Top 20 Underrated Travel Destinations Worldwide

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The world is wide and endless, so we don’t really know what we haven’t discovered yet! We have been familiar with destinations like Paris and Bali, but what is beyond those? There are plenty of underrated travel destinations all around the globe waiting to be discovered. They will spoil you with untouched natural beauty, unbelievable landscapes, and one-of-a-kind experiences. 

Then, are you dreaming to travel somewhere off-the-radar and unique? These secret vacation spots will make that dream come true. Yes, what can be better than spending your holiday in an outstanding place with few tourists and no tiring queues? 

Here are the best underrated destinations worldwide for you to add to your bucket list. Check it out and start an authentic vacation! 

Top Underrated Travel Destinations – Summary

  1. Georgia
  2. Pietrapertosa, Italy
  3. Moraira, Spain
  4. Ilhas das Flores, Portugal
  5. Zagori, Greece
  6. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
  7. Bergen, Norway
  8. Torquay, Devon, the UK
  9. Nairn Beach, Scotland, the UK
  10. Madagascar
  11. Mozambique
  12. Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia
  13. Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
  14. Ladakh, India
  15. Hitachi, Japan
  16. Valparaiso, Chile
  17. Guacalito De La Isla, Nicaragua
  18. Assateague, the US
  19. Boise, Idaho, the US
  20. Letchworth State Park, New York, the US

Underrated Travel Destinations in Europe


See how the old stays evergreen in the fairytale land of Georgia. The country is dotted with medieval-style architecture, majestic churches, breathtaking mountains, and glimmering rivers. Thus, centuries-old buildings and rustic neighborhoods dominate Georgia’s cities, as if it is untouched by modern life. With all that it has to offer, Georgia is one of the best hidden vacation spots in Europe

Besides the wonderful setting, Georgia is renowned for its wine. It is home to one of the best wines in the world, which dates back to the 5th century. Thus, you can find lots of winemakers and vineyards in the country. With that being said, you already know what is the best thing to do in Georgia! Book a wine-tasting session and sip some Signagi for a marvelous experience. 

Pietrapertosa, Italy

Italy never ceases to amaze us with its dazzling destinations. However, there are lots of hidden vacation spots in the country that we have never heard of. One of them is Pietrapertosa, a picturesque village tucked between the foothills of the Dolomites.

The lovely Italian village shows you what an authentic adventure looks like. You can find a lot of gaudy buildings, humble bed and breakfasts, and classic local restaurants. Therefore, Piertapertosa is a nice place to spend a tranquil vacation in Italy.

Moraira, Spain

Nestled on the shores of Costa Blanca, Moraira is one of the underrated travel destinations in Spain that shouldn’t be missed. It offers a charming scene of blue waters, fine sand beaches, and a dreamy fishing village with antique buildings. Quite and untouched by tourists, Moraira is an amazing place to spend a tranquil summer vacation in. 

Besides being a perfect relaxation spot, Moraira has a handful of attractions that you can enjoy. The sunny sky and gentle ocean are great for water sports, like jet skiing and parasailing. Thus, you can also see ancient fortresses, churches, and castles that spread all over the small town. Additionally, you can hop on a cruise boat and sail through the glimmering Mediterranean Sea. 

Ilha das Flores, Azores, Portugal

This underrated travel destination is perfect for everyone who loves nature and wildlife. Ilha das Flores shows the best of Mother Nature, with its verdant hills, dramatic waterfalls, and ravishing cliffs. The Portuguese island is also renowned for its population of dolphins and whales, which often swim around the area. 

Visiting Ilhas das Flores means an awesome outdoor adventure. This most popular island in the Azores has a little bit of everything for every adrenaline junkie. Whether you want to do a challenging hike or explore underwater beauty, you can do it in Ilhas das Flores. 

Zagori, Greece

We would not stop talking about beautiful places in Greece as the country has tons. However, the secret spots and underrated travel destinations in Greece are even hotter. One of them is Zagori, a remote region in northwestern Greece. Shrouded in karst mountains and untouched forests, Zagori keeps a fascinating beauty that waits to be discovered. 

