Remote Working Programs
Experience remote working like never before! Handcrafted programs to travel the world and connect with like-minded professionals

We are the fastest-growing community of remote workers and professionals!
Like-Minded Community
Expand your network by joining our community of remote workers, digital nomads, and professionals. Remote working is awesome and you're not in it alone!
Simple as Ever
Travel hassle-free as we handle everything for you. Our remote working programs come with accommodations, workspaces, and itineraries that will make your life easier.
Broaden Your Horizons
Get the best out of a destination while leveling up your career! Find yourself being inspired by new cultures, extraordinary destinations, or mind-blowing discussions.
Safe and Secure
Travel with only verified remote workers. Everyone on board has gone through background checks. Our 24/7 support center will happily help you throughout the whole experience.
Remote Working Programs
Discover 100+ remote working programs designed by passionate globetrotters. Take your office to extraordinary destinations and tick off your bucket list by joining these curated trips!
What You'll Get
Work from a paradise without going overboard! Our CoWorking trips ensure you to get the most fantastic adventure while working productively.
  • Like-Minded Community
    Connect with remote workers and professionals who are as passionate as you! We are creating a space for collaboration, inspiration, growth, and adventure.
  • Suitable Accommodation
    Work, connect, and have fun with your group in the selected accommodation. We have both the fun factors and productivity equipments ready for you!
  • Convenient Work Space
    Sufficient workspaces to support your productivity and focus. Everyone in the group has a comfortable space to get things done and work effectively.
  • Internet
    WiFi is available in the accommodation. There is nothing to worry about internet connection in our remote working programs!
  • Supportive Environment
    Traveling and working with like-minded people is the best! You have someone to share amazing moments and engage in fruitful discussions. Not to mention, you get a lot of me-time to take care of yourself and finish your tasks.
  • Comfortable Living
    Start your day with a yoga session or cook an amazing meal to boost your mood. Besides being an office, our remote working programs allow you to live comfortably while staying with other professionals.
How Does It Work?
Hop on the best remote working program you'll ever experience. Just in a few clicks.
Find or Create
We have 100+ coworking trips worldwide, created by passionate travelers and professionals. Explore the collection and find your prefect fit. Can't find your dream trip? Feel free to create one!
Book YOUR Seat
Secure a place on your dream trip by paying a 20% deposit. Your TripLeader will give you a confirmation once they receive your request.
Good to Go!
Congratulations, you are now on board! Your TripLeader will invite you to a group chat for further information. Then, you can get ready for the best remote working program you'll ever experience!
Hear from Our Community!
  • Kevin
    CoWorking Trip: Algarve, Portugal
    "Can't wait to join another trip!"

    I went on my very first CoWorking trip with JoinMyTrip and I could not have made a better decision! I had a great crew that I was working with, and I was still able to be productive and get my work done which was what I was most worried about. I ended up falling in love with working remotely and can't wait to join another trip!
  • Laura
    CoWorking Trip: Mallorca, Spain
    "Great customer support team!"

    Huge shout out to the JoinMyTrip team for helping me get started! I decided to create my own CoWorking trip, but I had no idea how or where to even begin. JoinMyTrip walked me through the whole process and made sure that everything was running smoothly. I could not thank them enough for making it so easy and taking all my stress away!
  • Victoria
    CoWorking Trip: Milan, Italy
    "I was completely surprised!"

    I work and travel quite regularly, but I have never done that with a group. When I joined my CoWorking trip with JoinMyTrip, I was completely surprised by how it changed my perspective. I was full of new ideas! I was able to surround myself with all kinds of professionals that continuously inspired and motivated me. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get out of their normal environment and experience something truly unique.

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