10 Best Digital Nomad Communities to Join

by | Jan 23, 2024 | CoWorking, Digital Nomads, Travel Tips

The discourse of being a digital nomad or a remote worker has never been out of style. Being able to bring your tasks anywhere around the world, doing your Zoom meetings by the beach, or finishing your work while sipping on a coconut sounds like a dream – but it is a reality! However, while working remotely brings a lot of benefits, it has challenges and drawbacks. For that reason, finding digital nomad communities can support you throughout the extraordinary journey. This blog will show you the 10 best digital nomad communities to join this year! 

Best Digital Nomad Communities – Summary

  1. WiFi Tribe
  2. JoinMyTrip
  3. Citizen Remote
  4. Nomad List
  5. Digital Nomad World
  6. Hacker Paradise
  7. Remote Year
  8. Digital Nomads Around the World
  9. Digital Nomads Hub
  10. DailyRemote

Why You Should Join Digital Nomad Communities? 

Digital nomad communities are spaces or platforms where digital nomads and remote workers connect, socialize, and help each other professionally and personally. Joining a digital nomad community is like joining a support group for digital nomads, as you can get valuable connections, amazing assistance, and great insights from like-minded people. Then, here are several benefits of joining digital nomad communities:

  1. Connecting with like-minded people. You can find acquaintances or friends who share the same experience as you, which is working remotely. Therefore, they understand the perks of being a digital nomad and can potentially be a shoulder to lean on. 
  2. Gaining professional insights. You can meet new people from different career backgrounds and expertise by joining communities. It is a great way to gain insights into other industries. Also, you can find valuable connections for your career growth. 
  3. Finding fresh opportunities. Joining digital nomad communities allows you to find connections and opportunities. You might find something as simple as meeting a new yoga buddy that will show you the best classes in town, or even new job opportunities. 
  4. Living the lifestyle. You can learn and collaborate with fellow digital nomads to live an awesome lifestyle. Learn how to stay productive while living the life that you love. 
  5. Having a blast. Who says that digital nomad communities only offer professional connections and all-around business conversations? Well, joining digital nomad communities also beckons you to join insightful workshops, fantastic brunch sessions, and spectacular night-outs! 
  6. You are not alone. Find fellow remote workers or digital nomads who are in the same boat as you. 

Best Digital Nomad Communities to Join 

WiFi Tribe

Founded in 2016, WiFi Tribe has been connecting remote professionals from all over the world ever since. The community beckons you to savor extraordinary adventures while climbing the career ladder steadily. Currently, WiFi Tribe has around 1,000 members from 62 countries worldwide. So, it is the place for you to build global connections and walk on the path less traveled. 

WiFi Tribe offers monthly trips to different cities all around the globe. Booking the trips allows you to connect with fellow digital nomads, have quality friendships, and boost your productivity. Additionally, you have enough time to explore the destination as the trips last around three weeks to one month. 


digital nomad communities JoinMyTrip

Remote working is awesome, but it will be twice as spectacular with like-minded travel buddies! JoinMyTrip is a travel platform that connects digital nomads and remote workers through tailor-made coworking trips. Each trip is designed by an experienced digital nomad, who has been living the lifestyle for 3-5 years. Joining the trips will allow you to embark on wholesome adventures while staying productive. 

Another thing that makes JoinMyTrip a great digital nomad community is the personalized itineraries. Find one-of-a-kind experiences like nowhere else. Some trips take you to a coworking villa in Madeira while hitting the waves on the weekend. Meanwhile, the others take you to a productive working days in Vietnam with a culinary galore. Additionally, you can make your own trip and find new travel buddies to join on spectacular adventures. 

Citizen Remote

digital nomad communities Citizen Remote

Are you taking your first step as a digital nomad and need assistance for the nitty gritty details? Well, look no further than Citizen Remote! The platform offers assistance services for employees and remote workers who want to get their visa or move to another country. Moreover, Citizen Remote connects you with country-based digital nomad communities. It also gives valuable information about the countries, including visa, safety, and living conditions.

Nomad List

remote working community Nomad List

If you are looking for an all-around resource for digital nomad, head to Nomad List website. It is famous for its Digital Nomad Location Rankings, which scores various cities based on certain categories like safety and internet connectivity. Besides that, Nomad List has a digital nomad community that connects remote workers in different sides of the world. They are usually location-based, so you can find local gatherings or meetups in the city you are visiting. 

Digital Nomad World

digital nomad communities Digital Nomad World

Established by two seasoned digital nomads, the platform has helped thousands of digital nomads across the world. Digital Nomad World offers consultancy, job opportunities, destination guides, and digital nomad communities. Also, the users can find destination-specific groups they are interested in and further find like-minded people to connect with. In other words, Digital Nomad World is an all-in-one platform that provides the assistance that remote workers needed. 

Hacker Paradise 

Hacker Paradise

Work or travel, why not both? – that is what Hacker Paradise trying to tell you! Hacker Paradise is a community offering awesome trips for digital nomads to work and explore the world together. It is an inclusive community that welcomes people from different backgrounds and nationalities, breaking down barriers. For everyone looking for digital nomad communities, Hacker Paradise is one to get your eyes on. 

Remote Year

Remote Year community

Remote Year brings remote working to the next level. The platform offers spectacular work and travel programs to 80 destinations all around the globe. Moreover, the programs are usually long-term, which include 1-month, 4-months, and 12-months trips to immerse yourself in the fantastic digital nomad lifestyle. Joining Remote Year means you will have the opportunity to connect with 15-40 digital nomads and get high-end coliving and coworking facilities. Besides that, Remote Year builds strong digital nomad communities for their members, in which you can join through subscriptions. 

Digital Nomads Around the World 

Facebook groups help digital nomad to connect in the easiest way. Well, Digital Nomads Around the World is one of them. It is a private group with over 155,000 members and around 17 posts per day. The group is used by digital nomads to connect and share their tips regarding the lifestyle. Besides that, the digital nomad community shares job opportunities, updated events, and workshops. 

Digital Nomads Hub 

Digital Nomads Hub is a public Facebook group for digital nomads to connect and support each other. The group talks about everything related to remote working, from sharing visa requirements to personal travel experiences. You can connect with over 45,000 digital nomads in the group and find valuable insights from the threads. It is one of the best digital nomad communities on Facebook.



If you are looking for a more professional side of remote working, check out DailyRemote. In a nutshell, it is a remote workers’ LinkedIn. DailyRemote shares most recent remote job opportunities from different companies all around the globe. Additionally, DailyRemote has a LinkedIn group for remote professionals. You can find expert tips on how to do interviews or succeed in your first remote job.

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