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Here you'll get all the latest information about how JoinMyTrip is dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. We also show you how it is possible to travel safely during this time.
One thing is clear - We all want to travel as soon as possible. But safety first! While we all sit at home and wait for the world to work again normally, JoinMyTrip has created interesting articles that will help you plan your next adventure. Also, we will answer the most important question -
How is JoinMyTrip dealing with the crisis?
If you need special information about certain countries or destinations, please go to the foreign affairs of your home country.

Can you travel internationally during the crisis?
This is not an absurd question! We've put together some useful tips about how to travel during the COVID-19 crisis.
At this time, it's extremely important that you don't travel alone. If you get into an emergency situation, it's reassuring to know, someone will be around to help you. This is only one of the five reasons you should travel in a group NOW.

The COVID-19 Travel Barometer tells you how easy international travel is
At the moment, more and more countries close their borders again while few other countries are still open for tourism.Therefore, our JoinMyTrip plane slowly moves into the red.
Our News Ticker
We try to update you about the latest travel news regarding COVID-19 as comprehensively as possible. According to the dates you can see how current the news are.
21 January 2021
From Saturday on, no planes from Great Britain, South Africa and countries from Latin America will be allowed to land in the Netherlands. An entry ban applies to all non-EU countries. A nighttime curfew is also in place.
20 January 2021
Sri Lanka allows tourists to enter again, but they are only allowed to stay in 55 selected hotels. They also have to get tested in total 3 times.
19 January 2021
Australia announces that free travel is not expected to be possible in 2021. Therefore, the country keeps the borders closed until 2022.
15 January 2021
Portugal is going into a hard lockdown, during which residents and tourists will only be allowed to leave their homes for urgent reasons. The tightened rules will initially apply for one month.
14 January 2021
Switzerland extends and tightens its Corona measures until the end of February. All stores that do not serve daily needs must close.
14 January 2021
From tomorrow on, people entering Austria must register online. Commuters, people entering due to emergencies and transit travelers are exempt. People who want to enter Belgium must fill out an online form 48 hours in advance and carry proof of this.
13 January 2021
After being hit hard by a second Corona wave, China is now extending the lockdown to near Beijing.
13 January 2021
South Africa extends the strengthened regulations in the country's hotspots until February 15th. Measures that have been taken include closing borders with neighboring countries, closing beaches and banning alcohol sales.
12 January 2021
Greece now requires a 7-day quarantine after entry. This extension of the quarantine period is initially valid until January 21.
12 January 2021
The UK prohibits tourist entry with the exception of essential travel. For this purpose, a negative COVID-19 test must be presented upon entry, which must not be older than 72 hours. The regulations apply from 14.01.
08 January 2021
The number of new infections is rising fast throughout South America. A second strict lockdown has now been introduced in Brazil, and Argentina is relying on a nighttime curfew.
08 January 2021
South Africa is hit hard by the second Corona wave, so the lockdown rules have been tightened. There is now a stricter mask requirement and the beaches are closed.
07 January 2021
In China, the infection rate is again increasing drastically. A further increase is expected which could also have consequences to entry regulations.
05 January 2021
Germany's lockdown is expected to be extended until January 31th. The reason for this is the continuing high number of infections.
04 January 2021
Japan and Indonesia are closing their borders until the end of January due to the new variant of the coronavirus.
23 December 2020
Cuba now requires, in addition to mandatory COVID-19 testing at the airport, a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours upon arrival, starting in January.
23 December 2020
European entrants must, in addition to a PCR test prior to entry, complete a rapid antigen test at the airport upon arrival in Ecuador. The government also does not consider quarantine to be necessary.
21 December 2020
Austria and Switzerland are tightening their Corona measures by requiring non-system stores, restaurants, cinemas, museums as well as other clubs to close. In Austria, there is also a curfew. Ski resorts in Austria stay fully open, in Switzerland the rules of the individual cantons apply.
18 December 2020
Poland goes into a partial lockdown from December 28th to January 17th. Visitors need to quarantine for 10 days and non-systemic businesses will have to close.
18 December 2020
The entry regulations for the Canary Islands Tenerife are unclear. In some places it is stated that Tenerife is open to tourists, in other places it is announced that travelers may only enter or leave the island for a cause. In addition, a negative COVID-19 test would have to be shown upon arrival at the hotel.
16 December 2020
South Africa closes its Corona hotspot beaches and introduces a nationwide nighttime curfew and mandatory masks. In addition, it is advised to get vaccinated against rabies.
16 December 2020
Turkey introduces a nationwide curfew starting at 9 on December 31st and is expected to last until 5 am on January 4th.
15 December 2020
After nine months, Nepal reopens its air borders for tourists. The application for a tourist visa is also possible again. Entry requirements include a seven-day hotel quarantine.
