The Best Nature Travel Destinations for Outdoor Fans

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Do you enjoy going for a scenic hike, dipping into the ocean and seeing colorful marine creatures, sleeping under the stars, or being connected to nature? This one’s for you! Mother Nature sure has lots to offer, from vast green hills to gorgeous arid canyons. We have compiled a list of the best nature travel destinations for you to add to your bucket list.

Dear outdoor lovers, get ready to pack your bags and find yourself amazed by these wonderful destinations! 

1. Masai Mara, Kenya

Masai Mara, a breathtaking nature travel destination

Step into your favorite wildlife documentary by visiting the magnificent Masai Mara in Kenya. You will find extraordinary wild creatures roaming freely in the vast savanna, from towering giraffes to feisty gazelles. It is also recommended to visit during The Great Migration when you can find thousands of wildebeests and other species migrating to this spacious land. Create a memory of a lifetime by watching the serene wildlife in this stunning sanctuary. 

What we love about it: The captivating beauty of the savanna and the amazing experience of watching the stunning wildlife of Africa in the area. 

What to do: Take a wildlife safari around Masai Mara. There are some varieties of safari tours, including horseback riding tours, cultural tours, and the classic jeep safari tour. You can also visit the indigenous tribes of Masai Mara, creating an unforgettable experience of learning new cultures.  

When to visit: The best time to visit is in July-October. The Great Migration is also expected to occur in this period. 

2. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

Magical nature travel destination in Iceland, the Seljalandfoss Waterfall

Ah, Iceland! This land of fire and ice never ceases to amaze us. One of Iceland’s extravagant wonders is Seljalandfoss Waterfall, a rapid waterfall that is situated between fascinating grassy cliffs and stone formations. You can walk behind the beautiful waterfall, hearing its rapid roar and getting yourself a bit damp from its cold splash. You may also find mini rainbows forming above the misty waterfall. One word for Seljalandsfoss Waterfall: magical! 

What we love about it: The main waterfall is undeniably alluring and the attraction of walking behind the waterfall is fantastic. 

What to do: Walk behind Seljalandsfoss and see the other waterfall, Gljufabrui. The Gljufabrui waterfall is something that shouldn’t be missed too!

When to visit: The best time to visit is in the summer, between June-August 

3. Na Pali Coast, Hawaii

Take a glimpse of rocky cliffs and brilliant blue sea in Hawaii

This rugged coastline with extraordinary volcanic cliff formation and glimmering sea fits perfectly with the word ‘hidden gem’. This remote and untouchable beauty is located on the shores of Kauai, Hawaii. When we say untouchable, it is literally almost untouchable as the coastline consists of towering cliffs and steep rocks. You can reach Na Pali Coast by viewing it from boats or catamarans, helicopters, or a 12-hours hike to its breathtaking peaks. Nonetheless, Na Pali Coast is recommended for your bucket list as it has been proclaimed as one of the world’s best coastlines. 

What we love about it: The marvelous scene of rugged coastlines, thin layers of green vegetation, and brilliant blue sea. It challenges you for an adventure, as this gorgeous destination is not so easy to reach. 

What to do: Hop on a boat and see the beautiful coastline. You can also explore the colorful underwater wonders of Na Pali Coast by snorkeling or diving. 

When to visit: The best time to visit is in summer, which is between June-August. You can expect calm sea and sunny weather during the period.  

4. Madeira, Portugal

Nature's beauty in a top travel destination : Madeira

Get a glance at a real-life fairytale in Madeira, Portugal. This small Atlantic island has some nicknames, including ‘The Pearl of Atlantic’ and ‘Flower Island’, which resonate perfectly with its brilliant beauty. Madeira presents the perfect balance between Mother Nature’s charm and manmade wonders. You can find a shimmering blue ocean, lush green hills, beautiful hiking trails, and an enchanting laurel forest in the island, as well as pretty churches and classic buildings. Madeira is a tiny island with a load of wonders!   

What we love about it: The variety of natural wonders it offers, from the scenic Pico da Areiro hiking trails to the misty yet magical Fanal Forest. 

What to do: Go for a hike in Pico da Areiro and Pico Ruivo, wander around Fanal Forest, see some dolphins in Funchal, and be captivated by the beauty of Ponta de Sao Laurenco. 

When to visit: The best time to visit is in April-October, when the temperature is warmer and you can be lucky enough to see dolphins and whales swimming around the island.

5. Preikestolen, Norway

Lots of nature travel destinations are available in Norway

Take a glance at the brilliant blue fjord, and its surrounding rocky cliffs, while feeling your heartbeat fasten as you are sitting at the edge of a cliff. This beautiful and thrilling experience is offered by Preikestolen, a huge rocky cliff in Norway. Each year, around 200,000 visitors visit the infamous destination to marvel at the gorgeous scenery. It takes a three hours hike to reach this remarkable spot. All the sweats and crams from the hike will be rewarded with the magical scenery of Preikestolen and its wonderful Lyseford underneath. 

What we love about it: The view from Preikestolen is spectacular! It is the perfect place to see a piece of Norway’s beauty. You can definitely go to the spot before seeing the Northern Lights.

