Best Foodie Destinations in the World (Budget Options)

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Food unites us – that’s what a world-famous quote says. We can agree with that. Delightful food brings people together, forms friendships, and tightens interpersonal bonds. Moreover, a lot of travelers fly all across the world to find the best cuisines to try. From flavorful spices to buttery pastries, our world’s food scene is exquisite. A lot of people are looking for the best foodie destinations in the world. 

One of the best ways to experience a new country is to try the local food. You can get an idea of the people’s way of life, cultural wonders, and distinctive traits of a country from its flavors. Thus, culinary trips are always a great idea. Then, we know that it’s a win to find the best destinations and cities for food with affordable prices. In this blog, we will show you the 10 best foodie destinations in the world. They are also affordable and awesome to visit! 

Best Foodie Destinations in the World (Budget-Friendly) – Summary

  1. Bangkok, Thailand
  2. Hoi An, Vietnam
  3. Singapore
  4. Osaka 
  5. Malta
  6. Porto, Portugal
  7. Naples, Italy
  8. Oaxaca, Mexico
  9. Peru
  10. New Orleans, USA

Bangkok, Thailand

best foodie destinations in the world Thailand

When we talk about food, we won’t leave Thailand out. Tangy tom yum soup with a flavorful aroma, umami pad thai with seafood toppings, and indulgent mango sticky rice can easily steal our hearts. Thailand has one of the best cuisines in the world and its capital city, Bangkok, is proud of that fact. If you are a foodie, make sure to travel to Bangkok and witness its outstanding culinary scene. Bangkok is one of the best cities for food and you know why. 

Every corner of Bangkok talks about food. Street vendors, restaurants, buffets, and night markets fill the busy streets of the metropolitan. Get ready to be lured by the aroma of skewers, roast pork, fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and chicken broth. Head to Jodd Fair, Chatuchak Market, and Yaowarat to hunt for amazing yet affordable street food. With only around €5, you can fill your tummy with a full meal and snacks. 

Hoi An, Vietnam 

This historical city of Vietnam is more than historical buildings and antique streets. Of course, the city looks undeniably beautiful with its colonial-style architecture and blooming flowers. However, not a lot of people know that Hoi An offers a spectacular culinary scene. From sizzling Vietnamese coffee to flavor-packed Banh Mi, the food in Hoi An is humble yet fabulous. 

Another thing that makes Hoi An’s food special is sustainable sourcing. The ingredients are sourced from local farmers and grown locally, so you can enjoy healthy and organic dishes. Moreover, the food in Hoi An is unique and cannot be found in other areas. Make sure to try Cao Lau, White Rose Dumplings, Com Ga, and Pho. Therefore, Hoi An is one of the best foodie destinations in the world. 


Diverse and delicious are the two words that describe Singapore’s cuisine. Nestled between Indonesia and Malaysia, the country’s dishes are influenced by both cultures. Moreover, Singapore’s culinary scene also depicts a huge influence of Peranakan and Indian flavors. You can try out aromatic Hainan chicken rice, sweet and salty chicken satay, spicy fishball noodles, and many more. Nonetheless, Singapore’s cuisine will make you fall in love.

Although Singapore can’t be considered as a cheap destination, it is possible to find food at an affordable price. Hawkers or food centers are available throughout the country. Find classic Singaporean dishes such as chicken rice, noodles, fried rice, and others starting from €3. Surprisingly, many of them get Michelin-star. Therefore, Singapore is one of the best foodie destinations in the world. 


We all know that Japanese food is top-tier. Fresh sushi, hearty ramen noodles, distinctive matcha flavors, and flavorful takoyaki can make our mouths water. For that reason, traveling to Japan won’t be complete without indulging in its outstanding cuisines. One of the best foodie destinations, as well as an affordable one, in Japan is Osaka. 

Osaka takes food seriously. Food is an important part of Osaka’s culture. World-famous dishes like takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and kitsune udon originated from the city. You can find fancy steaks and chef-made udon in Osaka, but that doesn’t mean the city only offers expensive items. In fact, you can find affordable street food and dishes in the famous Dotonbori district. People queue up to get some delicious takoyaki, okonomiyaki, sukiyaki, and manju cakes. Don’t be surprise if the prices are less than €1! 


foodie vacations in the world Malta

Crystal-clear waters and flawless beaches of Malta have successfully attract travelers from around the world. However, food in Malta is often overlooked. Tucked on the Mediterranean Sea, Malta offers distinctive Mediterranean flavors and ingredients in its cuisine. On the other hand, the country was occupied by a lot of nations, such as Moors, Phoenicians, British, Arabic, and Italian. This diversity also influences the culinary scene of Malta. 