15 December 2020
The Netherlands decided on a five-week lockdown in which only stores for daily needs are allowed to open until January 19th. In addition, only three-person meetings are allowed.
15 December 2020
Greece has changed its entry requirements. In addition to a negative PCR test and a rapid test upon arrival, a three-day quarantine is now mandatory.
14 December 2020
There is still confusion about the entry regulations of the Canary Islands. It is hoped that rapid antigen tests with negative test results will be enough for entry.
14 December 2020
Germany is going into a harsh lockdown starting Wednesday, initially to last three and a half weeks. Non-essential travel at home and abroad is prohibit and public life is to be shut down.
11 December 2020
Italy introduces stricter Corona measures from Dec. 21-Jan. 6. All travelers from the EU, who can not give a valid reason for entry, must immediately quarantine.
11 December 2020
Entry to the Canary Islands with a negative antigen rapid test is no longer possible, according to the Spanish Tourist Board. Another bad news brings the incidence values. These rise above the critical 50 mark.
10 December 2020
From Thursday on, a negative antigen test is enough for entry to the Canary Islands.The Canary Islands prevail in the dispute with the Spanish government, which currently only allows PCR tests.
08 December 2020
Greece extends the existing lockdown until 07.01. Restaurants, bars and clubs stay closed, the curfew stays in place.
08 December 2020
Sri Lanka is currently discussing opening its borders in 2021. However, the entry conditions are going to be rather complicated.
08 December 2020
The Canary Islands impose a curfew over the holidays. This applies from 23.12.-10.01. between 1 am and 6 am. Restaurants and bars close as usual at 11 pm. On Tenerife this curfew has been in place since Saturday.
07 December 2020
The Robert-Koch-Institut has again updated its risk list. Central Greece and the region of Epirus and the South East of Ireland have been removed from the list. In Estonia, the regions of Polva, Viljandi and Voru have been added, and in Finland the regions of Päijät-Häme and Northern Ostrobothnia with the city of Oulu.
04 December 2020
As of December 10th, Iceland will allow travelers who already suffered from corona and have now developed antibodies to enter without a negative COVID-19 test and without having to quarantine.
04 December 2020
The lockdown in Greece is extended until December 14th. All closures as well as the curfew stays in place.
03 December 2020
Entering Indonesia due to certain travel purposes are possible again. For this purpose, an E-Visa, a current health certificate and a negative COVID-19 test must be shown upon entry. Afterwards, a 14-day quarantine obligation applies. For tourists, the borders will most likely stay closed until the end of December.
01 December 2020
The authorities point out that travelers should preferably not take their COVID-19 test in Egypt. Due to limited capacity, long waiting periods may occur and travelers must stay in quarantine until a negative test is obtained.
01 December 2020
Canada extends the entry ban for foreign citizens until January 21.
01 December 2020
Due to the increasing number of infections, curfews are now being imposed in Turkey. On weekends, the curfew applies from Friday 9 pm to Monday 5 am. During the week an evening curfew will be applied from 9 pm to 5 am.
30 November 2020
The Robert Koch Institute has declared the Azores a risk area. This means that warnings are now issued for all of Portugal, with the exception of Madeira. Peloponnese in Greece has been removed from the Robert Koch Institute list.
27 November 2020
Chile imposes complicated entry rules. Every person entering the country must undergo a 14-day quarantine. In case of a negative COVID-19 test, which is not older than 72 hours, this is not necessary. Entering from risk areas must be quarantined in any case.
27 November 2020
From now on, Turkey no longer only reports the numbers of corona infections with symptoms. The Minister of Health now announces the complete numbers of people who tested positive with the virus.
what is joinmytrip doing?
How is JoinMyTrip dealing with the situation and what is the state of this platform's focus - unique trips by trustworthy TripLeaders all around the world?
We, at JoinMyTrip think, the safety and health of our TripLeaders and TripMates is the priority #1. We are very aware of the global travel restrictions and act accordingly. We are alerting our members with the most current and accurate information.
Are there trips being put online?
Yes, we are still putting trips online. These trips are scheduled for later this year or next year or have flexible trip dates.
What happens to the TripsLeaders, who had posted trips for this spring?
JoinMyTrip contacted these TripLeaders and asked them to cancel the trips. If you have any questions, we are available 24/7 and try our best to help in any situation.
What about the TripLeaders, who planned to travel soon?
The TripLeaders who planned to travel in the near future were informed that their trip has to be taken offline. This way the trip can be easily reactivated once the crisis is over.
If you have any questions regarding the COVID-19 crisis, don't hesitate to contact us! We are here for you 24/7.
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Anna's biggest passion in life is to experience the wonders of The World and travel as much as possible! In her freetime she plans trips and shares them on JoinMyTrip, to earn some money and fund her travel plans. If you want to know more about Anna's story and how she earns money with the platform, check it out here.
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Trip- Discovering Spain
"Mind blowing is the word!"

