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Terms of Service

This agreement constitutes a contract between the TripLeader and TripMate, collectively referred to as "parties," for the facilitation of trip bookings through serves solely as a platform connecting TripLeaders and TripMates, providing a space for them to engage in travel-related transactions. It is essential to acknowledge that assumes no responsibility or liability for the actual execution of trips, cancellations, or any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the course of the trip. By utilizing, both TripLeaders and TripMates explicitly agree that is not a party to the contractual relationship between them and disclaims any responsibility for the consequences of trip cancellations or other events during the trip. does not enforce private agreements between TripLeaders and TripMates and will not be required to manage disputes arising from such arrangements. It is imperative for all parties involved to thoroughly review and understand the terms outlined herein, as well as those communicated through the platform's communication channels.

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can lead to the cancellation of a trip. To keep things running smoothly and taking into consideration other TripMates as well as the TripLeader, this policy allows for cancellation under circumstances. By making a trip booking, TripLeader and TripMate accept and agree to the relevant cancellation policy. A booking is deemed to be confirmed when an initial deposit has been made by TripMate. In the event of a TripMate or TripLeader canceling a trip, the following process is taken into consideration and implemented.

Any booking on is deemed to be confirmed by making the initial deposit. The parties (TripLeader and TripMate) automatically accept the Terms & Conditions and the cancellation policy by making the booking. Please note that once you have booked a trip, the spot in the trip schedule is exclusively reserved for you. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, the following T&C should be applicable in cases of Cancellation.

Free Cancellation Policy 

The TripMate is entitled to a full refund in circumstances of cancellation made within the first seven days after the booking (hereinafter referred to as Reservation) according to JoinMyTrip's "seven-day" cancellation policy vis-à-vis reservations made in order to join any trip. This provision would also apply in cases if TripLeader fails to communicate with TripMate within seven days regarding the reservation. If the TripLeader does not contact the TripMate until the fifth day or after the fifth day but before the expiration of the 7 days of the reservation, the period of free cancellation will be extended for another five days. In spite of the above, cancellations are only valid up to 30 days before departure - overwriting the 7/30 days cancellation policy. In any other circumstances regarding the cancellation, the following policy would be applicable:

In the event of a TripMate canceling 

For bookings already made by the TripLeader, the TripLeader must ensure that comprehensive documentation of the services already performed (booking/cancellation of accommodation, transportation, activities, and relevant events) is available. If this documentation is not available, the TripLeader must refund in full. If this documentation is available, the following procedure is followed:

Cancelation of accommodation

Mentioned below are booking arrangements made by a TripLeader in reference to the accommodation for the trip and refund options available for the respective scenario. 

  • Mentioned below are booking arrangements made by a TripLeader in reference to the accommodation for the trip and refund options available for the respective scenario.
  • Money budgeted for unpaid accommodation is to be refunded in full by the TripLeader.
  • Money used for pre-paid double/multiple rooms/accommodations is to be refunded to the extent that the cancellation conditions of the respective provider allow and the other TripMates of the group are not put at a significant deficit. If a double room would be half full and there is no other accommodation available, the canceling TripMate will refund the difference between a double room and a single room.
  • Money used for prepaid rooms is to be refunded to the extent that the cancellation conditions of the respective provider allow it.

Cancelation of the transport

Mentioned below are booking arrangements made by a TripLeader about transportation for the trip and refund options available for the respective scenario.

  • Money budgeted for unpaid transportation costs (car, train, plane, etc.) is to be refunded in full by the TripLeader.
  • Already booked means of transport are only to be refunded if other TripMates in the group are not put in a bad position. For example, a rental car: if there is no other equivalent transport available, the canceling TripMate is only to be reimbursed as long as it does not result in an additional cost for the other TripMates in the group.
  • Tickets or costs for individual transportation (car, train, plane, etc.) that have already been paid are to be refunded to the extent that the cancellation conditions of the provider allow it.

Cancelation of activities and similar events

Mentioned below are booking arrangements made by a TripLeader about activities or events for the trip and refund options available for the respective scenario.

  • Money budgeted for unpaid activities (sightseeing, sports activities, etc.) and similar events is to be refunded in full by the TripLeader.
  • Activities and other items that have already been booked are to be refunded to the extent that the respective provider’s cancellation policy allows.
  • Costs for booked activities and other items cannot be refunded if it negatively impacts other TripMates in the group. For example, group tickets: if there is no other equivalent available, the canceling TripMate is only to be reimbursed as long as it does not result in an additional cost for the other TripMates in the group.

This Policy only allows for cancellations for the events described above. The TripLeader is obliged to submit the required documentation of bookings made to the date of cancellation within 14 days of being requested to do so.

COVID-19-related circumstances 

For Covid-19-related cancellations and rules regarding traveling, the concerned government regulations of the particular destination will be implemented. The TripMates are obliged to follow the quarantine, test, and vaccination requirements of the trip's destination.

There is no reason for a free cancellation if the accommodation or transportation or activities provider can fulfill their respective duties (e.g., where an overnight stay at accommodation is still possible). If the classification of the area does not directly affect such services, the traveler must pay cancellation costs.

A travel warning or the ordering of a negative test upon arrival and/or travel return is no reason for a free cancellation, just like possible quarantine regulations in the home country. Stays can be canceled in case of a travel warning exclusively according to the general terms and conditions of the provider (contractual partner) with costs.

