Ben shares his trips in JoinMyTrip, not only to fund them, but also to share his passion for sailing
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Sharing a passion and a journey

Ben joined JoinMyTrip, to fulfill one of his biggest dreams, sail around the world and share his passion.
After many years of traveling, he wanted to share his trips, experience, and knowledge with other travelers so he decided to organize his first sailing trip combined with music on JoinMyTrip. Now he is sharing all of his sailing adventures, to fund his trips, but also to find unique travel buddies who share his passion, and live incredible experiences with them. Greece, Portugal, Spain, Algarve were some of his previous destinations and more trips are coming for this year.
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— What was your motivation to start traveling?
— After I finished my studies in Sydney, Australia, I missed my return flight back home so I decided spontaneously to buy a small sailboat and sail back home instead of flying.
Almost 5 years after starting this sailing trip, I finally arrived. On this life changing journey I met amazing people and played lots of music with local musicians and recorded a music album with over 100 musicians from all over the world. After this unique experience I'm addicted to the ocean, sailboats, and to sharing my passion.
—What were your first thoughts about traveling with strangers?
— Traveling is always about meeting new people and cultures. We learn lots of interesting things on the way, do things we would maybe never do otherwise, go to places we haven't even dreamed of. And if you travel by yourself you will eventually learn that sharing is the most beautiful thing about travelling.
Life on a boat is a real team effort, one of my favorite things about it! Strangers at first, then quickly a well-oiled crew of explorers who are in it together! We cook delicious meals as a team, decide on the route as a team and learn fun skills from each other.

— How has the relationship been with your travel buddies?
— Traveling on a sailing boat is always a very special experience. 8 people together in a small spot, not always being able to leave the boat whenever you want and the only place where you're just by yourself is the top of the mast.
You get to know your crew members very well in a very short time and you really have to work with each other in order to make this a worthwhile and long lasting experience. Up until now, I always had a really good relationship with all the travelers who joined my trip. Getting to know them through the platform before selecting them allowed me to find people with the same interests, people I was almost sure we would have a good experience with. And the best part; with some of them I'm still in contact and we are good friends.
Why did you decide to keep sharing your trips in joinmytrip?
— I regularly receive messages on joinmytrip from people who are interested in my trips. It makes it so easy to do what I love the most - travelling. It works so well that by now I have already 7 different trips listed for this year. All I have to do is organize all the trip details, then interested travel-buddies request to join me, we chat a little bit to get to know them. Once I decide with whom i want to travel, I accept the request and they are in! I receive the payment directly and i arrange all the details directly with my travelmates!

Is joinmytrip helping you to fund your trips or earn money?
— Definetly! At the moment travelling is my biggest passion. Why not combine your biggest passion with your profession? I don't need many things or much money in life. Joinmytrip gives me the opportunity to do both - to travel wherever I want to go and helps to make a bit of money to be able to plan the next trip.
Would you recommend being a tripleader?
— I would totally recommend it to my friends (and have already, many times!) JoinMyTrip is a simple platform where young travelers find each other to go on great adventures together. It's easy to register and to set up a trip, and even if they don't want to organize a trip, it's really easy to find like minded explorers to share the next experience with. It's absolutely worth it and everyone should give it a try.
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