A very well organised, low-budget backpacking trip, coordinated by our lovely TripLeader Anna. I enjoyed every moment with amazing travel buddies; exploring, eating and having so much fun together. I can't wait for my next trip.
Trip- Unique Mexico experience
"Unforgettable unique experience"

"I've travelled a lot but it has never been as intense & as exciting as this one. The itinerary was flexible, trip mates were fun and arrangements were top notch. While parting our ways we were hugging and crying. Love this concept of connecting like-minded travellers"
Trip- Peru culture, India expedition
"Amazing customer support"

I have done 2 trips already and I can tell that their customer service is first class. JoinMyTrip truly made me feel special each time. I often find it difficult to approach strangers but with such great fellow travel buddies in both the trips I was thrilled how easy it was.
What is JoinMyTrip?
JoinMyTrip is a platform where everyone can offer their planned trip by creating a trip page and share it with others as a TripLeader. Fellow TripMates can send a request to join the trip. The most carefully planned and guided trips include an organisation fee for the TripLeader.

Why should I travel in a group with JoinMyTrip?
Traveling in a group has so much to offer: from new friendships and lots of fun, to simply having someone to rely on. Not convinced? Then you should continue reading...

1. Together you experience more and can share your experiences

In a group, you simply experience and laugh more. But the best part is being able to remember and relive the best moments together with your fellow travelers - this way the trip stays in your memory even longer. Most times you start your journey with a group of strangers and return with friends.

2. You see the bigger picture

Where else can you meet such open-minded people with completely different backgrounds and experiences? The more diverse your TripMates are, the more interesting your trip is going to be. Everyone has something to contribute to an exciting story. For instance solo travelers, couples and friends all team up too, to always feel comfortable no matter what.

3. Share costs and save

You can share a room with a TripMate, you can rent a car or even hire a private tour guide - no matter what you do, the costs will be lower when they can be shared.

4. Sit back and relax or earn money with your trip

Why would everyone have to take care of transport, accommodation, sightseeing and so on independently? It's much easier when only one person undertakes these tasks - that's what TripLeaders are for. As a TripMate you don't have to worry about transport and accommodation. If the TripLeader also offers a sightseeing program, you pay a little more, but have absolutely nothing to think about for your trip.

5. Finally an individual trip that can be experienced in a group

Unlike with normal group tours, JoinMyTrip gives you the freedom and space you need! No annoying tour guide that drags you from one shop to the next or has a strict 24 hour program for the day. With JoinMyTrip, everyone has the desired freedom but also the advantages of travelling in a group!

6. You are not alone

Walking alone through a foreign city at night? Not always a good idea. It's a much better feeling walking around with a group of friends and arriving to the hostel together.

If these 6 points didn't convince you yet - all we can say is: give it a try!

Do I need a foreign health insurance?
Yes! Everyone that's joining a trip on joinmytrip.com must have a foreign health insurance.

Why do I need a health insurance?

Your local health insurance usually pays nothing or only small parts of your treatment costs abroad. Those costs can be very high and without an insurance, you will have to bear the expenses. One night in a Moroccan hospital without any treatment costs 550€ for example.

Is JoinMyTrip a tour operator?
No, JoinMyTrip doesn't arrange trips. We are a booking platform that allows everyone to offer and join group trips.

We are happy to support TripLeaders with the planning and organisation of their trips, but in the end it is the TripLeader's trip. As a TripMate, you travel with your TripLeader and not with JoinMyTrip.
Who can become a TripLeader?
To offer a trip you need to fulfill the following criteria:

You are trustworthy

  • You are a real traveler. You previously traveled through at least 5 countries and experienced quite a few things on the way. You are able to share your experience with your TripMates. That means for example that you:
  • Have 3 years of travel experience or you traveled a lot lately
  • Have been a guide before, have been a team leader in clubs / societies or at work or that you are the one in the group that always calls the shots
  • Are well informed about your travel destination or you've already been there in the past
  • Speak the language or you know how to communicate with the locals via non-verbal communication
You are authentic

  • You love to meet new people.
  • You make sure your fellow TripMates feel comfortable - for you, everyone is a friend.
  • You always have a positive attitude.
  • You are full of energy and drive everyday.
  • You always help others and take care of their problems.
  • There's a solution to every problem. Your slogan is: think big and act.
You are empathetic and try to:

  • Make sure no one feels excluded
  • Build up conversations easily
  • Adjust the experience to the needs of your TripMates
  • Make sure everyone has the best trip possible