The Best Places to see the Northern Lights

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Chasing the northern lights. When and where your dream will come true.

You are dreaming of seeing the mystical glow in the night sky with your own eyes, but you are wondering which place is best for it, or at which time of the year the chance is the highest? This special natural spectacle has always held a unique fascination for people and belongs on the “Once in a Lifetime” bucket list for many. Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of tours are very overpriced and complicated and one wonders why people make so much money with something that belongs to nature and should be accessible to everyone. Stay curious and let us take you on a trip that fits both your dreams and your budget!

But where should you go? In principle, the closer you get to the North or South Pole, the higher the chances of seeing them. However, several factors must come together to increase the probability and have an unforgettable travel experience. Taking this into account, the trip should aim to go to countries within the so-called auroral oval. The best months for aurora hunting are September to March and since northern lights occur at heights far above the cloud cover, the weather also plays an important role. 



The classic tour of the aurora borealis is probably Norway. In numerous places, the northern lights show their most beautiful side and the city of Tromsö has made a special reputation for its dazzling auroras. Around the city north of the Arctic Circle sightings of auroras are almost guaranteed at peak times between September and October and between February and March.

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But also the northern lights in neighboring Sweden are at least as spectacular as in Norway. The absolute aurora hotspot: the mountain village of Abisko in Swedish Lapland. Here you have one of the best chances in the world to admire the shimmering colors in full bloom in winter. The reason for this is that Abisko is not only close to the poles, but also has an ideal microclimate. Even when the rest of Lapland is overcast, the sky above Abisko is starry.



It’s clear that Scandinavia is very popular with aurora tourists. This is of course also true for Finland. Especially in Finnish Lapland, the auroras can be seen very often and from everywhere. The local tourism industry has also taken advantage of this. If you want, you can stay in an igloo with a glass roof and spend a truly magical night with a view of the dancing aurora borealis. 



As far as aurora hunting is concerned, Scotland is still almost an insider tip. In fact, the chances are good in the north of the country. A great spot is Galloway Forest Park where there is no light pollution.

Northern lights in Lapland


Not only in Europe but also in North America the colorful lights regularly dance across the night sky. Canada is a case in point. Yellowknife is a predestined destination. The colorful lights shimmer particularly frequently above the self-proclaimed “Capital of the Aurora Borealis”. 



And last but not least our favorite for aurora tours: Iceland. The land between ice and fire is a true Eldorado for aurora enthusiasts. The skylights can be admired almost everywhere. Even in the capital Reykjavik the chances are good, which makes Iceland an attractive destination for everyone because you don’t have to travel miles into the wilderness to fulfill your dream and the country offers many other unforgettable attractions. Who can for example claim to have hiked up an active volcano in the glow of the aurora borealis?  

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