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Max G
Trip- CoWorking in Bali
"JoinMyTrip is a great idea to connect people!"

Just thought of the idea myself and by that I discovered JoinMyTrip. Easy to handle, nice layout, good service, friendly staff.

Recommendation without any doubts. Empfehlenswert in jeder Hinsicht !

Trip - Chasing the Northern Lights
"Definitely worth a recommendation!

Join my trip has been an awesome opportunity to meet new friends! If you don't want to travel alone, it's the perfect platform to create or find a trip. Great layout, super easy to use, and friendly staff! Especially Lisa was super friendly and helped me plan my trip.
Definitely worth a recommendation!
Trip- CoWorking in Gran Canaria
"Best decision to go on a trip with JMT!"

I only have good memories with JoinMyTrip. I met the best people who will be friends for life. We explored the most beautiful places, had so much fun, deep conversations. I am so happy that I discovered JoinMyTrip in 2020 and I can't wait for the next adventures to start very soon :)
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How does this sound: solo travel without being lonely? Travel partners are perfect to explore together!
Explore together!
Leave the loneliness behind! Meet amazing like-minded people and travel the world together.
Share Costs and experiences!
Always wanted to rent that exclusive villa? No problem, share costs with your travel friends and have the time of your life.
Find friends for life!
Traveling together makes you stick together. Travel Buddies become Travel friends and you will never have to travel solo a