25 Best Places to Visit in Asia Before You Die (Group Friendly)

by | Jan 31, 2024 | Asia, Destinations, Travel, Travel Bucket Lists

Exceptional culture, breathtaking natural landscapes, and brilliant historical wonders weave Asia’s fascinating facade. Stepping into Asia means endless adventures and each of them will sweep you off your feet. So, are you ready for an exhilarating voyage in Asia? Living in the continent for 23 years, I have compiled a list of the 25 best places to visit in Asia. These bucket list-worthy destinations have to be checked off before you die!

 Best Places to Visit in Asia Before You Die – Summary

  1. Tokyo, Japan
  2. Nusa Penida, Bali
  3. Maldives
  4. Hong Kong
  5. Singapore
  6. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  7. Krabi, Thailand
  8. Sri Lanka
  9. Siam Reap, Cambodia
  10. Palawan, the Philippines
  11. Seoul, South Korea
  12. Jaipur, India
  13. Hoi An, Vietnam
  14. Bhutan
  15. Gobi Desert, Mongolia
  16. Kathmandu, Nepal
  17. Bagan, Myanmar
  18. Taj Mahal, India
  19. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China 
  20. Langkawi, Malaysia
  21. Komodo National Park, Indonesia
  22. George Town, Malaysia
  23. Kyoto, Japan
  24. Hanoi, Vietnam
  25. Dubai, UAE

Tokyo, Japan

Spoil all your senses in this buzzing capital of Japan. Flickering lights in Shibuya, the smell of yakiniku from street vendors in Asakusa, the electrifying beeps of arcade machines in Akihabara, and the umami taste of ramen noodles are what you can find in Tokyo. This vibrant metropolis offers a little bit of everything for everyone. Shopaholics can browse through the stores in Ginza, foodies hunt for social media-famous restaurants, history buffs head to temples like Meiji Jingu, and photography fans can get their camera memory full at the Tokyo Skytree. Moreover, Tokyo is a clean, walkable, and accessible city with top-notch public transportation. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Asia before you die. 

Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia 

Bali has gained worldwide recognition for its flawless beaches, beautiful jungle-clad mountains, and fascinating local culture. However, as an Indonesian, I give Nusa Penida a well-deserved title as one of the best places to visit in Asia before you die. Nestled off the southern coast of Bali, the tiny island keeps extravagant natural beauty. Aquamarine ocean with waves crashing to the sandy cliff walls, untouched white-sand beaches, and quirky rock formations wove the landscapes of Nusa Penida. Furthermore, manta rays and sunfish lurk beneath the surface, calling divers to get a glance at them. 


Well, we all know that Asia is a go-to beach destination. However, do you know that Maldives is a part of Asia? Tucked on the Pacific Ocean, south to India, Maldives shows you what a paradise on Earth looks like. Flawless turquoise sea kissing a line of alabaster white sand beaches, lavish resorts hovering above the waters, and colorful reefs peeking out from the ocean. With its breathtaking landscape, Maldives is a stellar destination where celebrities and public figures head for their vacation. It is one of the best places to visit in Asia before you die. 

Hong Kong

Striking skyscrapers and extravagant city lights, Hong Kong is a paradise for city lovers. This autonomous region of China houses extraordinary shopping districts, lavish promenades, and breathtaking observation decks. Moreover, Hong Kong features the perfect blend between the old and the new. Ancient temples and pagodas are scattered around the city, while national museums display centuries-old artifacts. The old town of Hong Kong also depicts a timeless charm. You can find authentic Chinese food, like Hong Kong-styled dim sum and noodles, to spoil your tastebuds.


This tiny Southeast Asian country travels us to the future! Futuristic skyscrapers jut to the skyline, glamorous shopping malls pose as the epitome of luxury, and out-of-the-ordinary gardens stun anyone who sees them. On the other hand, Singapore celebrates multiple cultures through delightful flavors, fascinating districts, and gaudy neighborhoods. Stroll along the vibrant Chinatown, dig into delightful Indian flavors in Little India, enjoy an extravagant skyline from Marina Bay Sands, or say yes to a shopping spree at Orchard Road. Every step you take in Singapore is a joy for your soul, and yes – it is one of the best places to visit in Asia. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sitting in the mountainous regions of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai offers an authentic Asia. Tons of ancient temples are scattered throughout the town, either showcasing its elegant facade in the heart of the city or hidden inside a jungle. Delve into the wonders of the Buddhist culture at Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chedi Luang, which will leave you in awe due to its marvelous architecture. As the sun goes down, get lost in the hustle and bustle of the Sunday Night Walking Street and hunt for some delectable street foods. Moreover, you can pay a visit to an elephant sanctuary and greet the gentle giants. 

