How to Travel in Norway on a Budget

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Norway has been regarded as one of the most expensive countries to visit in the world. You may want to eliminate Norway from your travel bucket list due to that reason. However, you will miss the beauty of Norway’s fjords and nature just because you bail due to a tight budget. Fret not! You do not need to worry about that, for we have compiled helpful information about how to travel to Norway on a budget, and of course, that will be worth every penny in your bank account.

Checklist to travel in Norway on a budget


Train in Norway on a budget
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Transportation costs in Norway vary according to the travel zones. Let us dissect the transportation routes in Norway, from city transportation to long-distance transportation.

Traveling within city

Like many other cities in the world, Norway’s cities have their own public transportations, which roam around inside its city zones. Take Oslo, for example, which has a mobile app called Ruter for you to travel inside the capital city. Using this mobile app, you only need to spend NOK 108 to buy a daily pass or NOK 285 for a weekly pass for wandering around the city by bus, tram, and metro. In fact, Oslo is the only city in Norway that has a metro system. 

Each city in Norway has its own mobile app or website to purchase tickets for public transportation. Bergen has Skyss, Stavanger has Kolumbus, and Trondheim has AtB. Every city has different ticket prices for public transportation, so it is suggested that you check them directly to find the updated price for the tickets. Another thing that you need to notice is that each city has its own zone for traveling within the city, so you need to check if your destinations are included in specific zones.

Long-distance transportation

Norway is a vast country, ranging from the up north in the north pole to the south, which is “warmer.” Each area has its own uniqueness. For example, you can see fjords in the western parts of the country, northern lights in the north, or modern cities in the south like Oslo. Therefore, there are a lot of areas that you need to discover.

If you are planning to go from one city to another in Norway, there are many options you can choose from, ranging from bus to airplane. Also, we recommend you book the seats in advance since the price will be much lower that way.

Bus: Buses are considerably a cheaper option to travel within the country, although it may take a longer time for a long-distance trip. To illustrate, a one-way journey from Oslo to Stavanger will take around eight hours and cost you NOK 450. Another example is also a one-way journey from Oslo to Stavanger will cost you NOK 600 and take nine hours journey. The most common bus companies that provide people to travel between cities in Norway are Vy Buss, Nor-Way Bussekspress, and Flixbus.

Train: Do you know that train is a favorable transportation mode to explore Norway? Although the cost is higher than the bus, traveling by train will give you an unforgettable experience. Scenic views of Norway’s nature are incredible. The Bergen Line, The FlÃ¥m Line, and The Dovre Line are a few train routes in Norway. You need to spend about NOK 800 for a seven-hour one-way journey from Oslo to Trondheim or NOK 290 for a six-and-a-half-hour one-way trip from Oslo to Bergen. You can purchase the tickets from or Eurail Scandinavian pass.

Airplane: The airplane is probably the most effective way to travel domestically in Norway since it takes less traveling time than a bus or train. Sometimes the prices are lower than the other methods, and the costs can vary depending on the routes. However, you can find the lowest price for a one-way journey, as little as NOK 500. The main domestic airline that flies over the country is Norwegian Airlines. Besides, you can also travel by using SAS Airlines on specific major routes.

Car rental: If traveling in a group, renting a car is possibly cheaper. If you choose to travel this way, you need to pay around NOK 400 per day, and the gas for approximately NOK 54 per gallon. 


Accommodation on Norway on a budget
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You can book a wide range of accommodations for your stay in Norway, from the hotel to the campsite. The lowest price for one room for two people is approximately NOK 300 per night. It depends on which season you are staying in. It can be cheaper or more expensive. You can book the rooms on In addition, you can also book a place to stay on Airbnb and experience how unique Airbnb is in Norway since there are a lot of rooms to stay in.

Another tip for traveling in Norway on a budget for accommodation is to stay at a camping spot. Some camping places are free, and some others are paid but at an affordable price. The prices also vary depending on your desired facilities, such as access to showers or toilets and electricity. The price is usually around NOK 200 to NOK 250 per night. You can also search for wild camping spots in Norway through Campercontact.

The last tip to save your accommodation budget in Norway is to take a night train or a night bus for long-distance travel. Doing so means you do not need to spare your budget for accommodation since you will spend your nights on the train or bus. Also, the night trains or buses are usually cheaper than the day ones.


Food in Norway
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It is no secret that eating out in Norway is crazily expensive. Eating out at a restaurant will cost you NOK 200, the cheapest. However, it is much cheaper to buy food from street stalls or fast food restaurants like McDonald where you can spend NOK 45 to NOK 150 for a meal. Even for alcohol, the price of a beer at a bar will take your NOK 90 away. Therefore, being sober while traveling in Norway on a budget is suggested.

The cheapest way to allocate a budget for food in Norway is to buy groceries and cook yourself. That way, you can save a lot of money. This method will be helpful if you stay at an accommodation which provides a kitchen. Also, if you are traveling with friends or family, you can split the groceries bills, making it even cheaper.


Activities in Norway
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Welcome to Norway, where every nature activities are free. You can watch the dancing northern lights for free by exploring the spots by yourself. You need to go somewhere secluded in the northern part of the country where little to no light pollution occurs. Otherwise, you can pay to start from NOK 100, depending on the packages each guided tour agent offers. Many guided tour packages include camp visits, sledding with huskies, and many more at different prices.

Another activity you can do in Norway on a budget is hiking to see the incredible fjords scattered around the country’s coastal area. This is entirely free to do. You can also definitely pay starting from NOK 400 for an adult to sail to the fjords by ferry. Please remember that every route has different distances, so the prices vary. It is highly guaranteed that the beauty of the fjords will confuse you whether you live in heaven or on earth.

If you are into city tours, you may want to include activities like visiting museums or sightseeing. The price to enter a museum will set you back approximately NOK 100 to NOK 150. If you’re going to explore the city, you can rent a bike starting from NOK 60 per day. Lastly, enjoying the beaches and every corner of cities in Norway are also free for you to explore. You will love visiting Norway, which offers you a lot of things to do.

Allemannsretten in Norway

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Do you know what allemannsretten is? Allemansretten is the law that allows people to roam freely in nature in Norway. In other words, you can actually save a lot of money benefiting from this law. In fact, allemannsretten is very common n many Nordic countries. This is the perfect calling for you to come to Norway. Just imagine you can explore Norway’s nature without needing to pay the entry fee.

Even more, you can camp in its beautiful nature freely. In addition, this law also allows you to pick up fruits, mushrooms, and herbs in the forests. Moreover, you can also fish in saltwater areas, which is a perfect calling for traveling in Norway on a budget. You only need to remember to do it responsibly by not exploiting natural resources too much. As long as it is for personal use and respects nature, it is allowed to do those activities.

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