The most unusual Airbnbs worldwide

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Travel Bucket Lists

Have you ever wanted to sleep in a treehouse in Bali or a copper sphere in the UK? These unusual Airbnbs worldwide should definitely make it on your travel bucket list in 2023.

Please note that the prices displayed and stated might vary seasonally and are subject to change.

Glass Cottage ‘Blár’ in Hella, Iceland

This beautiful Airbnb is the perfect spot to watch the Northern Lights at night. Cuddle up in bed, and enjoy some stargazing and the beauty of the Aurora. This unusual Airbnb has one bed and sleeps two people. It includes a whirlpool, a fully equipped kitchen, and stunning views.

Why we love it: Stunning views, the possibility to see the Northern Lights from your bed, very secluded with beautiful Nordic interior design features.

Location: You’ll find this Airbnb about 5 minutes away from the village of Hella in Southern Iceland.

Price: 300-550€ / night

Enjoy a view of the Aurora in Hella, Iceland

Sharma Springs Bamboo Mansion in Bali, Indonesia

Get ready for some Balinese Luxury with this unique tree house bamboo mansion in Bali. This unusual Airbnb is famous; TED Talks have been held about it, and the Apple TV+ Series HOME also features it. The unique architecture, the open floorplan, and the luxury amenities make this home a true gem on Airbnb. It will sleep up to 10 people in 5 beds and come with 4,5 beautiful baths and a stunning pool.

Why we love it: architecture, stunning views, and luxury amenities.

Location: You’ll find this gem of an Airbnb about 30 Minutes South of Ubud in the North of Denpasar. With slow Balinese traffic, it will take about 2 hours to get to the Airport.

Price: 800 – 1200€/ night; if you book early and off-season, it might be slightly cheaper.

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Apple Ridge Farm Caboose in Copper Hill, Virginia, USA

We’re pretty sure that almost everyone has already slept on a train, but how about sleeping on a train without discomfort and restricted legroom? There is a kitchen on sight, which you will have to share with guests staying in one of the other cabooses.

Why we love it: A unique Airbnb in a beautiful location, and you’ll support the Apple Ridge Farm non-profit helping local kids.

Location: The middle of nowhere is a fitting description of where you’ll be. The next town is about 20 miles away, and there’s no public transport.

Price: 139€/night

The Arctic Hideaway in Gildeskål, Nordland, Norway

We’re already packing our bags this winter and heading to this unusual Airbnb. It is a hotel on a small island in the North of Norway. You will have a private room but share the bathrooms and a kitchen on sight. Check out the host’s profile to find the perfect Pod for you.

Why we love it: The location and the architecture are absolutely unique. Staying here means getting in touch with nature and enjoying the Norwegian lifestyle.

Location: Out on the Norwegian Sea, up in the North, you will find Sørværet of the Fleinvær Islands. It’s a very remote location, and you depend on the local ferry calendar – so check the possibilities before booking!

Price: Depending on which Pod you book, between 150-200€

UFO ‘Futuro styled Flying Saucer in Redberth, Wales, UK

Let’s bring glamping (glamorous camping) to the next level with this bizarre out-of-this-world home. This unusual Airbnb will sleep 4fourguests in 3 beds. The Saucer is equipped with beds, tables, and a TV. On sight of the campground, there’s a clean washroom and a fully equipped kitchen.

Why we love it: Well, have you seen it? The architecture and the design are stunning and unique.

Location: South Pembrokeshire, not far from sandy beaches and small Welsh villages. Check out some of the most beautiful hidden gems in the UK here!

Price: 200-230€/night

Artist’s Tower on the Sea in Bocas Town, Panama

This home is truly something special! The host (and artist), Filiberto, has been working on this project for years. It is made for true adventurers since there are no AC and no walls. You take a little rowing boat to reach the tower, which is about 10m away from shore. There’s a tiny kitchen and a bathroom on the bottom floor and beds on the top floors. The tower can sleep up to 5 people in 5 beds.

Why we love it: Adventure awaits you in the unusual Airbnb

Location: Colón Island is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean in the North of beautiful Panama. The tower is right outside the main town of Bocas del Torro. There’s a local airport to get you to the island.

Price: 120-150€/ night

The Seashell House on Isla Mujeres, Mexico

This is one of the most famous and unusual Airbnbs worldwide. Its unique shape and location have made this home very popular over the last few years. The house sleeps up to 4 people in two bedrooms with 2,5 bathrooms. Everything is ocean themed, but the interior is modern and with some unique features due to the shape of the house.

Why we love it: The unique shape, the location, and the pool have got us dreaming of our next vacation.

Location: Isla Mujeres is a beautiful little island off the coast of Cancun. The Airbnb is located in a residential area, and you will need either a gold cart or a taxi to get to the house.

Price: 300-400€/night

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Skylodge Adventure Suites in Urubamba, Peru

How about sleeping in a capsule on the side of a mountain? No worries, we got you! You will find this very unusual Airbnb in the Sacred Valley near Cusco in Peru. To get to the Airbnb, you will have to take an exciting hike with ziplines. The price includes breakfast, a gourmet dinner, transportation from Cusco, and bilingual (local) guides. What are you waiting for? Grab your backpack and head to Peru!

Why we love it: It’s a unique and adrenalin-filled experience in a fantastic location.

Location: You will stay in the mystique Sacred Valley of the Inka Civilization.

Price: 450€ /night, including breakfast, dinner, transport, and a guide

The Sleepy Explorer’s Globe in Hallaton, England, UK

Staying in the forest is one of the best experiences you can have in your life. This Glamping Pod in the middle of the English countryside will help you escape your daily life and take a deep breath. The Pod has a wood burner that will keep you warm all night. Outside the Pod, there’s a composting toilet and a small shower. The Pod will sleep up to 3 people with two beds. However, the hosts offer three different experiences on this piece of woodland, so you’ll be able to take all of your favorite TripMates!

Why we love it: No wifi, no TV – just nature! Come here to detach and enjoy a break in nature.

Location: The small village Hallaton is just a few minutes away, and Leicester is just 30 minutes away.

Price: 173€ /night

Earth Conker in Llanafan-far, Wales, UK

This fully autonomous Pod was designed by Jag Virdie, who has designed cars for Bentley and Maclaren. You will spend most of your time watching wildlife and enjoying the fire in the provided fire pit, where you can also cook. In the Conk, you will find a small kitchen and a small bathroom situated just outside on a hill.

Why we love it: It’s a super cozy, unusual Airbnb, and right in the middle of the woods.

Location: You can find this home right in the middle of the Welsh wilderness. There are some villages in the area, but other than that, the location is very remote and secluded.

Price: 196€ / night

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