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Here you'll get all the latest information about how JoinMyTrip is dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. We also show you how it is possible to travel safely during this time.
One thing is clear - We all want to travel as soon as possible. But safety first! While we all sit at home and wait for the world to work again normally, JoinMyTrip has created interesting articles that will help you plan your next adventure. Also, we will answer the most important question -
How is JoinMyTrip dealing with the crisis?
If you need special information about certain countries or destinations, please go to the foreign affairs of your home country.

Can you travel internationally during the crisis?
This is not an absurd question! We've put together some useful tips about how to travel during the COVID-19 crisis.
At this time, it's extremely important that you don't travel alone. If you get into an emergency situation, it's reassuring to know, someone will be around to help you. This is only one of the five reasons you should travel in a group NOW.

Our News Ticker
We try to update you about the latest travel news regarding COVID-19 as comprehensively as possible. According to the dates you can see how current the news are.
11 March 2022
Montenegro abolishes Corona restrictions: No pandemic-related restrictions apply to entry, exit, and daily life in Montenegro. The obligation to wear masks indoors still applies.
02 February 2022
Only fully vaccinated visitors are allowed to enter Morocco. In addition, a negative PCR test that is no older than 48 hours must be presented.
31 January 2022
Bali opens with mandatory quarantine: fully vaccinated travelers must quarantine in a hotel for five days after entry.
28 January 2022
The Philippines will open to vaccinated tourists in February. Fully vaccinated tourists can enter the country starting 10 February without quarantine with a PCR test not older than 48 hours.
27 January 2022
Norway eliminates quarantine for all travelers. However, unvaccinated persons without proof of recovery are still required to present a negative PCR or rapid antigen test upon entry.
20 January 2022
Thailand relaxes entry rules again as of February: Fully vaccinated tourists must present a negative test result upon entry and take another PCR after arrival, and then quarantine for one night in a hotel until the result comes out. A second PCR test on the fifth day is mandatory.
19 January 2022
As of the 22nd, vaccinated and recovered people no longer have to show a negative PCR or antigen rapid test before entering Switzerland
13 January 2022
Passengers can submit a rapid antigen test instead of a negative PCR test when traveling to Cyprus.
10 January 2022
Bulgaria allows only vaccinated and recovered people to enter the country and requires a PCR test that is no older than 72 hours even for vaccinated and recovered individuals.

