun with a new group of international friends! INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: 🏡 5 nights' accommodation close to the fantastic beach of Saranda ⛵️Day trip to the picturesque 🇬🇷Corfú island and Palaiokastritsa (Greece) 🚙 Shared a car during the whole stay, so we can easily move around and visit the most iconic spots! 🚕 Pick up from the Tirana airport 🎒Visit the most iconic places 🥾 Hiking in the middle of a lush nature 🔗 Networking 🥳 Lots of fun with new international friends! Excluded from the price: - Personal food & drinks - Petrol - Extra personal activities Visiting Albania means exploring a country yet to be overrun by mass tourism, where authentic experiences and untouched beauty await. It's a destination where you can create lasting memories, immerse yourself in rich history, indulge in delicious cuisine, and be embraced by warm hospitality. Albania is calling, ready to unveil its treasures to those who seek an unforgettable journey. Don't forget you can ask your questions about the trip in the Q&A section! Talk soon!
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I’m Monica, a charismatic Italian traveler always ready to create adventures while having fun! My biggest passions? 🌏🍷🍕🐶🌱🧘‍♀️☀️🌊

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Thank you, Monica! For a great workation! Monica took us to explore some villages outside Alicante during the weekend, she was very friendly and engaged with each of us to ensure that the schedule and free time worked for all the participants. I had a wonderful experience and I highly recommend her trips.
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1
On the 7th we can meet in Tirana and experience the vibrant energy and rich history of the city, capital of Albania - according to your time of arrival - then we will go by car to our apartment on the Coast.


Day 1-6
We will check in in our apartment, located in Sarande, close to the beach . It's time to get to know each other and our fellow TripMates. As Sarandë is a beach city we have plenty of beaches to check out. We will spend the rest of the day at leisure, enjoying the beautiful beaches, and the stunning scenery of Sarandë.


Day 6
We will have a day trip to Butrint National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's an ancient city with Greek, Roman, and Byzantine ruins. After visiting Butrint, we'll head to Ksamil, a beautiful coastal village known for its turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. The idea is to spend the afternoon swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of Ksamil.

Blue Eye

Day 6
Visit the Blue Eye Spring, a natural phenomenon where a deep pool of crystal-clear water resembles a giant blue eye. We'll then go on the rute till Gjirokaster, a UNESCO-listed town known for its Ottoman-era architecture and cobblestone streets. Explore the Gjirokaster Castle, visit the Ethnographic Museum, and wander through the charming bazaar.


Day 6
Head to the coastal town of Himara, which offers beautiful beaches and a relaxed atmosphere Here we will be able to enjoy the beach, swim, and indulge in fresh seafood for lunch. In the afternoon, we'll drive through Llogara National Park, a scenic mountain range with stunning views of the Albanian Riviera. We can consider hiking one of the trails or simply enjoy the panoramic vistas.

Porto Palermo

Day 6
On our trip we will also visit Porto Palermo, a picturesque bay with a historic castle known as Ali Pasha's Castle and learn about its fascinating history. Proceed to Vlora, a coastal city with a lively waterfront and beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea, and explore the Independence Monument, the Muradie Mosque. And our last stop of the day will be the ancient Greek city of Apollonia, known for its archaeological site and monastery. Discover the ruins, including the ancient theater, and learn about the city's history.


Day 6
After leaving the port of Saranda, we traveled along the Albanian coast until we approached the port of Corfu. The day begins with a visit to the Old Town of Corfu, one of the most attractive ancient helmets of Greece, where you can feel the influence of the great civilizations. Enjoy a guided tour of the center of the Old Town, which includes the largest square of Corfu, Spianada (known as "Liston"), the church of San Espiridon (Spiridon is the patron saint of the island), which houses the relics of San Espiridon, the Royal Palace, which houses the Museum of Asian Art, and the New and Old Fortresses. You will also have time to stroll through the alleys and explore the souvenir shops. The next stop is the picturesque village of Palaiokastritsa. The name means old fortress and refers to the castle that stood on the top of the hill which is now the Monastery of the Virgin Mary. Considered one of the best beaches in Corfu, the beach of Paleokastritsa is undoubtedly the most photographed. With its beautiful harbour and crystal clear waters against a dramatic backdrop of cliffs covered with olive and cypress trees, you will certainly understand why.
Trip Summary
6 days trip
Tirana, Sarandë & 5 more
Car, Boat
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