35 Most Beautiful Places on Earth (2024 Edition)

by | Jan 15, 2024 | Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Destinations, South America, Travel Bucket Lists, USA, worldwide

What is the point of traveling the world if we are not getting swept out of our feet? Of course, Mother Earth keeps thousands of breathtaking places, exquisite yet unexplainable phenomena, and spectacular landscapes. Not to mention, outstanding manmade wonders, standing tall throughout the ticking clock, are scattered around the globe. In this blog, we will show you 35 most beautiful places on Earth. Add them to your 2024 bucket list!  

Atacama Desert

most beautiful places on earth Atacama

Stepping into this desert makes you feel like you are on the moon. Atacama Desert is the world’s driest place, as well as one of the most magical. A series of jagged mountains, extensive area of scarlet sand, and dramatic rock formations wove Atacama Desert’s surreal landscape. Besides that, a sinkhole filled with saltwater – Salar de Atacama – splashes the desert’s earthy tones with refreshing blue. 

Travertines of Pamukkale, Turkey

most beautiful places on earth Pamukkale

These pool-like formations bring thermal spas to another level. Tucked in Turkey’s historical treasure trove of Pamukkale,  the travertines deserve the title ‘most beautiful place on earth’. The glimmery white limestones have formed holes, shaping natural pools, for thousands of years. Calcium-rich waters fill them, showing off their brilliant turquoise color. 

Outer Hebrides, Scotland

best places to visit in the world Outer Hebrides

Nestled off the coast of West Scotland, this archipelago gives you the best slice of the country’s beauty. The Outer Hebrides is a group of untouched islands lined with white-sand beaches, meadowed hills, and outstanding cliffs. A few neighborhoods can be found on the islands, living in traditional Scottish rock cottages or laidback storybook houses. With its pristine scene, Outer Hebrides is one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

Antelope Canyon, USA

most beautiful places on earth Antelope

Although it deserves a seat on the list of ‘Most Beautiful Places on Earth’, Antelope Canyon looks like an alien planet! The slot canyon boasts wave-like rock structures and earth-colored stone walls that cannot be found anywhere else. However, the real deal comes as sunlight beams into the canyon, creating a breathtaking scene of sunset colors. For that reason, Antelope Canyon has been a photographer’s favorite for decades. 

Amalfi Coast, Italy 

destination in Italy Lake Como

You may have seen this place in stock photos or calendars more than once. Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth, as well as an iconic one. Pastel color buildings line a rocky hill, facing the brilliant blue sea. Amalfi Coast’s towns, such as Positano and Praiano, are travelers’ favorite road trip and summer destinations.

Lofoten Islands

most beautiful places on earth Lofoten Islands

Raw and serene – those are the two words that describe this Scandinavian archipelago. With the Svolværgeita pinnacle in its heart, the Lofoten Islands bring the best out of Mother Nature. The islands are dominated by lush tundra meadows during summer while turning into a winter wonderland in the coldest months. Moreover, it is an amazing place to watch the Northern Lights


most beautiful places on earth Antarctica

Nothing is less than spectacular in the Earth’s southernmost continent. Antarctica keeps peculiar wonders that you can find nowhere else. Even though it is made out of 99% ice, Antarctica has become home to distinctive wildlife. Emperor penguins, humpback whales, and elephant seals roam around the icy grounds. Furthermore, a landscape comprising glaciers, volcanoes, and jutting ice structures will leave you breathless. 

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni Bolivia

Have you got any idea where to find the world’s largest mirror? The answer is – Bolivia! Find it in Salar de Uyuni, a 3,900 square miles salt flats. The grounds are made out of sparkling white salt, which looks like an eternal field of snow. However, after some rain, the flats are filled with water and act as an enormous mirror. So, don’t miss your chance to take a lot of cool or even quirky photos in this one of the most beautiful places on Earth. 

Denali National Park, Alaska

wonders of the world Denali National Park

Towering mountains coated in snow, verdant pine forests, and roaming wild animals are what you can see every day in Denali National Park. The 6 million acres of lush land offer an irresistible playground for nature lovers. Visitors can camp, hike, or simply enjoy the outstanding natural beauty. Boasting Alaska’s pristine wilderness, Denali National Park is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. 

Milford Sound, New Zealand 

most beautiful places on earth Milford Sound

Tucked in the southwest part of New Zealand, Milford Sound presents the best out of Mother Nature. It features an exquisite system of majestic jungle-clad mountains, gorgeous waterfalls, and idyllic cliffs. Moreover, Milford Sound is home to abundant wildlife, from the rare Fiordland penguin to adorable bottlenose dolphins. Whether you are a nature lover or a casual traveler, visiting Milford Sound will be unforgettable. 

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled Slovenia

If you have ever wondered what a real-life fairytale looks like, Lake Bled is the perfect answer. This 145-hectare lake comprises emerald waters, vegetation-covered islets, and winding mountains. Moreover, at the center of the lake, you can see the elegant Bled Castle. Displaying a breathtaking scene, Lake Bled is one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

Hallstatt, Austria 

most beautiful places on earth Hallstatt

Europe never runs out of fairytale-esque spots. Well, Hallstatt sits at the top of the list. The town sits on the banks of a lake with the same name. Towering mountains, cloaked with meadows in summer and snow in winter, become the backdrop of the 16th-century town. A fun fact – Hallstatt inspired the setting of Disney’s Frozen!

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