About us
JoinMyTrip is the community of travelers that like to discover new places and meet new people.
JoinMyTrip is here to empower and connect both sides to share their travel interests, costs and unforgettable memories. We inspire travelers to live the experience of their lives and they inspire others to do the same. We invite them to join our community and they invite others to join their unique trips.

We invite you to join us on our mission and come back with new friends from around the world. Join our trip!
Meet the JoinMyTrip Team
Introducing you to the crew that runs the whole show, from our CEO to our interns, we all wish to say hello!
Our Vision
Be the global go-to community for open-minded travelers

Our Mission
Connect and empower travelers to create, discover and join unique trips around the world
Our Team
Niels traveled half of the world and met an awful lot of super interesting people while doing so. He loves places far away from tourists but at the same time likes crowded cities. With JoinMyTrip he wants to empower everyone to travel and experience the world in a group of like-minded travelers. At JoinMyTrip he does everything that noone else wants to do - also he takes care of our strategy, finances and HR.
Valle loves to travel - but he hardly ever has the funds to do so. Nevertheless, he has seen most of Europe and also some other parts of the world. Valle is the one who is taking care of the website and everything that has to do with technic. If anything doesn't work he is our go-to person. Obviously, he also loves to fix printers and alike ;)
Guillermo is a passionate evangelist of "Follow Your Dreams", always looking to promote self discovery and having everyone around him reach their full potential. He likes long walks on the beach and his favourite color is red. He is a man of many words, so don't ask him about F1 or you will have to cancel your meetings for the next 3 hours.
Head of Product Design
Growing up on a little island called Australia, Lisa dreamt of travelling around the great European lands. Luckily for us, this brought her to Germany, where she now leads our design. She is responsible for finding ways to improve your experience, making JoinMyTrip more enjoyable to use, and empowering you to explore the world with friends you haven't met yet.
Business Development Manager
Our force of nature in all things marketing. Her experience in the tourism sector and her know-how of a passionate tour guide makes her the perfect fit for the company. Her main responsibilities are coordinating the business development team. Always on the hunt for the next partnership while also looking for new business ideas, Anna is one of the first people to join the team and as such has built JoinMyTrip from scratch. When she's not working she uses every spare minute of her life to travel and shares her experiences on her own travel blog.
Operations Manager
You will find her chatting with all of you lovely travelers or making sure the JMT engine is running smoothly as she is in charge of our customer support and is leading the Operations team. She spent the past few years studying in the UK and is now working with us. Alex helps out in many different areas within the marketing department and her loud mouth & cheeky smile are the perfect addition to our team. So; if you have a question, something is bothering you or you just fancy a chat (& a laugh) give us a text or a call; Alex will be happy to help!
Sergey believes that good software can change lives. That is why he is a fullstack developer at JoinMyTrip. He cares about user-friendly and pixel perfect interfaces and a nice backend. When he's not coding, Sergey likes to learn new things, travel and play video games.
Sebastian is a fullstack developer at JoinMyTrip and likes building feature rich backend services. He started working part time for JoinMyTrip while finishing his masters degree in computer science.
Dima believes that good software can change lives. That is why he is a fullstack developer at JoinMyTrip. He cares about user-friendly and pixel perfect interfaces and a nice backend. When he's not coding, Dima likes to learn new things, and copy other developer's bios.
Stella is currently in charge of CRM meaning all of those lovely emails you are getting are created by her. She has a degree in tourism, hospitality and event management. Her career started with an internship at JoinMyTrip and we're very happy that she stayed with us as a full time employee so she can continue sharing and spreading our vision to those people who need it and understand you even better. Additionally, she helps out with translations as part of the content team. Her hobbies are travelling and cuddling her kitties which you might be able to see occasionally in her YouTube show.
Content Marketing
Jasmine here like everyone else enjoys traveling and has been moving around from country to country since a young age, which is where her interest in different cultures was born. She's currently a marketing working student here at JoinMyTrip and her everyday tasks are operations, community engagement and content marketing.
Business Development
Robin is an Intern in the Business Development area and loves exploring new places, which he did extensively between his Abitur and his university entrance. As part of the student council club he helped organize short study trips abroad and also spent an exciting semester abroad in China. Besides his work at JoinMyTrip he is studying economics in the masters degree and regularly attends his Taekwondo sports club.