Zagori is home to balmy traditional villages, pristine wilderness, and spectacular mountains. Thus, the villages of Zagori make this region special. The tranquil villages are adorned with buildings built from stone, slate rock, and wood. It offers a picturesque scene that you can hardly find anywhere else. 

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

As one of the oldest capital cities in Europe, Luxembourg City has a lot to offer. The historical city is tucked between the gorges of Alzette and Pétrusse rivers, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Thus, the beautiful architecture of the city complements the natural beauty surrounding it. Ornate churches, majestic fortresses, and classic mansions stand elegantly on each corner of the city. 

Furthermore, Luxembourg City is often overlooked by tourists. There is no massive tourism in the city, which makes it perfectly serene and gleaming. However, people consider Luxembourg City as an ideal place for weekend trips in Europe. Furthermore, it is one of the best underrated travel destinations in Europe. 

Bergen, Norway

This second-largest city in Norway is too charming to miss. Bergen boasts both wonderful manmade structures and outstanding natural landscapes. The city is dotted with colorful storybook houses that are the trademark of the Scandinavian region. Moreover, the city stands in front of spectacular fjords and snow-capped mountains. You can take a tour to explore the fjords and marvel at their brilliant beauty. 

Often shadowed by Oslo, Bergen is sometimes overlooked. However, it is one of the must-visit underrated travel destinations in Europe. Visiting Bergen will lead you to a lasting memory! 

Torquay, Devon, the UK

Sunny promenades, seaside attractions, a myriad of yachts, and turquoise waters are what Torquay has to offer. It is a marvelous seaside town in South Devon, the UK, that is rarely heard about by tourists. Torquay is a part of the English Riviera, which is the sunny and sea-salty side of England and is considered one of the best spots in it. 

Torquay is one of the hidden vacation spots in Europe that will remind you of towns like Nice and Porto. It has beautiful beaches, a sparkling sea, and interesting places to visit. You can find aesthetically-pleasing museums, ornate hotels, fascinating caves, and buzzing pubs in Torquay.

Nairn Beach, Scotland, the UK

Head to the Scottish Highlands and find a sweeping, untouched beach. Nairn Beach is a sandy beach that stretches along the coastline of Nairn and Moray. The beach features vast sand dunes, thin grasslands, and shallow waters. Thus, it is an emerging summer vacation spot for families. There are several things you can do on Nairn Beach, including swimming and dolphin-watching. Therefore, Nairn Beach is one of the best underrated travel destinations in the UK. 

Underrated Travel Destinations in Africa


Step into a thrilling wilderness in Madagascar. Home to the most biodiverse jungles in the world, Madagascar is simply fascinating. You can find flora and fauna that you can find nowhere else in the world, such as lemurs, fossa, and baobab trees. The distinctive wildlife of Madagascar makes it a great place to visit for all the adventurers out there. 

Besides its biodiversity, Madagascar also offers gorgeous beaches. With turquoise waters, fine white sand, and swaying palm trees, Madagascar’s beaches are something you cannot miss. Moreover, the coastline is lined with beach resorts, offering a sumptuous experience. Therefore, Madagascar is one of the best underrated travel destinations in the world. 


When we talk about Africa, we imagine the golden savanna, breathtaking mountains, unbelievable wildlife, and surreal landscapes. However, head to southern Africa and find a totally different world in the country of Mozambique. Blessed with a glimmering coastline and exceptional beaches, Mozambique is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. Thus, it boasts world-class underwater scenery and lavish islands. Furthermore, Mozambique is one of the must-visit underrated travel destinations, especially for summer.

Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia

Deserts, mountains, and canyons complement the ethereal landscape of Namib-Naukuft National Park in Namibia. It is where fascinating wild animals like hyenas, gemsboks, and leopards roam freely. Namib-Naukuft National Park is the largest national park in Africa that lies on the western side of Namibia. 

The national park features an outstanding desert ecosystem that you can find nowhere else in the world. Other than that, Namib-Naukluft National Park also offers interesting attractions, such as desert safari, salt and clay pans, sand dunes, and mountains. Interestingly, the national park is rarely visited by travelers, making it one of the world’s best underrated travel destinations. 

