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Travel Buddies to Europe
Visit popular destinations in Europe with travel buddies to share costs and make the travel experience more fun

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  • Real & Verified Travelers
    The trips are hosted by travelers just like you. They are as excited as you are to explore new places!
  • Unique Trips
    You won't find templated trips with us! Every TripLeader spends their time & effort in planning the itinerary.
  • 24/7 Support
    We are here to make travel possible & fun for everyone. Anyone can join or host trips. And we have your back till your trip ends!
Travel Buddies to Asia
Explore different cultures and beautiful landscapes of Asia. Hosted by experienced travelers, our group tours ensure the perfect balance between spending time with the group or by yourself.
Travel Buddies to North America
Visit some of the world's most spectacular cities and monuments in North America

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Reviews from our TripMates

Ericeira surf trip was an amazing trip, one of my best trips. I enjoyed everyday day, with a lot of fun, sport, lovely meetings, good (such good) food, parties, wonderful landscapes and sunsets, thanks to Filippo. Caring, responsible, open-minded, always present, a hell of a dancer, he gave us the joy of surfing and continuing. Thank you so much for this week Filippo!
Surf Trip in Ericeria with FIlippo
The trip to Sweden with Kathi was great! She is a very friendly, helpful and empathetic person who made sure that everybody had a wonderful time and could enjoy the trip to the fullest. Besides the unforgettable Sled Dog Tour itself, Kathi made sure that everything was planned perfectly, from the accomodation to our stops on the way. I would definitely join another trip with her.
Sled Dog Tour in Sweden with Kathi
My first time using JoinMyTrip, was a bit weary about how it might be but i wouldn't fault a single bit of it. Rita did a fantastic job of making the trip unforgettable. She had great adventures planned and if it wasn't for her there was a lot we wouldn't have seen. Definitely one for the memory books and hopefully there will be alot more. Thank you Rita!
Trip to Greece in June with Rita
FAQ about Travel Buddies
  • How do I find a travel buddy at JoinMyTrip?

    You can find a travel buddy by joining trips hosted by passionate travelers, whom we call TripLeaders. The trips are carefully handpicked and curated, offering you the best experience you can't find anywhere else. The TripLeaders will be in charge of these trips, from designing the itinerary to leading the way. Furthermore, TripLeaders will accept travelers, whom we call TripMates, on their trips and travel together. So, by joining our trips, you can connect with other amazing travelers from all over the world.
  • How can I find the perfect trip?
    Browse through exciting trips on our website by clicking here. We also provide filters to help you select your perfect trip. Besides that, you can also drop a question in the Q&A section of your chosen trip and the TripLeader will post the answer publicly.
  • Can I host a trip as a TripLeader?
    Yes, you can! Select your destination and organize essentials like accommodation and itineraries. Then, you can offer your trip on and we will happily help you throughout the planning and organizing. Also, click here to see more FAQs about TripLeaders.
  • What are the benefits of traveling with travel buddies?
    • The more, the merrier. Gain lots of amazing moments as you are sharing them with your travel buddies a.k.a TripMates
    • Save money by sharing costs
    • You do not need to spend a lot of time creating an itinerary as it is provided by our TripLeaders.
    • As you know, there is safety in numbers. Traveling in group tours can ensure you this!
    • You get to know who will be traveling with you before you go on the trip. You can see the profile of your TripLeader and TripMates beforehand. Besides that, your TripLeader will create a group so you can get closer with your travel buddies.
Things to Know about Finding a Travel Buddy at JoinMyTrip
How safe it is to find travel buddies in JoinMyTrip?
Safety is our top priority. We verify every travelers in the trips. TripLeader has to verify their phone number and identity with us by uploading an ID or passport. We also keep in touch with our TripLeaders before, during, and after the tour. Most importantly, our community protects you. We screen all the TripMates in your group. If there is a problem, we will definitely intervene remotely. If you still have any doubts, please contact us

What are the pros & cons of having travel buddies?
Traveling with awesome travel buddies comes with a lot of benefits. First, you can meet new people who share the same interests as you. Your travel buddies, including your TripLeader, will also guide you and share their knowledge about the destinations with you so you won't get lost. And more importantly, it is more affordable to go with travel buddies.

However, there are also some things for you to consider about finding travel buddies. Traveling with travel buddies means you have itineraries to follow and they might be crammed as you are jumping from one place to another in a short time. So, check out the itinerary before you join and choose the one that suits you best.

What are the disadvantages of having travel buddies?
Since you are traveling with travel buddies, your pace will follow the others. You need to adjust your pace to them because you cannot move at your own pace. You also need to follow the others wherever you go and you cannot get away to somewhere else far outside of the group. All of those are not a big problem as your travel buddies are fun and mindful.
How is finding a travel buddy at JoinMyTrip different from others?
Here is why traveling with a travel buddy on JoinMyTrip different from others:
  • Safety guaranteed. Your travel buddies are verified by our team before you go on the trip.
  • Experienced and passionate travelers - the fun will be doubled with these travel buddies!
  • Travel safely and comfortably as the itineraries, accommodation, and other essentials are handled by your TripLeader.

Would it be more expensive if I go on trips with travel buddies?
Generally, traveling with travel buddies is cheaper since you're sharing the costs with the others. It's also more value for money. If you're traveling solo, you'll not be able to stay at that Instagram-worthy seaside villa just by yourself - it might just burn a hole in your pocket.