10 January 2022
The UK relaxes entry rules for vaccinated persons: vaccinated travelers are exempt from the requirement for PCR testing prior to departure and quarantine upon arrival
Unvaccinated travelers must complete a PCR test latest on the second day after entry and remain in quarantine until a negative result is confirmed.
07 January 2022
Israel reopens the borders for German tourists: vaccinated tourists will be allowed to re-enter Israel from December 9 and those recovered must have received at least one dose of a WHO-approved Corona vaccine.
22 December 2021
Brazil adopts strict entry rules: Only vaccinated and recovered people are allowed into the country.
21 December 2021
Entry to Austria without quarantine is only possible with 2G including booster vaccination or a negative PCR test as of 20.12.21.
03 December 2021
Israel tightens entry regulations: All travelers are tested at the airport and isolated for 3 days. Only a negative PCR test afterwards can end the quarantine.
29 November 2021
As of December 1, all travelers must present a negative coronary test upon arrival in Portugal, even if they are vaccinated or recovered.
26 November 2021
The government of New Zealand has decided that fully vaccinated travelers will not be allowed to re-enter the country until April 30 next year.
24 November 2021
Madeira introduces 2G-Plus. Thus, hotel guests and visitors to restaurants, recreational or cultural venues need a negative test in addition to proof of vaccination or recovery. In addition, mask must be worn again outdoors, in restaurants and when shopping.
08 November 2021
Costa Rica will introduce a transitional phase from December 1 in which operators can decide for themselves whether to use 1G or 2G. As of January 8, Costa Rica will have a 1G regulation. This means that all activities and entry are only possible with proof of vaccination.
26 October 2021
The U.S. exempts children under 18 from mandatory vaccination upon entry.
13 October 2021
Fiji update: As of early December, fully vaccinated travelers from countries with low incidence of infection can re-enter the country without quarantine if they have a negative PCR test.
12 October 2021
Hope for Vietnam vacations: according to initial statements, major destinations in the country would welcome vaccinated travelers from countries with low coronary risk starting in December.
11 October 2021
Passengers on charter flights will be allowed to re-enter India from October 15. If traveling by other means of transport, the opening will not apply until November 15.
08 October 2021
Australia Update: The borders will remain closed for tourists until 2022.
07 October 2021
Scotland follows suit and also no longer requires a rapid test before crossing the border. Other restrictions on entry that have applied to date remain in place.
05 October 2021
Since October 1, even once vaccinated recovered persons may enter Malta without quarantine. The first vaccination must be at least two weeks ago, but the recovery must not be longer than six months.
04 October 2021
Fully vaccinated individuals who present a negative PCR test will again be able to move freely in Sri Lanka upon arrival. For unvaccinated persons, the restrictions continue to apply.
01 October 2021
No Corona news but important: the Canary Island of La Palma has been declared a disaster area in the meantime due to the volcanic eruption. Air traffic is still suspended.
30 September 2021
The Iranian Ministry of Tourism announces that fully vaccinated travelers from all over the world will be allowed to re-enter the country from November. Travelers will receive the visas upon entering the country.
29 September 2021
From October 01, the quarantine obligation on Mauritius will be waived for vaccinated travelers. The prerequisite for this is a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before the last departure as well as the complete vaccination and the conclusion of a Covid 19 health insurance.
28 September 2021
Vietnam postpones tourist opening of Phú Quốc Island until at least November 20. The date of opening depends on the vaccination rate in Vietnam.
27 September 2021
For fully vaccinated travelers, quarantine is no longer required after arrival in Nepal. In addition, ''visa-on-arrival'' will be issued again for these visitors.
24 September 2021
Unless the vaccination campaign in the South Sea island nation continues to make progress, Fiji plans to open its borders to vaccinated people by the end of the year.
23 September 2021
Argentina plans to reopen airports and ports to foreign travelers from November. The entry requires a full vaccination and a negative PCR test.
22 September 2021
Entry into Chile is again possible for vaccinated persons through the airports in Santiago, Iquique and Antofagasta from the beginning of October, under fulfillment of various requirements, such as travel registration, health insurance, PCR test and five-day quarantine.
21 September 2021
Beginning in early November, fully vaccinated foreign nationals will be able to re-enter the United States.
20 September 2021
Persons who have not been vaccinated or recovered must present a negative antigen or PCR test upon entry into Switzerland, regardless of where they come from and by which means of transport they enter.
17 September 2021
Belgium requires all travelers coming to Brussels who have not been vaccinated or recovered from an illness and are also coming from a ''red'' zone to undergo a ten-day quarantine.
16 September 2021
Tunisia extends the mandatory submission of a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours. From now on, children aged 2 years and older must also present such a test.
15 September 2021
As of now, only those who are fully vaccinated, have a negative PCR test or have recovered can enter Montenegro without quarantine.
14 September 2021
Portugal: From now on, it is no longer necessary to wear mouth and nose protection in parks, on the street or on the beach promenade.
what is joinmytrip doing?
How is JoinMyTrip dealing with the situation and what is the state of this platform's focus - unique trips by trustworthy TripLeaders all around the world?
We, at JoinMyTrip think, the safety and health of our TripLeaders and TripMates is the priority #1. We are very aware of the global travel restrictions and act accordingly. We are alerting our members with the most current and accurate information.
Are there trips being added online?
Yes, we are still adding trips online. We are in contact with all TripLeaders. They are aware of the current situation and in constant contact with all TripMates. We support them as much as we can.
What happens to the TripsLeaders, who had posted trips for this spring?
The TripLeaders who are currently traveling with JoinMyTrip are of course aware of the situation and act responsibly towards their TripMates as well. They also have the JoinMyTrip travel insurance at their disposal. In case of any questions, the TripLeaders can reach us at any time and we will try to help as much as possible.
What about the TripLeaders, who planned to travel soon?
TripLeaders who have planned a trip in the near future will also be contacted and informed that they can choose the date of their trips flexibly. This way they can also coordinate with their TripMates when the best time for their trip is.
If you have any questions regarding the COVID-19 crisis, don't hesitate to contact us! We are here for you 24/7.
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