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JoinMyTrip is the community of travelers that like to discover new places and meet new people.
JoinMyTrip is here to empower and connect both sides to share their travel interests, costs and unforgettable memories. We inspire travelers to live the experience of their lives and they inspire others to do the same. We invite them to join our community and they invite others to join their unique trips.

We invite you to join us on our mission and come back with new friends from around the world. Join our trip!
Meet the JoinMyTrip Team
Introducing you to the crew that runs the whole show, from our CEO to our interns, we all wish to say hello!
Our Vision
Be the global go-to community for open-minded travelers

Our Mission
Connect and empower travelers to create, discover and join unique trips around the world
Our Team
Niels traveled half of the world and met an awful lot of super interesting people while doing so. He loves places far away from tourists but at the same time likes crowded cities. With JoinMyTrip he wants to empower everyone to travel and experience the world in a group of like-minded travelers. At JoinMyTrip he does everything that noone else wants to do - also he takes care of our strategy, finances and HR.
Prasanna is a passionate evangelist of Travel technologies and comes with a wealth of product development experience from a wide range of companies - like Microsoft and Intel to early-stage startups. Having worked in multiple markets like the US, China, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and India has also empowered him with a deep understanding of a wide variety of Travel platforms across various regions. On the personal front, Prasanna likes to call himself a 'Serial Traveller' who is addicted to exploring new destinations. He considers hopping on a plane, train or boat to embark on a new journey as the best rehab for this disorder! Interestingly, this incurable condition has taken him to more than 200 countries in 500+ cities across this small planet we all call home.
Head of Business Development
Our force of nature in all things marketing. Her experience in the tourism sector and her know-how of a passionate tour guide makes her the perfect fit for the company. Her main responsibilities are coordinating the business development team. Always on the hunt for the next partnership while also looking for new business ideas, Anna is one of the first people to join the team and as such has built JoinMyTrip from scratch. When she's not working she uses every spare minute of her life to travel and shares her experiences on her own travel blog.
Operations and Customer Support Manager
Akshaya is a communicator straddling between digital marketing and corporate communications, via a small detour into sales. She is passionate about working towards a cohesive strategy and believes in all possibilities that arise when she shoots for the moon. Originally from India and now relocated to Germany, Akshaya is fascinated by other cultures, languages and is a true foodie.
Sergey believes that good software can change lives. That is why he is a fullstack developer at JoinMyTrip. He cares about user-friendly and pixel perfect interfaces and a nice backend. When he's not coding, Sergey likes to learn new things, travel and play video games.
Sebastian is a fullstack developer at JoinMyTrip and likes building feature rich backend services. He started working part time for JoinMyTrip while finishing his masters degree in computer science.
Dima believes that good software can change lives. That is why he is a fullstack developer at JoinMyTrip. He cares about user-friendly and pixel perfect interfaces and a nice backend. When he's not coding, Dima likes to learn new things, and copy other developer's bios.
Business Development Intern
Robin is an Intern in the Business Development area and loves exploring new places, which he did extensively between his Abitur and his university entrance. As part of the student council club he helped organize short study trips abroad and also spent an exciting semester abroad in China. Besides his work at JoinMyTrip he is studying economics in the masters degree and regularly attends his Taekwondo sports club.
Tasneem loves traveling here like anyone else, and she is from India. She is currently in performance marketing at Joinmytrip. She is actively studying Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) in Travel and Tourism Management, an enthusiastic, passionate, and hard-working college student. She is responsible for overseeing landing pages and audience engagement. She is very passionate about reading, film, music, and learning about new cultures.
Content Manager and Working Student
Kira is an intern in Marketing and Operations and loves discovering every nook and cranny of a country she's visiting. She has spent time abroad in the US, Belgium and Australia, and uses all of her free time to explore her surroundings. When she's not working for us, she studies International Business in Hannover and is currently preparing a year abroad in Ireland. Besides working and studying, she relaxes by doing Track and Field.
Senior Lead Developer
Eduardo is an enthusiastic developer from Brazil, who recently began his journey as a digital nomad and hopes to travel all over the world. He recently joined and is looking forward to changing the way people travel around the world. Eduardo hopes to connect with cool people around the world and help them to have the best experiences and discover amazing places.
Senior Lead Developer
His experiences have given him the opportunity to explore new cultures and meet amazing people. He is a hands-on tech lead and never afraid to learn something new. He takes absolute pride and responsibility in his work. Getting things done is what he values the most.