Podcast Master
Tim is a third-generation radio presenter getting his start in on-air in Western Australia, he is uber passionate about audio engineering and production. He now lives in Melbourne where he just wrapped up his last role as a marketing specialist.... he also had a 5-year stint as a cabin crew, which took him all over Australia & the world! Combining all of these experiences makes Tim a triple threat, producer, marketing & travel, makes Tim perfectly poised to contribute to the JoinMyTrip experience.
Performance Marketing
Tasneem loves traveling here like anyone else, and she is from India. She is currently in performance marketing at Joinmytrip. She is actively studying Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) in Travel and Tourism Management, an enthusiastic, passionate, and hard-working college student. She is responsible for overseeing landing pages and audience engagement. She is very passionate about reading, film, music, and learning about new cultures.
Social Media Marketing
Emilie likes telling people that her first airplane ride was at 3 months old and then flew every year of her life since then. Being French-Filipina and growing up in a family of travelers and in an international world made her love discovering new places and then pursuing a Masters in Tourism Management. She joined JoinMyTrip as a Social Media Marketing intern and hopes to one day join as a TripMate or Leader.
Business Development
A true wanderer at heart, her travel antics and beloved intercultural experiences give her a true feel for the beating heart of JoinMyTrip. She joins our team as a Business Development Intern. Juliana has recently obtained her MBA, and has varied work experiences across 3 countries. Outside of work, she's involved in expat community organizing, volunteering, and writing her own travel blog.
Akshaya is a communicator straddling between digital marketing and corporate communications, via a small detour into sales. She is passionate about working towards a cohesive strategy and believes in all possibilities that arise when she shoots for the moon. Originally from India and now relocated to Germany, Akshaya is fascinated by other cultures, languages and is a true foodie.
Business Development
Bechara was fascinated by JoinMyTrip when he first discovered the platform. Now working remotely from Lebanon, he's travelled around the world, visiting Egypt, Dubai, the US, and many countries in Europe. You'll usually find him skiing, whether that be on snow or water. He's also a football lover, board game enthusiast and Game of Thrones fanatic. Bechara always strives for perfection in his work and is determined to have an impact on JoinMyTrip's growth. He joins our Business Development team as an intern.
Content Marketing
Mariellen is a Finnish-Canadian dreamer, who's always up for an adventure. You will most likely find her drinking coffee, people watching, hiking, taking pictures, reading books or writing. She is part of the content team here at JoinMyTrip and is nearly done her Bachelor's in Business Administration. Mariellen believes in the authenticity of people, and goes by the saying "you do you." Having a home in two different countries, she also believes that one will never be home if they are not at home with themselves.
Marketing and Operations Intern
Kira is an intern in Marketing and Operations and loves discovering every nook and cranny of a country she's visiting. She has spent time abroad in the US, Belgium and Australia, and uses all of her free time to explore her surroundings. When she's not working for us, she studies International Business in Hannover and is currently preparing a year abroad in Ireland. Besides working and studying, she relaxes by doing Track and Field.
Marketing Intern
Valeska is our new marketing intern. She loves to travel solo to the most exotic places in the world, which is why we still don't know how we got her to join our team in good old Germany. Before she started her tourism management studies at the Hochschule Harz, she was working in India as a volunteer, and even during her studies she used every opportunity she got to see the world. But now, it's time for her to apply all that she's learned at JoinMyTrip.
Frontend Developer
Kristina likes to create interactive and beautiful pages and apps, which will be fun and friendly to use. She became a part of JoinMyTrip to reveal her talents, surround herself with the right people and simply do what she loves. She strongly feels that if you believe in something, don't hesitate too much and just go for it! In her free time, she enjoys travelling and sports in the fresh air or playing games and video editing on rainy days. Kristina dreams of trying martial arts in virtual reality one day.
Online Marketing Intern
Zeyna went on her first long-haul trip to Venezuela when she was 2 years old and has been a passionate traveler ever since. As her parents are Swiss and Persian, she grew up in a multicultural environment and is super interested in getting to know new cultures. After finishing her Bachelor's in Cruise Tourism Management, she worked onboard a cruise ship and traveled the world. When Zeyna isn't working, you can find her either making music, baking, or crafting some new décor for her home. Now she's ready for new adventures and to use her creativity as an online marketing intern at JoinMyTrip.
Management Intern
Chloe is passionate about new ideas and making an impact. She has just started her Management Internship at JMT while finishing her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Engineering in Beirut, where she grew up. She also is working on her own startup, a mobile app connecting donors to non-profits. Chloe is always excited getting to know new people, cultures and environments. She loves the innovative side of JMT and the diversity of the team. On her free time, you can find her skiing by the mountains or chilling by the beach.
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