Krabi, Thailand

We all know that Asia is a treasure trove of magnificent beaches and flawless oceans. Then, Krabi sits at the top of the list. This coastal town in Thailand houses powdery beaches fringed with lush palm trees, jungle-clad limestone cliffs, and crystal-clear waters. Krabi is also home to some of the most stunning places on earth, like Phi Phi Islands and Railay Beach. In a nutshell, visiting Krabi is a calendar full of beach days and island hopping. The exquisite natural beauty and the enjoyable vibes of Krabi make it one of the best places to visit in Asia. 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka places to visit in Asia before you die

Take a deep breath and let the verdant lands of Sri Lanka recharge your soul. This South Asian country will take your breath away with its misty rainforests, dramatic landscapes, and pristine beaches. Wild animals, like elephants and leopards, live peacefully in untouched sanctuaries. It is a stellar ecotourism destination, as well as a wellness hotspot. Sri Lanka has various wellness retreats that will rejuvenate your body and mind with yoga, Ayurveda, reiki, and other practices. Therefore, Sri Lanka is one of the best places to visit in Asia for everyone who is looking for an undisturbed escape. 

Siem Reap, Cambodia 

best places to visit in Asia Siam Reap

Asia is brimming with fascinating cultural and historical wonders, but nothing matches the Siam Reap. This region in Cambodia is home to a world-famous UNESCO World Heritage site – Angkor Wat. A single glance at the magnificent temple complex will take your breath away. Angkor Wat is built in a distinctive Khmer architectural style, which is one of the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. Moreover, you can visit other ravishing temples like Bayon Temple and Ta Prohm. At the end of the day, mingle with the locals and have some drinks at Pub Street. 

Palawan, the Philippines

best places to visit in Asia Palawan

Flawless islands fringed with powdery beaches, crystal-clear sea with a stunning gradient of turquoise and sapphire, and diverse wildlife. Those are the things that make Palawan unmissable. Travelers flock to the exquisite islands, like El Nido and Puerto Princesa, which offer a brilliant harmony between natural beauty and manmade wonders. Moreover, Palawan is home to the world-renowned underwater river, which is accessible via boat. So, if you are dreaming of a perfect beach vacation where you can splash into crystal-clear waters and soak up the sun, Palawan is for you to visit! 

Seoul, South Korea

As one of the best capitals in the world, Seoul takes you to have a blast! The electrifying metropolis stuns with a line of futuristic skyscrapers, jaw-dropping hanging gardens, and sophisticated architectural wonders. High-tech subways run throughout the city and everything seems to come from the future. On the other hand, Seoul cherishes the historical and cultural wonders of South Korea. Centuries-old palaces and temples, like Gyeongbokgung Place, stand proud in the northern part of the city. So, as you arrive in Seoul, get ready for a shopping spree in Gangnam, munch on some fried chicken in Myeongdong, and time travel in Bukchon Hanok Village. Whether you are a KPop fan or a casual traveler, Seoul is one of the best places to visit in Asia.

Jaipur, India

most beautiful places in Asia to visit Jaipur

Standing for centuries, this ancient city in India will sweep you off your feet. Jaipur witnessed the glory of the Kingdom of Amber, which left its marks until today. Magnificent palaces tinted in salmon pink and reddish hues become the eye candy of the city. For that reason, Jaipur has the nickname ‘The Pink City’. So, get ready to feel like a royal as you stroll along the marvelous palaces and historical structures of Jaipur. It is one of the best places to visit in Asia before you die. 

Hoi An, Vietnam

best places to visit in Asia before you die

Travel back in time as you land in Hoi An. Antique houses designed in a traditional Vietnamese style, intricately-furnished pagodas, and wood-fronted shops line the streets. The town of Hoi An gives the impression that it is stuck in the 18th century. Nonetheless, it sends out a nostalgic and romantic vibe, where couples can take their pre-wedding photos or enjoy a serene vacation. Furthermore, Hoi An is famous for its lantern-filled scenery, which turns the town twice as romantic. It is one of the best places to visit in Asia before you die.


best places to visit in Asia before you die Bhutan

When it comes to tranquil escapes, Bhutan sits at the top of the list. This Eastern Asia country will heal your soul with its extensive scenery of the Himalayan peaks, the chants of monks in the temples, and the locals’ peaceful way of life. Bhutan has a unique way of measuring its growth, in which it uses GNH (Gross National Happiness) and not economic standards. Thus, Bhutan’s magical vibe and exquisite landscapes make it a Shangri-la of Asia. 

Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Gobi Desert Mongolia

See Asia from a different spectacle as you roam around the extensive lands of the Gobi Desert. This golden desert covers a desolate land from northern China to southern Mongolia. It is adorned with dunes, mountains, and canyons. Moreover, the Gobi Desert keeps a lot of fascinating attractions, such as the singing Khongoryn Els dunes and the Bayanzag where dinosaur fossils were found. Therefore, the Gobi Desert is one of the best places to visit in Asia. 

