10 Countries with the Best Street Food (Worldwide)

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When you are traveling, it is always a good idea to let your taste buds lead the way. Food has become a great way to learn about a new country and its cultural wonders. Pungent flavors of Indian spices and a refreshing hint of Greek yogurt can lead us to new experiences. Then, can you say no to street food? Delicious, indulgent, and affordable at the same time. For that reason, everyone would not want to miss street food when traveling to a new country. So, what are the countries with the best street food? Here are the top 10 countries with fantastic street food to put into your foodie bucket list! 

10 Countries with Best Street Food – Summary 

  1. Thailand
  2. Vietnam
  3. Singapore
  4. Taiwan
  5. Turkey
  6. Mexico
  7. Greece
  8. Belgium
  9. Morocco
  10. New Orleans, USA 


The Land of Smiles stays at the top of the list with its spectacular cuisine. The mention of ‘tom yum kung’ or ‘mango sticky rice’ could already make our mouths water. Then, traveling to Thailand won’t be complete without sampling its flavorful dishes, including hunting for street food. Thailand is known for its bustling night markets, which are buzzing with the aroma of grilled meat and spices. 

Get ready to embark on street food galore in Thailand. Cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai have awesome night markets that sell top-notch street food. Buy some chicken skewers soaked in spices, fresh som tam or papaya salad, and sizzling pad thai. Additionally, if you are looking for something bizarre, you can try squid shots or salad topped with dancing shrimp.

Best Street Food in Thailand: Pad Thai (fried noodles), Mu Ping (pork skewer), Som Tam (papaya salad), Kluay Tod (fried banana), Khao Neeo Mamuang (mango sticky rice), Hoi Tod (fried mussels) 


Tasty and healthy – those are the two words that describe Vietnamese cuisine. From hearty pho with a bounty of coriander leaves to vegetable-filled spring rolls, Vietnamese cuisine is always surprising. Thus, it represents the country’s rich history. Witness the harmony of French, Chinese, and Malaysian influences in Vietnamese dishes, including street food. For that reason, Vietnam is at the top of the list for the best foodie destination.

Head to the streets of Hanoi, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh, where you will find fantastic street food to try. Vietnamese street food is mostly aromatic and hearty, with the right amount of herbs and spices. Moreover, the country is known for its delicious pork meat. Grilled or cooked as pate, Vietnamese pork dishes are top-notch! Your street food hunting journey will be better as you sit on Vietnam’s iconic mini chairs and watch the bustling crowds of the city. 

Best Street Food in Vietnam: Banh Mi (Baguette sandwich), Bun Cha (grilled pork with rice noodles), Banh Xeo (rice pancakes), Chao Gio (fried spring roll), Che (sweet soup dessert) 


Nobody can say no to flavorful Asian cuisine! Then, Singaporean dishes are top-notch. Imagine munching on tasty Hainan chicken rice topped with a spicy sauce or biting on a kway teo. Not to mention, grabbing some Indian pritta bread with three different curries on the side. Moreover, they come at a fair price despite the fact that Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world. For that reason, Singapore’s street food scene is unmatched. 

Singapore’s diversity is represented through the food. Tucked between Malaysia and Indonesia, Singaporean cuisine displays a hint of both cultures. Moreover, the dishes are highly influenced by the Peranakan and Indian flavors. Get ready to spoil your tastebuds with a rollercoaster of flavors! From pungent chili crab to sweet chicken satay, Singaporean street food is diverse!

Best Street Food in Singapore: Laksa, Hainan chicken rice, Kway Teo (fried rice noodles), chicken satay, char siew (roasted duck/chicken) noodles, chili crab, carrot cake, and rujak (mixed fruits with tangy sauce)  


best street food in the world Taiwan

Are you craving some sizzling dumplings or chili oil-spiced noodles? Then, head no further than Taiwan! This country is renowned for its dazzling capital Taipei and outstanding ancient temples. However, Taiwan’s food scene is often overlooked. Find classic Asian dishes such as dumplings, hotpot, and vermicelli noodles in this beautiful country, which are part of Taiwan’s gastronomic heritage. Also, immerse yourself in its fantastic culinary scene. 

Like its neighboring country Japan, night markets in Taiwan are terrific. Brightly lit stalls line the city streets, packed with smoke and mouthwatering aromas. See sellers skillfully wrap xiao long bao or get your brown sugar bubble tea order ready. It is a party for both your eyes and your tastebuds. Thus, some of the best night markets in Taiwan are Shilin Night Market and Tonghua Night Market.

