Greece Vacation Packages (2024/2025 Edition)

by | May 17, 2024 | Destinations, Greece, Group Travel, Sailing, Travel

Summer is around the corner. It’s time for a well-deserved vacation and a perfect tan. Have you got an idea of where to go for this sunny season? Well, social media has been buzzing with the aesthetics of Mediterranean summer. Rosy-tinted buildings draped the hills of Amalfi, fresh seafood cooked in local taverns, lazy days under the sun, and whitewashed landscapes of Santorini. If you love the idea, we’ll take you one step closer to your dream vacation with these Greece vacation packages. Find out which Greece vacation style fits you and book the perfect one.  

Greece Vacation Packages – Summary

  1. Greek Island Tours
  2. Sailing Tours
  3. City Tours
  4. History Tours
  5. Coworking Retreats

Greek Island Tours

Greece has been a top-rated destination for its islands. Flawless aquamarine sea, beautiful white-sand beaches, lavish resorts, and breathtaking villages adorn the islands. Travelers from all around the globe flock to Santorini and Mykonos. White-tinted buildings and blue domes scattered around the island, inviting photographers and casual tourists to snap. Meanwhile, islands like Crete and Zakynthos have become a haven for those who want a relaxing getaway. 

JoinMyTrip’s dedicated TripLeaders will take you on a perfect beach vacation on those ravishing islands. The itineraries are specifically tailored for you to get only the best experiences. From relaxing sunbathing sessions to hidden gem explorations, all activities are too fabulous to miss. 

Sailing Tours

Greece vacation packages sailing

Can you mention something better than sailing along the sparkling Mediterranean waters? We bet you can’t! Therefore, sailing is one of the best Greece vacation activities. Travelers hop on a gorgeous catamaran or lavish yachts to spend an unforgettable summer. We’re talking about splashes into the brilliant blue sea, getting your tan done, and popping wine when the sky goes down. Besides that, island tours allow you to visit some islands, even the untouched ones. 

Sailing tours in Greece have been an all-time favorite for our TripMates. The fun-packed itinerary, experienced TripLeader, and great prices make them popular here! 

City Tours

Greece is a mecca for history and culture. It was where world-famous empires, astonishing architectural structures, and dazzling culture breathed their first air. On the other hand, Greece welcomes innovation and modern life. Cities like Athens and Thessaloniki are beating with urban rhythm. You can find skyscrapers, shopping malls, tourist centers, nightclubs, and art districts. However, the amazing blend of history and modern life is the reason why Greek cities are special. For that reason, city tours are quite popular.

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