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by | Sep 13, 2022 | Tips for Beginners, Travel Tips

It’s time for Travel Tips Tuesday!

If you haven’t seen our Travel Tips show then where have you been? How are you even surviving your trip without our best travel tips? On this show, our colleague, Jasmine sits down every Tuesday in front of a camera and shares the most essential travel tips with you. From finding the right travel partner to cheap last-minute tips.

Watch to find out what the 7 cheap last-minute travel tips are:

Tip #1 – Download the right apps

Download apps such as Hopper or Fly Out to track flight deals by the hour, check the best routes, and the cheapest deals.

 Tip #2 – Fly mid-week to save money

When booking your tickets try to travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday as those tend to be the cheapest days to travel.

 Tip #3 – Relax and go with the flow

Go with the flow and be spontaneous. Take the time to experience things you would never have otherwise, don’t think too much, and ride the waves.

Tip #4 – Don’t have too high expectations

High expectations bring high disappointment, go with the flow, and be adventurous.

Tip #5 – Know the travel restrictions

Traveling during a pandemic might not be the easiest, so always find out what the travel restrictions are and keep track of them as travel restrictions change every day.

Tip #6 – Try to avoid peak season

Avoid seasons when most people travel. During peak season, flights, accommodation, and everything are just more expensive. Avoid the peak season and receive affordable prices.

 Tip #7 – Save on cheap accommodation

Download an app called Priceline which you can enter your desired budget, location, etc. and it will find you the cheapest hotel deal.

We hope you enjoyed this episode of Travel Tips Tuesday and see you next week!

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