Kathmandu, Nepal 

Discover the cultural heart of Nepal in Kathmandu, where ancient temples, bustling markets, and serene stupas create an enchanting atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the spiritual essence of this vibrant city, surrounded by the majestic Himalayas, offering treks and adventures for every traveler.

Bagan, Myanmar

best places to visit in Asia Bagan

Journey back in time amidst the ancient city of Bagan in Myanmar, where thousands of awe-inspiring temples dot the landscape. Bagan keeps a centuries-old Buddhist culture in the country alive.  Then, witness the sunrise or sunset from atop these architectural wonders. Alternatively, hop on a hot air balloon and see the mystical scene from a bird-eye view. Feel the whispers of history echoing through the ages.

Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal India best places to visit in Asia

Experience the epitome of love and architectural grandeur at the Taj Mahal in India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that captures the imagination with its exquisite beauty. Marvel at the intricate marble craftsmanship and symmetrical gardens, as you delve into the romance and legacy of this iconic monument. With all it has to offer, the Taj Mahal is one of the best places to visit in India.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China 

best places to visit in Asia Zhangjiajie National Park China

Get ready to be blown away by the spectacular scene of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Towering sandstone structures puncture the sky, cloaked in thick vegetation and a thin veil of mist. You can see the outstanding landscape from the glass skywalk and elevators. Thus, visiting Zhangjiajie National Forest Park will make you feel like you are in the movie Avatar. Due to its beauty, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is one of the best places to visit in Asia before you die. 

Langkawi, Malaysia

best places to visit in Asia before you die Langkawi

Escape to the tropical paradise of Langkawi in Malaysia, where pristine beaches, emerald waters, and lush rainforests beckon travelers seeking relaxation and adventure. Explore the island’s natural wonders, from mangrove forests to towering waterfalls, and indulge in its rich cultural heritage and culinary delights.

Komodo National Park, Indonesia 

Do you know that the living dinosaurs call such a beautiful place home? Well, see it for yourself as you land in Komodo National Park. Tucked on the east of Bali, Komodo National Park comprises three main islands, which are Komodo, Padar, and Rinca. The ferocious komodo dragons live peacefully on these islands, lurking for their prey behind the shrubs. Besides seeing the komodo dragons, you can enjoy an outstanding scene of meadowed hills, pink-sand beaches, and stunning turquoise sea in the islands. It is one of the best places to visit in Asia.

George Town, Malaysia 

best places to visit in Asia George Town Penang

See how different cultures melt into the vibrant facade of George Town. This capital of Malaysia’s Penang state is rich in history, culture, and flavors. George Town revives the past through its series of British colonial buildings, centuries-old Chinese shophouses, and marvelous temples. Besides the architecture, George Town impresses with its gastronomy. Every Chinese or Malay food you find in town is a feast for your senses. 

Kyoto, Japan

While Tokyo is electrifying and vibrant, Kyoto offers a serene yet wonderful side of Japan. It is a city where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modernity. Wander through the iconic bamboo groves of Arashiyama, or marvel at the vibrant colors of the Fushimi Inari Shrine’s torii gates. Delight your senses with Kyoto’s renowned cuisine, from delicate sushi to savory kaiseki meals. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Kyoto’s traditional tea ceremonies and serene Zen gardens.

Hanoi, Vietnam 

Affordable and stunning – those are the two words that describe Hanoi. Stroll around the bright-colored buildings of the French Quarter, feel your adrenaline rushing as you sit in a cafe at the Train Street, and have a bowl of hearty pho. Then, immerse in the coffee culture by trying out the famous egg coffee and going cafe-hopping. Aside from its beautiful Old Quarter, Hanoi is a thriving capital with feisty nightlife and friendly faces. Also, after one and a half year of travel writing, I have to say that Hanoi is my personal favorite. The affordable prices, enjoyable vibes, and a wide selection of things to do make Hanoi a must-visit destination in Asia. 

Dubai, UAE

best places to visit in Asia Dubai UAE

Step into the future in Dubai, a dazzling metropolis rising from the Arabian Desert. Admire the architectural wonders of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab Hotel. Indulge in luxury shopping at the Dubai Mall or explore the souks of the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood. Whether you’re skiing in the desert at Ski Dubai or experiencing the thrill of a desert safari, Dubai offers an unforgettable blend of opulence, adventure, and cultural richness.

From feisty cities to jaw-dropping islands, those best places to visit in Asia will get you the best out of the continent. Then, are you excited to travel to some of the places? Or maybe ALL of the places? Then, we have something for you!

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