What to do: Go for a hike to the Preikestolen and take your time to marvel at the gorgeous scenery. 

When to visit: The best time to visit is in April-October. You can expect safer hiking trails with no slippery snow or ice during this period. 

6. Grand Canyon, United States of America (USA)

Grand Canyon is one of the top nature travel destinations

You can find amazing rocky structures, a geological palette, and breathtaking landscapes in this Wonder of the World. This series of reddish cliffs stretch around 277 miles in the state of Arizona, fitting the title ‘grand’ on its name. Grand Canyon is the home of mesmerizing nature, fascinating history, and alluring culture. You can find yourself taking a shuttle tour, rafting in the Colorado River, marveling at the scenery from viewpoints, or casually taking photos for your travel diary at this gorgeous national park. 

What we love about it: It is surely a gorgeous nature travel destination! The Grand Canyon’s rocky structures, reddish color, and infinite beauty make this place worth visiting. 

What to do: See Grand Canyon from viewpoints on the West and South Rim, take a scenic public tour, and go on rafting or hiking adventure. 

When to visit: The best time to visit is in April-June. You can expect sunny but not scorching weather.

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7. Mount Cook National Park (Aoraki), New Zealand

Breathtaking nature in one of New Zealand's treasured destinations, Mount Cook

Looking for a scenic road trip experience? Mount Cook got your back! This highest point of Southern New Zealand offers a picturesque scene of mountains, glimmering glaciers, and gorgeous grasslands. You can find yourself captivated by the brilliant Tasman Lake, which sparkles prettily during sunny daylight. Up for something quite challenging? You can take a short hike on the Hooker Hiking Trail. This mountainous New Zealand national park is something you can’t miss! 

What we love about it: It offers you the best of every season. You can find blooming lavenders in spring and beautiful ice flowers in winter. 

What to do: Take a short hike on the Hooker Hiking Trail and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of New Zealand’s treasured destination. 

When to visit: The best time to visit is in December-March. You can expect blooming alpine daisies, lavenders, and other pretty flowers, along with warm spring sunshine.

8. Gran Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Gorgeous nature in Gran Salar de Uyuni, one of the travel destinations in Bolivia

Find yourself dancing with your own reflection in this infinite land of mirrors. Yes, you can literally find your own reflection, as clear as the mirror, on the grounds of Gran Salar de Uyuni. Thanks to the million years of natural phenomenon, this magical destination is formed in Bolivia. Gran Salar de Uyuni is a natural salt flat with an area of 10,000 kilometers square, placing itself as the world’s largest. Gran Salar de Uyuni has been a remarkable nature destination for its alluring reflection scenery. 

What we love about it: The magical scenery of the sky meets the land. Moreover, Gran Salar de Uyuni is one in a million, as it is the largest salt flat in the world. 

What to do: You can hop on a jeep and get around this breathtaking salt flat. Don’t forget to get some shots of this incredible destination

When to visit: The best time to visit is during the dry season, which is between May-November. 

9. Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Up for a tropical getaway? Try visiting Virgin Gorda! Crystal-clear waters, picture-perfect beaches with enormous granite rocks, small natural ponds of seawater, and extraordinary underwater scenery are some of the things you can find on this tiny Carribean island. You can find numerous giant rocks forming cave-like structures or tiny pools, adding some unique attractions to this paradise. Virgin Gorda is recognized as the most beautiful island in the British Virgin Islands archipelago, so it shouldn’t be missed!

What we love about it: The island is a perfect tropical paradise, with its sandy beaches, glimmering waters, and gorgeous places to stay. The large granite rock formations are also unique and attractive! 

What to do: Relax on The Baths, take a dip into Devil’s Bay, and dive to see the wrecks of historical battleships. 

When to visit: The best time to visit is in January-April. You can expect pleasant weather and a sunny sky during the period.

10. Mount Everest, Nepal

Mount Everest's brilliant beauty makes it one of the top nature travel destinations

The glorious mountain is standing proudly on the grounds of Nepal, a landlocked country in Southern Asia. Geography books mentioned that Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. You can be sure that those books don’t tell lies as you glance at the grand mountain, reaching the sky with its snowy peak. Be captivated by the magnificent beauty of Mount Everest, as you find yourself standing on Everest’s infamous viewpoints, the Tibetan Namche’s Bazaar or Everest Basecamp.

What we love about it: Seeing the highest mountain on earth itself is a magical moment. Mount Everest is effortlessly stunning. Moreover, it offers adrenaline-rushing adventures for outdoor enthusiasts

What to do: Feeling adventurous and well-prepared? You can go for a hike to the Everest Basecamp which sits at an altitude of 17,598 ft. You can also go for comfier options, such as enjoying the view of the grand mountain from the hustling Kathmandu. 

When to visit: The best time to visit is in April-May, when you can find sunny weather and a clear view of Mount Everest’s peak. 

These destinations are proudly reflecting Mother Nature’s beauty. Moreover, they offer lots of exciting experiences and thrilling things to do! You can start to add them to your bucket list and start your own amazing adventure. If you are thinking about having TripMates to share your amazing journey with, we got you. Find the best nature travel destinations and perfect travel buddies with JoinMyTrip! You can explore plenty of exciting trips and new fantastic friends with us.

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