How it works

So you love travelling and meeting people, just like us. Welcome to the club!

You are the traveller that prefers skipping the planning part and simply wants to enjoy the travel experience.


Find & Choose

Choose your dream trip among different ones around the globe. Each trip is unique, created by experienced Trip Leaders. The most carefully planned and guided trips include a small organisation fee for the Trip Leader.


Chat & Join

Send your request to join the trip to the TripLeader (make sure you check their profile). Introduce yourself and ask any questions. After the TripLeader confirms your request and your fee payment, you are good to go.


Travel & Meet

Enjoy the trip while meeting new people. Share your costs, travel experiences and memories. Don’t forget to share your pictures and stories on our social media. Other travellers love to see what you're up to!

Why a TripMate?

Travel hassle-free

Your TripLeader takes care of the accommodation and transport. He also guides your group during the trip. All you have to do is enjoy!

You are not alone

Enjoy your quiet moments, while never feeling alone on the trip. This gives you the best of both worlds: freedom and shared experience.

Sharing is caring

Travelling with like-minded travellers isn´t only about sharing memories. It means sharing travel costs, too! What more could you wish for?

Are you a TripLeader?
Love planning your trip and sharing the travel experiences with like-minded travellers?

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