The best Wine Tasting Spots in the World

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In wine lies truth…

Wine has been cultivated and drunk since the 6th millennium BC. Today’s Georgia and Armenia are considered to be the places of origin for wine cultivation. And even in ancient Greece and Rome, the gods of wine were worshiped. A glass of wine a day is even said to prolong our lives. We’ve compiled the best wine tasting spots for you to explore with your TripMates and enjoy a glass or two of the drink of the gods. Find your like-minded wine lovers on JoinMyTrip!



Napa Valley, USA 

Between San Francisco and Sacramento, you’ll find the world-famous Napa Valley. The proximity to both cities makes for a perfect day trip to the valley. You can choose from over 400 wineries and taste your way through award-winning Sauvignon Blanc. It’s recommended to book wine tours in advance, as many tastings are often fully booked with nearly 3 million visitors a year.

A hot air balloon over the wine fields in Napa Valley.

Enjoy a glass of Sauvignon Blanc in Napa Valley

Cape Wineland, South Africa

Near Cape Town, you’ll find the country’s most exquisite wineries. South African wine is also world famous. We recommend you to stay a few days in the area to enjoy the beauty of the Winelands to the fullest. In Stellenbosch you will find 148 wineries, many of which are very historic and offer not only wine tasting but also very good food in exclusive restaurants.

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A white Farmhouse in South Africa surrounded by green shrubbery.

South African Wine is must-try

Bordeaux, France 

Bordeaux is probably the most famous wine-growing region in the world. The soil between the rivers Garonne and Dordogne is perfect for grapes and this is where the best red wines in the world come from. When someone says Bordeaux, we all think of red wine, don’t we? You can choose from many wineries and châteaux for your wine tasting. Also, visit the charming city itself.

Wien stalks in Bordeaux, France.

Bordeaux is famous for its red wine

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Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico 

The Valle de Guadalupe is closer to Los Angeles than the Napa Valley and about 120 km from the U.S. border. The more than 100 wineries produce many varieties of wine and are constantly trying something new. A wine tasting here guarantees excitement and good weather. After wine tasting, you can enjoy typical Mexican food at rustic wooden tables.

A woman wearing a dress walking through wine fields, wine glass in hand.

Enjoy crazy wine creations in Valle de Guadalupe

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Duoro Valley, Portugal 

Wine has been cultivated in this area for 2,000 years. So you could say that the Portuguese have perfected wine making. The Duoro Valley is especially famous for its port wine, which you should definitely try during a visit. Spend a nice day at one of the many wineries and explore the small villages in the area. 

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The Duoro River in Portugal

Tuscany, Italy

A visit to Italy is not perfect without a visit to Tuscany. In Tuscany you’ll find the Chianti region, which gave its name to a popular red wine. There’s a wine tasting for everyone, whether you prefer to drink Chianti in rustic farmhouses or decadent castles, Tuscany has it all. 

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A nice view of wine fields in Tuscany

Enjoy the view while sipping on Chianti

Yarra Valley, Australia 

About an hour north of the big city of Melbourne, you’ll find the Yarra Valley. With over 80 wineries, it’s the perfect weekend getaway, even for locals. Here you can relax, drink wine and enjoy good food. One of the oldest wineries in the area is Yering Station. So treat yourself to a glass of Pinot Noir and enjoy the Australian lifestyle to the fullest.

Grape Vines during sunset in Napa Valley.

Pair your Australian sunset with a Pinot Noir

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