Best Street Food in Taiwan: Xiao Long Bao (dumplings filled with soup), Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang (sticky rice hotdog), chicken cutlets, Ba Wan (meatballs), Tai Yang Bing (suncakes), and bubble tea


street food Turkey

Turkish dishes are simply mouthwatering. Imagine a huge meaty kebab topped with spices and sauce. Or a full Turkish breakfast with grilled meat, vegetables, and fresh flatbread. Does sound like an awesome thing, right? Thus, Turkish dishes display the blend of several different cultures, such as Mediterranean, Balkan, and Middle Eastern. For that reason, Turkish cuisine is fantastic, including the street food! 

Traveling to Turkey won’t be complete without checking out the street food vendors. With their small carts, street vendors offer bites and mains that will make your eyes widen. You can grab a pack of steaming roasted chestnuts that is perfect for a cold day. If you are looking for something that can make you full, grab some kofte wrap.

Best Street Food in Turkey: Köfte Ekmek (baguette with grilled meatballs and vegetables), Halka Tatlisi (pastry with pistachio and chocolate sauce), Midye Tava (fried mussels), Islak Burger (wet burgers), Tantuni (lavash wrap), and Turkish ice cream


Mexico street food vendor

Let the food fiesta begin! Yes, Mexico is home to one of the world’s most delicious cuisines. Tangy salsa sauce, chicken-filled tacos with tons of sauce, and flavorful enchiladas become a lot of people’s guilty pleasure. For that reason, we won’t leave Mexico out when we talk about food. Mexican dishes are diverse and tasty due to the country’s rich heritage and biodiversity. Then, you wouldn’t want to miss its street food scene. 

Stop by street vendors and make your way to traditional markets in Mexico. Then, you can find indulgent Mexican street food – anjilatos – that will spoil your tastebuds. Grab some locally-made tacos drenched in salsa and topped with barbacoa. Or munch on a cemita that tastes mild with a hint of sesame. Therefore, a culinary trip to Mexico is always a good idea!
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Best Street Food in Mexico: Tacos, Tamales (corn dough filled with beef and vegetables), Quesadillas, Tostada (toasted tortillas with savory toppings), Gordita (Maize dough pastry), and Churros


Greek loukoumades best street food

Imagine strolling through the streets of Athens and getting your senses spoiled by the aroma of smoked meat and herbs. Then, you’ll find yourself munching on spices-drenched souvlaki skewers or getting another portion of dough balls topped with chocolate sauce. A culinary adventure to Greece should be on your bucket list. 

Greek street food brings classic Mediterranean flavors and ingredients to life. You can find delicacies made out of yogurt, olive oil, nuts, and cheese. Moreover, the country’s rich history contributes to its vibrant tastes and generous menu. Besides the Mediterranean, Greek street food combines the touch of Arab, Persian, and Roman. Therefore, the variety of flavors and menu makes Greece one of the best countries for street food. 

Best Street Food in Greece: Souvlaki (beef skewers), bougasta (Northern Greece pastry with sweet fillings), spanakopita (pastry filled with spinach and cheese), loukoumades (Greek donuts), and koulouri (sesame bread) 


countries with best street food Belgium

This country has been recognized as the culinary capital of Western Europe. When someone mentions Belgium, our minds run straight to indulgent chocolate or mouthwatering waffles. It’s impossible not to talk about food when we are talking about Belgium. Good news – Belgian street food is easily found in fresh markets, city centers, and tourist districts. Moreover, big cities like Brussels have regular food festivals to celebrate the country’s gastronomy. 

Belgian street food consists of classic European ingredients. Find pastries, french fries, sandwiches, and pastries on the menu. Toppings include fresh fruits like strawberries and peaches, chocolate, and cream. With all it has to offer, Belgium is one of the countries with the best street food in the world. 

Best Street Food in Belgium: Pommes frittes (french fries), smoutebollen (fried doughs), martino sandwich, Belgian waffles, and shrimp croquettes


Traveling to Morocco means delving into an intoxicating space of flavors, colors, and aromas. The North African country is not only famous for its enchanting culture and wonderful architecture, but also indulgent food. Morocco’s traditional food consists of meat-based dishes, generous use of herbs and spices, and cooked lentils. The bite-sized goods and other street food can be easily found in the traditional souks (markets) and historic districts. 

A street food adventure in Morocco means savoring flavorful, smokey, and greasy dishes. From the tasteful grilled sardines to beef-packed shawarma, Moroccan food is a feast to your tastebud. Therefore, Morocco is one of the countries with the best street food in the world. 

Best Street Food in Morocco: Harira (tomato soup), shawarma (sandwich), chebakia (sugary doughs), sardines, merguez (African sausage), and khobz (flatbread)

Nobody can say no to street food hunt! Then, which country catches you attention the most? Make sure to put them into your bucket list and get ready for a tasty adventure!

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