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Every group of friends has one person who loves to plan and always handles everything

Yours doesn’t? Well we take care of that problem for you, we call them JoinMyTrip “TripLeaders”.

JoinMyTrip curates unique adventures all around the world

The experience of a lifetime is waiting for you, all you have to do is search for a trip that is made for you, and JOIN!


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These are not your standard holiday packages run by a touring company.

Every trip on JoinMyTrip has been planned by a passionate traveler.

Your TripLeader may have been there before, fell in love with the country and culture. Or they could have had this on their bucket list for years, collecting research and inspiration to craft the perfect adventure. Either way, you will be traveling alongside a verified TripLeader who has lovingly planned the adventure, and our JoinMyTrip support team will have your back through thick and thin!

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Traveling should be easy

Don’t like spending hours researching before traveling somewhere new? That’s what TripLeaders are for!


Planned and ready

Your TripLeader, either with their personal knowledge, or dedicated research, plans the perfect trip. So you don’t have to.

ALL trips are verified and checked by a JoinMyTrip Team member.


One price to join

Do you get tired of constantly changing pricing at travel websites? With JoinMyTrip you don't have to worry about clearing your cache or coming on a Tuesday. The trip price should cover all the basics of the trip, and sometimes even more.


Expert support

Our team is always here to help with anything big or small, whether you have a question before booking, or an emergency while traveling.


We our travel community

Traveling is amazing! And we’re not just saying that because we’re travelers ourselves.

We believe all travelers, especially JoinMyTrip travellers share common traits...

Always Authentic

Friendships built on trust

We verify our TripLeaders and their trips, but we ask our whole community to always be honest and to communicate openly.

Open to New Things

Curiosity above judgement

When traveling we want you to get out of your comfort zone, try new foods, and go to places which broaden your horizons. In our experience, this has always created unforgettable memories.

Respectful First

Every country has different customs

Travelers should always respect the cultures and lands that they visit, and the people around them, we are all very alike, just sometimes do things differently.

How to get started?

It’s easier than you think! Just search and discover your perfect trip anywhere in the world, and Join!


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