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ProTripLeader Application Process
Apply & Receive Feedback
To apply, please fill out the form on this application page. Once you submit your application, we'll review your profile and get back to you within 3 days. If selected, you'll receive access to the JoinMyTrip Academy.

This multi-session educational course is designed for aspiring TripLeaders on JoinMyTrip to learn how to create, plan, and execute amazing trips via the platform. The course has been carefully crafted by experts who have executed numerous trips across the globe. The course is rigorous and time-intensive to ensure the highest quality standards.

Please note the platform doesn't assume the responsibility of finding ideal travel companions, it provides you with the tools to find them on your own.
Finish TripLeader Academy
You'll have 5 days to complete the academy and the final quiz. If you score above 80% on the quiz, you'll be eligible to become a ProTripLeader! Upon completion, you'll receive exclusive access to our tips and insights.

These unique tools provide an overview of the most popular travel destinations for the next month, ideal trip pricing, duration of your trip and much more. All of this is extremely helpful when creating your first trip.
Set up your Trip
To complete the application process, you need to set up your dream trip. Please note that your first trip should be published as soon as possible after passing the academy (a maximum of 5 weeks).

With JoinMyTrip, you have the freedom to design your own itinerary, set your own dates and budget, and choose your preferred destinations
Sign a contract with us (optional)
It's important to note that this aspect (contract) is optional and not a mandatory prerequisite for embarking on your adventure.

Upon signing the freelance TripLeader contract, you gain access to our tools. Exclusive "ProTripLeader Tool" with 500+ channels for trip promotion. You also join our community, tap into collective ProTripLeader knowledge, and enjoy posting privileges in our Facebook and Meetup groups.

Finally, we offer valuable insights and strategies for effortlessly converting interested individuals into bookings.
Find your Dream TripMates
With access to our full suite of tools, it's your opportunity to harness their potential in discovering TripMates and setting out on your long-awaited adventure.

It's crucial to understand that the platform doesn't assume the responsibility of finding ideal travel companions for your trips; instead, it empowers you with the autonomy and control to seek them out independently.
What is JoinMyTrip about
JoinMyTrip is your gateway to a new world of travel experiences. As a ProTripLeader, you can turn your wanderlust into meaningful adventures. Connect with like-minded travelers, create unforgettable memories, and earn a substantial income.

Our platform equips you with the tools to find your ideal TripMates, allowing you full control. Do note the platform is not responsible for finding you TripMates. Design your itinerary, set your dates and budget, and connect with potential travelers beforehand to plan your trip together.

Join the vibrant JoinMyTrip community of passionate globetrotters and start your journey as a ProTripLeader today. Let's create unforgettable adventures together!
Exclusive Benefits as a ProTripLeader
Showcase your Trips
ProTripLeaders get priority access to the JoinMyTrip platform to showcase their trips. While building the platform over the last 6 years, ProTripLeaders had a significant say in the features to be implemented.

ProTripLeaders get access to special promotions for their trips: Mentions on our Instagram Page and email Newsletters, access to our Meetups Groups, or feature on the JoinMyTrip homepage. Please note this is subject to you signing a contract with us. The best part is, it's all free of charge!
Tools & Support
ProTripLeaders are provided with priority email support at all times.. ProTripLeaders get permanent access to our TripLeader Academy, the ProTripLeader tool, ProTripLeader Community and weekly demand analysis for top destinations.

Please note access to our ProTripLeader tool, a super-powerful tool exclusive to our community that provides a list of over 500 channels through which you will be able to promote your trips and our community where you have access to the knowledge of all other ProTripLeaders requires signing a contract with us.
Secure Payments
JoinMyTrip has partnered with the trusted payment provider Stripe to ensure secure and swift international payments. The 3% platform fee associated with this service is waived for ProTripLeaders, as we cover this cost on your behalf.

Furthermore, JoinMyTrip provides complimentary Settlement and Mediation Service. This invaluable resource becomes essential in case of any disagreements between ProTripLeaders and adventurous TripMates, ensuring that your travel experiences continue to be harmonious and stress-free.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What ProTripLeaders say
  • Serena Palladino
    JoinMyTrip arrived in my life with perfect timing - I had just quit my 9 to 5 Job and was looking for something flexible that would allow me to travel. I really enjoy the planning phase of outlining/drafting an itinerary and creating the perfect trip with my laptop in a coffee shop anywhere in the world. And, being able to show around Piedmont, my beautiful underrated Italian region
  • Carina Dengscherz
    I love meeting people from all over the world and with some of them, I am still in contact and can happily call friends now. I also love interesting conversations. You get to know people and their culture quite well, which is super exciting for me. Lastly, I enjoy being in nature and showing other people non-touristic sides. For me, that is the best way to travel and see a place in an authentic way.
  • Katharina Christalon
    I love the trip planning part, researching and negotiating group prices, and its the best feeling if I see my TripMates having a great time. Some people told me they had the best trip in their whole life with me! That makes me really happy - JMT is changing lifes for sure.