Likewise, local regulations, such as the central registration of all fellow travelers, quarantine regulations, a ban on going out, or leisure facilities that are only open to a limited extent or not at all locally, etc., are not considered an obstacle to the implementation of the trip.

A TripLeader must always remember to carefully review the cancellation policies when booking and consider choosing an option that provides maximum flexibility. Cancellation free of charge would only be possible if this was contractually agreed between the TripLeader and the provider (accommodation, transportation, and activities provider) in advance. TripMates will receive a full refund under exceptional circumstances if third parties (service providers) provide a full refund. Each cancellation will be examined individually for each country.

TripLeader Fee 

In the event of a TripMate canceling a trip, the TripLeader can withhold 10% of the trip cost, the maximum amount being €200. This would be compensation for the services that were already performed by the TripLeader (time spent in planning and coordinating, making necessary arrangements for booking accommodation or relevant activities).

Platform Fee 

In the event of a cancellation, the platform fee paid by TripMates will be refunded in accordance with the refund value of the TripLeader cost. For example, if 80% of the trip cost is to be refunded to TripMates, 80% of the platform fee will be refunded.

JoinMyTrip does not accept any liability or responsibility for the consequences of trip cancellations or unforeseen circumstances during the trip.

In the event of a TripLeader canceling 

When unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the TripLeader arise after booking, making it impossible or not compliant with local law to complete the trip, then, the TripLeader has to offer a replacement to perform his/her duties or can postpone the trip to a later date. If this is not in agreement with the TripMate, the TripMate can cancel the trip, and the amount refunded will be determined by the cancellation policy mentioned above.

Private agreements

This policy applies to all trips, regardless of what TripLeaders provide within their trip description or profile. In the case that you enter a private canceling agreement with the TripLeader, JoinMyTrip will not be responsible for enforcing it or managing disputes.

Correspondence and communication

We recommend TripMates to read the fine print and important information in your trip description carefully or have a well-documented communication with your TripLeader.

Please follow these steps

For the TripMate: Due to unforeseen circumstances, if you decide to cancel your trip reservation, please communicate with our support team or revert to the cancellation option on the platform and follow the instructions therein.

For the TripLeader: All cancellations will be moderated and moved forward by the JoinMyTrip support team. The TripLeader must confirm the percentage or amount of refund to the JoinMyTrip support team. Finally, the refunds will be transferred by us through our payment provider Stripe. If that is unexpectedly not functioning, the refunds will be transferred manually via a bank transfer. Either way, the refund will be processed and initiated by the JoinMyTrip support team. The cancellation process or refunds should not take place privately by the TripLeader or TripMate.

JoinMyTrip will be moderating the cancellation process, and as a TripLeader or TripMate, if JoinMyTrip notifies you or confirms that a cancellation has taken place on your trip, please follow the cancellation instructions that our support team provides you with. Also, by completing a trip reservation, TripLeaders and TripMates agree to receive an email, phone call, about, or message that JoinMyTrip support will send to cordially solve any cancellation dispute that could arise.

Email us at

Extenuating Circumstances Policy

The Extenuating Circumstances Policy addresses cancellations when unanticipated events beyond your control occur after making your booking and render it impractical or illegal to complete it. This Policy applies to Accommodations, Transportation and Activities reservations.

When this Policy permits cancellation, it takes precedence over the reservation's cancellation policy. Depending on the circumstances, TripMates impacted by an event covered by this Policy can cancel their reservation and get a cash refund, travel credit, or a trip at a later point in time (to be chosen by the TripLeader). TripLeaders affected by an occurrence covered by this Policy may cancel without penalty if the circumstances warrant it.

What types of events are covered?

The term "Event" is used in this policy to refer to the following occurrences that occur after a reservation is made, are unforeseeable at the time of booking, and prevent or legally prohibit the reservation from being completed.

  • Changes to the government's travel policies
  • Unexpected modifications to visa or passport restrictions imposed by the government prevent travel to the destination. This excludes missing or expired travel documents and any other personal situations affecting a TripMate's ability to travel.
  • Military operations and other forms of conflict
  • Acts of war, conflicts, invasions, civil war, terrorism, explosions, bombs, rebellions, riots, insurgency, civic disorder, and civil unrest are all examples of civil unrest.
  • Natural calamities
  • Natural catastrophes, acts of God, widespread outages of critical utilities, volcano eruptions, tsunamis, and other severe and unusual weather phenomena are all examples of natural disasters. This excludes meteorological and natural phenomena prevalent enough in that location to be expected, such as hurricanes during hurricane season in Florida.
  • Emergencies and epidemics have been declared
  • Severe Illness of the TripLeader (A "severe illness" is defined as a health condition of significant gravity and incapacitation, encompassing situations where an individual is rendered unable to travel due to factors such as major surgical procedures, substantial physical incapacitation, serious neurological impairment, or any health circumstance that unequivocally hinders the TripLeader's ability to fulfill their duties and responsibilities related to the trip).
  • The government has proclaimed local or national emergencies, epidemics, pandemics, and public health emergencies. This excludes diseases native to a region or are commonly associated with it, such as malaria in Thailand or dengue fever in Hawaii.
  • Travel restrictions are imposed by the government
  • A governmental entity has implemented travel restrictions that make it difficult or impossible to travel to, remain at, or return from the Listing place. Non-binding travel advisories and other government guidance are not included.