Anna is a passionate traveler and planner, she shares her trips on JoinMyTrip, to visit as many places as possible and to fund her trips
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Traveling without any excuse!
Anna is a Tourism and Management student from Bonn, she is 25 years old, and her biggest passion in life is to discover the world and travel as much as possible! That's why she decided to study tourism. Before, during and after her studies she traveled and live in in Greece, Morocco, Spain, Portugal and Mexico. Now she is back in Germany, and during her free time, she organizes trips and shares them on JoinMyTrip, to earn some money and fund her plans.
— How did you get to know about joinmytrip?
— I saw an ad on Facebook and the concept caught my attention.
So I decided to post my first trip on the platform, and was just amazed! I found amazing tripmates and we had a crazy, unique experience.
—What do you think about traveling with complete strangers?
— It's so much fun! I've been "traveling solo" for a while but actually I ended up traveling with other backpackers, "strangers", the whole time. I got to know them in hostels, bars or at the beach and usually we decided to spend the following days together. We've had the best time and it's amazing to see how strangers can become friends in such a short time. Traveling connects you with people you might never have met in your normal life. Of course, you need to get out of your comfort zone but I promise - it's worth it

— Why did you decide to publish your first trip?
— I wanted to go back to Seville, cause I used to live and work there but also wanted to explore some more cities in Andalucia. The trip was already planned (I LOVE doing that) but since none of my friends had time to join and I didn't want to travel alone, I published it on JoinMyTrip.
— How was the process of finding TripMates?
— Super easy. The customer support team was super nice and helped me promote my trip. I quickly got some requests and my crew was complete quite soon after.
Why did you decide to keep sharing your trips in joinmytrip?
— There are many reasons. Most of my friends either don't have time or are not interested in the same destinations as I am… And I love traveling but traveling solo to certain countries is not always easy. JoinMyTrip is the solution to my "problem". It's super easy to publish the trip with the editor, I can easily find TripMates and manage them via the platform, I have the support of the customer support team and I can also cover some of my travel costs with the TripLeader fee.

Is joinmytrip helping you to fund your trips or earn money?
— Yes - but of course it always depends on the country and the length of the trip, for example, if it's a short trip to a "cheap" country
What kind of advice would you give to someone who is thinking about becoming a TripLeader too?
— The greatest thing is seeing how YOUR trip can change people's lives. People will join your trip because they are afraid of traveling alone or don't know much about planning trips. Seeing this person coming out of their comfort zone and enjoying their time on your trip is amazing.
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