Some of Malta’s proud dishes are pastizzi, lampuki, and imqarrun il-forn. Pastizzi is Malta’s classic breakfast dish, which is a calzone-like flaky bread. Meanwhile, lampuki, spiced fish pie, shows North Africa’s influence in Maltese cuisine. Furthermore, imqarrun il-forn will remind you of Italian cuisine with its pasta base and classic Italian dressing. Therefore, diverse Maltese cuisine makes it one of the best foodie destinations in the world.

Porto, Portugal

Porto Portugal best foodie destinations in the world

Porto entices everyone who visits with its vibrant setting and ornate historical buildings. Besides that, the culinary scene of Porto is exquisite. It is home to extraordinary wine options and diverse dishes. Nestled on the coast of Northern Portugal, Porto also offers freshly-caught seafood. Although Porto’s food seems spectacular and fancy, they are relatively cheaper than other places in Europe. Therefore, it is one of the best foodie destinations in the world. 

Porto’s cuisine is dominated by home-cooked dishes, savory delicacies, meat, and cheese. One of the best dishes to try is francesinha sandwich. It will remind you of the French croque monsieur, but with thicker layers and a distinctive fracensinha sauce. Other dishes to try are pasteis de chaves pastries, bolinhos de bacalhau, and alheira sausages. Moreover, make sure to head to Douro Valley and sample some fabulous Port wines. 

Naples, Italy

best foodie destinations in the world Naples Italy

When it comes to food in Europe, Italy stays at the top of the list. Crusty pizza, flavorful aglio-olio pasta, hearty minestrone, and indulgent lasagna can easily become everyone’s favorite dish. Thus, one of the best cities for food in Italy is Naples. As the birthplace of pizza and a few other notable Italian dishes, the culinary scene in Naples is exceptional. 

Spoil your tastebuds with the distinguished Napoli flavors. Not to mention, homegrown products will bring you fresh and delightful dishes. Have some slices of authentic Italian pizza drenched in tomato sauce and topped with sliced meat. Then, try out lasagna al forno Napoletana, which includes eggs and meatballs. Furthermore, there are so many spectacular dishes to enjoy in Naples. Therefore, taking a food tour in Naples is highly recommended. 

Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca Mexico best foodie destinations in the world

Mexico amazes us with its rich-flavored taco, spicy salsa sauce, and savory enchiladas. Therefore, a foodie must travel to Mexico and sample its authentic dishes. One of the best foodie destinations in Mexico is Oaxaca. You can get the best traditional and home-cooked dishes in this cultural melting pot of Mexico. 

Finding amazing restaurants and food sellers in Oaxaca is not rocket science. Thus, local businesses stand out when it comes to authentic Mexican cuisine. Find yourself sampling some mole and empanadas in a local restaurant or grabbing some tlayudas from a street vendor. Therefore, a culinary tour in Oaxaca won’t break the bank.


Do you know that Peruvian food is recognized as one of the best cuisines in the world? For that reason, we put Peru on our list of best foodie destinations. Get ready to be surprised by the tangy flavors of ceviche, the hearty taste of aji de gallina, or the unique beef heart. Moreover, the food in Peru is mostly locally-sourced, so you can expect fresh and healthy dishes. 

Another thing that makes us love Peru’s cuisine is the affordable prices. You can get a full meal for less than €10. Meanwhile, street food and snacks can start from €1. So, make sure to unleash your foodie persona when visiting Peru!

New Orleans, USA

best foodie vacations in the world New Orleans

Music, culture, and food are the things that make New Orleans awesome. Visiting New Orleans means strolling through the pretty French Quarter and listening to street jazz performances. Also, you can’t miss the extraordinary cuisines of New Orleans. The city is famous for its mouth-watering Creole dishes, and you won’t be able to deny them. 

Some of the dishes you must try in New Orleans are jambalaya, gumbo, po’boys, and seafood. If you love spicy food, New Orleans’ dishes will make you happy. Thus, the city is also considered one of the less expensive cities in the United States. So, you can get a lot of amazing food at a reasonable price. Therefore, it is one of the best foodie destinations in the world.

Delicious and budget-friendly, those are the best foodie destinations you must visit. Which one catches you attention the most? Make sure to put them into your bucket list and get ready for a tasty adventure!

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