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Find Travel Buddies, share your cost & the experiences

Why become a TripLeader

You plan and organize a trip exactly according to your wishes and take care of booking accommodation and transportation at the destination.

Committed Travelers

With JoinMyTrip the TripLeader has control over the travel itinerary and the TripMates. TripMates confirm and secure their spot by paying a part of the trip cost up front.

We are there for you

Whether you want to know where to find pictures for your trip or how best to inform your TripMates - our team will support you before, on, and after your trip! Our customer support is going to help you if needed.

How to become a TripLeader


Plan & Offer

Organize your trip and calculate the Cost per TripMate (accommodation, transportation and other activities). Offer your trip to our community of like-minded travelers. It's free, including our customer support.


Find like-minded TripMates

Interested TripMates ask to join your trip, chat with them and get to know each other. Choose the ones you like and get 20% of the trip cost from them, which solidifies their commitment. Use this money to cover organisation and reservation expenses. You receive the remaining amount 2-6 weeks before departure date, which you set when creating the trip.


Travel and Meet

Travel hassle-free with committed TripMates.  Explore the world in a small group, share your experiences with like-minded travelers and collect meaningful memories. Come back home with new friends.

Safety at JoinMyTrip

Emergency Number

A trip that goes smoothly is the most fun. If something should go wrong, we are there for you around the clock in emergencies. You can call us at any time and we will support you to the best of our ability.

How-Tos and Infos

We have already experienced a lot on our travels and have mastered all situations. For TripMates we provide many How-Tos. We are happy to support you from planning to implementation.

JoinMyTrip is built on trust

We talk to you in advance and help you during the whole process. Both TripLeader and TripMates write public reviews after the trip to ensure everyone is respectful.

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