Underrated Travel Destinations in Asia

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Nestled in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a gem that offers lots of amazing attractions. One of them is Cameron Highlands, a region tucked on a 1.800 meters-high mountain. With its pleasant climate, green landscapes, and plethora of cafes, Cameron Highlands is a popular destination in Malaysia. However, you can go for an off-the-radar adventure as you arrive in the charming region.

In Cameron Highlands, you can do a Rafflesia trek. Sounds a bit like a treasure hunt, you will be trekking through a thick jungle to find the rare Rafflesia flower. It is one of the most unique flowers in the world, as it has a gigantic size and unpleasant smell. Thus, seeing the Rafflesia flower during its blooming time will be an experience that you will never forget! 

Ladakh, India

underrated travel destinations in Asia Ladakh India

Seek peace and tranquility in the magnificent highlands of Ladakh. Tucked in the snow-capped Indian Himalayas, Ladakh is a beautiful Buddhist town dotted with monasteries and temples. Thus, the town will remind you heavily of Tibet in Nepal, with its serene atmosphere and ornate setting. 

Ladakh is set between pale-colored mountains, offering a scene that will take your breath away. Moreover, the colorful buildings in the city itself give contrast to the chalky landscape. Unheard by travelers, Ladakh is incredibly quiet and peaceful. Therefore, it is one of the top underrated travel destinations in the world. 

Hitachi, Japan

secret vacation spots worldwide Hitachi Japan

If you are looking for a beautiful spring vacation spot, Hitachi is worth checking out. This laidback city is located in the Ibaraki prefecture that stretches 80 kilometers from Tokyo. Thus, Hitachi is famous for the Hitachi Seaside Park, which offers a myriad of flowers. Interestingly, you can find flowers blooming in every season in the park. For example, you can see sunflowers in midsummer and ice tulips in winter. Staying out of the tourists’ radar, Hitachi becomes one of the best underrated travel destinations in Asia.


Underrated Travel Destinations in South America

Valparaíso, Chile

Colorful and vibrant, Valparaíso is one of South America’s best-kept secret vacation spots. This Chilean city is bursting with culture and history. It offers gaudy buildings, houses, and monuments set in a quirky setting. Moreover, it is once the residence of the famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. For that reason, you can see the footsteps of Neruda in this city by visiting the museums and a few historical spots. Due to its beauty and eccentric atmosphere, Valparaíso is often called ‘the Jewel of South America’. 

Guacalito De La Isla, Nicaragua

underrated travel destinations in the US

We know that South America has a lot of tropical paradises, but Nicaragua offers something different. Tucked on the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua, Guacalito de La Isla is an untouched region offering pristine beaches and breathtaking sea. Many have not heard about the region, making it an underrated travel destination. 

Guacalito de La Isla is simply beautiful. The land is shrouded in lush jungles and meadows, while the coastline is sparkling and flawless. Moreover, it is home to world-class beach resorts, including the famous Mukul Resort. So, if you want an awesome and tranquil tropical getaway in South America, Guacalito de La Isla is the place for you! 

Underrated Travel Destinations in the United States

Assateague, the US

underrated travel destinations in the US

This 37 miles-long island offers an outstanding scene that you can find nowhere else. Assateague is a barrier island tucked between Virginia and Maryland and is known for its wild horses. There are hundreds of horses living on the sandy island. A scene of horses roaming freely along the coastline is a familiar sight in Assateague.

Besides seeing the horses, you can also enjoy strolling around the peaceful town, going for a bike tour, and sampling some local food. Therefore, Assateague is one of the must-visit underrated travel destinations in the US for its unique scenery.

Boise, Idaho, the US

hidden gem vacation spots in the us

If you are a foodie, you will love visiting this city! Located in the state of Idaho, Boise is a city that offers outstanding nature and delightful cuisines. Moreover, Boise is also dotted with historical buildings that are worth discovering. Find pretty parks, centuries-old jails, and outstanding museums in the city.

In a nutshell, Boise has a little bit of everything for everyone. Whether you want to go for a culinary trip or hit the hiking trails, Boise is your place. Therefore, it is one of the best underrated travel destinations in the US. 

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