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Travel Solo in a Group!
At JoinMyTrip, we connect travelers worldwide with our unique group trips.
We are here to give everyone a chance to experience amazing trips around the world!
When traveling with us, you'll travel insanely authentic and in incredibly small groups with forever memorable experiences.
We are driven by passion. We're here to change lives - trip by trip!
Become part of the change and join our trip!
Our Vision
Change lives by empowering everyone to travel effortlessly in a group and connecting travelers in a meaningful way

Our Mission
Connect and empower travelers on our platform to create, discover and join unique & authentic group trips with like-minded people.
Our Team
  • Niels
    Niels traveled half of the world and met an awful lot of very interesting people while doing so. He loves places far away from tourists but at the same time likes crowded cities. With JoinMyTrip he wants to empower everyone to travel and experience the world with like-minded travelers. At JoinMyTrip he does everything that no one else wants to do.
  • Bharathi
    Head of Growth
    Bharathi loves finding innovative ways to scale startups. Besides problem solving, he loves visual storytelling and has just discovered his joy in exploring the world and learning about different cultures.
  • Vishnu
    Head of Product
    Vishnu is our Head of Product. His creativity and amazing designs can be seen all over the website and are an important part of our daily business.
  • Riddhiman
    Head of Supply & Online Marketplace
    Riddhiman, the ultimate problem solver and execution king, boasts an impressive track record of scaling startups over the course of 7+ years. When he's not immersed in the world of entrepreneurship, Riddhiman has a passion for exploring new horizons through travel, and his trusty companion, Neo, the dog, is always by his side. Whether tackling business challenges or globetrotting with Neo, Riddhiman approaches life with a sense of adventure and determination.
  • Sebastian
    Sebastian is a fullstack developer at JoinMyTrip and likes building feature rich backend services. He started working part time for JoinMyTrip while finishing his masters degree in computer science.
  • Dzmitry
    Dima believes that good software can change lives. That is why he is a fullstack developer at JoinMyTrip. He cares about user-friendly and pixel perfect interfaces and a nice backend. When he's not coding, Dima likes to learn new things, and copy other developer's bios.
  • Angel
    Head of Social Media
    Angel grew up in Bali and she is passionate about all things marketing and researching upcoming trends. Her main reason for traveling is food, you can always find her in different parts of the world hunting down each country's best-kept secrets
  • Monica
    Head of Operations
    Monica is the Operations Team Lead with an extension background in Supply Chain Management and Global studies, she loves food and being spontaneous, you will always find her in different parts of the world meeting travelers, trying new things and getting things done with a smile.
  • Bodil
    Head of Customer Support
    Bodil is our northern light and Head of Customer Support. She has seen quite a lot of the world and since the last two years she prefers to travel self-sufficiently with her camper. When she is not working, traveling or doing something for her Master's degree, you can find her fishing, exercising or out and about with a dog called Bolle.

  • Hamzah
    Content Writer
    Hamzah loves adventure. City strolling and beginner-friendly hiking are his favorites. He had a chance to study in southern Sweden for two years and explored dozens of countries in Europe. He is now dwelling between his homes in Java, Indonesia and Bali. Yet, he is still starving for more countries to discover!
  • Dyah
    Content Writer
    Dyah has been writing since she's a kid, so she does the content writing jobs in JoinMyTrip. She enjoys both being in nature and is up for outdoor activities. Her unforgettable travel experience includes vertical-caving in her home country, Indonesia
  • Katharina
    Trip Design
    Katharina is Austrian and traveled the world alone for three years before she found out about JoinMyTrip. She is a TripLeader since 2018, one of the Co-TripLeaders and working in Operations. One of her best skills is traveling on a low budget, she loves planning and enjoys searching for the best deals for hotels and activities. More info here.
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