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Croatia 6 Days

Sailing into the Blue ⛵ Freiheit, Abenteuer & Meer in Kroatien

29 May 21 → 04 Jun 21
Guided Trip

4 TripMates are interested

Mexico 13 Days

Visit Puebla- the heart of Mexico

01 May 21 → 14 May 21
Team Trip

4 TripMates are going and 11 are interested

Spain 6 Days

CoLearning - Diving on Mallorca! 🐟Let's start our adventure!

15 Apr 21 ~ 30 Jun 21
Team Trip

1 TripMate is interested

Roadtrip in Alaska und dem Yukon

28 Aug 21 ~ 14 Sep 21

4 TripMates are interested

Spain 2 Weeks

Workation auf Teneriffa ☀💻

28 Mar 21 ~ 20 Apr 21
Coworking Trip

Jana is looking for 5 TripMates

Costa Rica 2 Weeks

Co-working im Regenwald Costa Ricas

04 Feb 21 ~ 01 Oct 21
Coworking Trip

11 TripMates are interested

Portugal 7 Days

SAIL, SURF & SKYDIVE an der Algarve, Portugal

17 May 21 → 24 May 21
Guided Trip

2 TripMates are interested

Portugal 5 Days

Portugal, Ericeira ☀ Yoga retreat by the ocean 🧘‍♀️🌊

28 Aug 21 → 02 Sep 21
Guided Trip

riccardo is looking for 6 TripMates

Portugal 2 Weeks

CoLiving & CoWorking im Paradies Madeira: 4800 qm2 Palmengarten, eigener Schreibtisch, Riesenvilla, ...: Madeira

08 May 21 → 22 May 21
Coworking Trip

2 TripMates are interested

Julia Leimgruber
Cynthia Herfurth
Alena Hofman

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