Last minute travel tips

by Anh on 01.11.2019

7 tips for a cheap last minute travel

Plans changed last minute? Do you have a free weekend all of a sudden? Why not head off for a last minute adventure with trip mates in tow. This idea would cause stress for some, but it doesn’t have to. We believe it could do the opposite. Last minute travel can be one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. Don't miss these last minute travel tips below, for a safer and cheaper trip!

1. Download the right Apps

last minute travel tips - download app

Last minute travel goes hand in hand with last minute flights. Download the right Apps to track your cheapest options. Apps like Hopper and Get The Flight Out allow you to track flights by the hour and check for the best route and cheapest deals. If you are fast, it is totally possible to get a super cheap deal, which is only 400 Euro from Germany to China!

2. Fly Mid-week to save money

last minute travel tips - fly mid week to save money

Note this tip for last minute travel! Booking flights on a Tuesday or Wednesday will help you save a few bucks as most people tend to start their trips on the weekend. Rates tend to be significantly cheaper midweek so make sure to take advantage of this!

3. Go with the Flow

You’re probably already a laid back person if you’re considering a last minute travel, however, let this tip be a friendly reminder to go with the flow and take things as they come or go. Last minute travel has its perks, but it also requires patience when things don’t go as easy as you imagined it. But hey, that’s all part of the adventure!

4. Don’t Have High Expectations

Keep your expectations lucid and not too high. Having a (last minute) detailed plan will only cloud your days that should be spontaneous and free of stress. Be open to new adventures, say yes to plans changing rather than sticking to your original thoughts. These can be some of the best adventures: the ones you didn’t sign up for.

5. Keep in mind the 14 Days Rule

Ahhh, now the magical “travel window!. 14-day window before your desired departure date should the best time to book hotels, flights or cruises. If they are not fully booked out, it’s likely you can score some serious deals 14 days before you leave for your trip.

6. Avoid Peak Season

last minute travel tips - avoid peak season

If you can, avoid booking your last minute travel in peak seasons. This will only cause you more stress as hotels and Airbnb’s will be booked, or the only remaining rooms will cost you a pretty penny. Stick to off season and save big on flights and hotel rooms.

7. Score Cheap Hotels

last minute travel tips - score cheap hotels

Another last minute travel tip is about accommodation. There’s a lot of hotel platforms for scoring last minute sleeping spots, but to score even cheaper deals, travellers can use Apps like Priceline. Similar to Hotwire or, you choose your desired budget and location, and after you book, you find out the hotel with even bigger savings compared to its competitors.



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