Jonas Pompe
Business Development and Operations
Jonas, currently a working student in Business Development and has a passion for backpacking! So far he has been to various places all around the globe and is always looking for an opportunity to visit a new one. During his travels he really likes to make connections with locals and fellow travelers to share stories about his life. His mission is to inspire people to travel and share this amazing experience with others.
Currently he is studying Tourism Management in Heilbronn and is looking forward to applying all he has learned at JoinMyTrip. In his free time he really enjoys going snowboarding and diving.
Our ProTripLeaders
Nicola Estinto
Nico is an enthusiastic person and the one who always faces life with a huge smile. He is a full-time professional with strong communication skills and is committed everyday to achieving excellence in his projects which in turn he can be proud of. To communicate and create impactful content is his daily bread. He believes in the possibility of helping people to travel, pushing them beyond the wall that blocks them, to begin to know themselves and to know better what HAPPINESS is. He wants to accomplish this mission by working with JoinMyTrip and through his youtube channel. He never stops, he continues to write pages of his book with new experiences, memorable moments, and great people!
More Info here.
Farah Korra
Farah grew up in Alexandria, Egypt where she went to a German school there and decided to continue her studies abroad. She is currently studying international business in Berlin and doing an internship at JoinMyTrip at the same time. She had a big passion for traveling ever since she was a kid and has always loved organizing trips for her and her friends. She has already been to 10 countries and is very excited to add more to the list. The thing she loves most about traveling is meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds because she believes that this broadens every person's horizon.
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Flora Provenzano
Flora is a passionate traveller and always excited for new opportunities coming her way. As a TripLeader, she has much to offer. From laid back trips on the beach, to hikes on the Amalfi coast all the way to city trips on the other side of the world (where you are doesn't matter, because she will go everywhere!), fun and exciting new adventures are a given. Growing up in the multi diverse environment of Brussels has made her eager to discover even more of the diversity in the world. At 17, she started her travels and since then has never stopped. On the way, she picked up a bachelor's degree in Communication and Media, a whole lot of appreciation for her fellow travellers that have made her trips unforgettable, and the best knowledge on how to make a trip extraordinary!
More info here.
Karla Wirth
Karla is an outgoing globetrotter and an artist, who finds inspiration in the beauty of traveling and connecting with people from all over the world. She has visited 50 countries, which has given her the opportunity to engage with other cultures and ways of seeing life. She is keen to share everything she's learned and apply it to JoinMyTrip.
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Ezgi Sezen
Ezgi is a Turkish student doing her Master's in Germany. She has just started her internship at JMT, which allows her to travel all across the world while studying. She is extremely into learning new languages and cultures, backpacking, and blogging. She is a social butterfly who sees every country in the world as a new experience yet to be discovered. Therefore, as a student and TripLeader, she found the perfect balance between her studies and traveling at JoinMyTrip.
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Tala Smiley
Born in the UAE and raised in Lebanon, Tala is currently pursuing her fourth degree, an MA in Art History. On top of being a ProTripLeader, she is also a Content and Business Development intern at JoinMyTrip. She has a BS in Finance, a BA in English Literature, and an MA in Poetry. Her curiosity is one of her many traits, and it pushes her towards learning and exploring. She has visited several countries and some continuously, for their charming streets, great food, and luring history.
Melkon Seferian
Melkon is an adventurous Armenian foodie and partier who loves exploring the city from cultural sites to the restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. Being a TripLeader at JoinMyTrip, he loves planning and going on trips which he used to do by himself for 10 years before joining the team. He enjoys making people laugh and have the time of their lives. He also works as a Social Media Intern handling our multiple social media sites and coming up with great content.
Our TripLeader Coaches
Angelika Devita
Angel grew up in Bali and is pursuing her degree in Bachelor of International Tourism Management in Malaysia while interning with JoinMyTrip at the same time, she is passionate about all things marketing and researching upcoming trends. Her main reason for traveling is food, dubbing herself a self-proclaimed food expert. You can always find her in different parts of the world hunting down each country's best-kept secrets. She is also a trip leader in JoinMyTrip so stay tuned for her upcoming trips!
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Lisa Winter
Lisa is an adventurous globetrotter who loves hiking in the mountains just as much as exploring the rainforests and tropical beaches of the planet. In being a TripLeader at JoinMyTrip, she lives her passion while working at the same time. As an Intern, she also supports the marketing team and creates visual and written content for social media. In her spare time you can find her doing yoga, fire dance with her hula hoop or already planning her next trip.
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Katharina Christalon
Katharina is Austrian and traveled the world alone for three years before she found out about JoinMyTrip. She has been organizing trips now since 2019 while studying. She is one of the Head TripLeaders and currently working in Operations and also writing blog posts.
One of her best skills is traveling on a low budget, she loves planning and enjoys searching for the best deals for hotels and activities. Her favorite country is Morocco.
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Federico Cazzola
Federico is an insatiable globetrotter and TripLeader from Italy. He has been planning trips from a young age, and he is always up to the next challenge even if it means replanning a trip according to the trajectory of a polar cyclone like he did last year in Iceland. Having lived in Norway and the United States for his studies and for his work, he knows how to get around: whether it's about navigating NYC's extensive subway system or calculating the fastest route back to the base camp on the fjords, he'll make sure you have a fantastic time while doing it. He is currently an intern in the management and HR teams, supporting them in their everyday operations.
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