Bali or Thailand: Which One is For You?

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Bali and Thailand are both shining stars of Southeast Asia. We are talking about two countries with extensive shores fringed with flawless white-sand beaches, marvelous centuries-old temples, and a never-ending buzz of fun. Bali and Thailand are so similar yet so different from one another. You might ask, “Which one is better – Bali or Thailand?” Well, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question. But no worries, we are helping you to choose the best destination for your vacation or group trip in this blog.

Bali or Thailand: Which One is For You? – Summary

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General Information

Things to KnowBaliThailand
Area5,780 km²513,120 km²
CurrencyIndonesian Rupiah (IDR) | 1 EUR = IDR 17,058Thailand Baht (THB) | 1 EUR = THB 38.88
VisaYes, Indonesia visaYes, Thailand visa
Best Time to VisitApril – OctoberNovember – April

The key difference between Bali and Thailand is their regional area. Bali is an island and province in Indonesia, while Thailand is a whole country. Traveling to Bali means you have to follow the immigration regulations of Indonesia, while a Thailand visa gives you access to many cities like Bangkok or Phuket. Therefore, it will be pretty easy for you to navigate your way around Bali. Staying for 10-14 days allows you to see a myriad of Bali’s proud attractions. Meanwhile, Thailand is a huge country and you need to plan ahead on which destinations you are planning to visit. Moving from one city to another might require you to book a flight.

Moreover, both countries have a tropical climate with high humidity and long days of sunshine. Both are destinations you want to fly to for a perfect summer. But when we are talking about winter escapes, Thailand stands out better. November to May marks the dry season in the country, in which you can have sunny days and hot temperatures. However, we don’t recommend traveling to Bali in winter as November marks the wet season in Indonesia. Heavy rain, cloudy skies, and high tides are what Bali is about in the last quarter of the year.

Destination Types

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