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Discover the incredible islands of Lofoten world famous for its wild and breathtaking nature turbulent waters of the Norwegian Sea, far above the Arctic Circle. This rare wilderness outpost offers an untrammelled landscape of majestic mountains, aurora lights, beautiful sceneries of small fishing towns.

👋🏻 Hello my name is Eleazar I’m 27 I’m a professional photographer and content creator📱from sunny San Diego, California☀️. Love meeting new people and exchange culture’s and languages and food recipes. I want to explore and have fun adventures with fun and outgoing people & maybe even make new friends.

Our accommodation will be at a unique seafront Villa with a stunning view located around Vestvagoy with private beach access, indoor & outdoor fireplaces, a full kitchen & a dedicated workplace. Located in a rural setting and within a short distance, it's the perfect base for exploring all that the Lofoten Islands have to offer.

What's included?
Transportation + Accomodation
Pick up & Drop off at airport
Explore Fishing Village of Å
Visit Tindstinden Peak
Fishing Cabin Hamnøy + Reinebringen Peak
Rambergstranda Red Shed visit
Ryten Hike to Kvalvika Beach Viewpoint
Henningsvaer Stadium visit
Skagsanden Beach
Bunes beach Hike
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I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question…

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Trip Itinerary

Leknes lufthavn (LKN)

Day 1-2
Meet up at the Airport then pick up our rented vehicles & make our way to our Airbnb then once everyone picks their bed. Those who are still tired can rest while the others make our way to the grocery store to go buy our food for breakfast & maybe dinner. Once we make all dinner we can have some drinks or play some icebreaker games to get to know each other before we start our adventure.

Tindstinden peak

Day 2-3
Village of A, Tindstinden Peak, Tind, Sorvagen: We will wake up early and make our way to the small village of A & checkout the beautiful small Norwegian fishing house's & explore the town & make our way to a amazing viewpoint & take a lot of pics there later to the amazing Tindstinden Peak, once we make our way up there we can have a small picnic there and take a look at the beautiful views you'll ever see. After everyone is ready we will head back to our cars then head back home to make dinner or eat a restaurant.


Day 3-4
Hamnoy, Reine, Reinebringen Peak: We will wake up early & drive-up to the beautiful town of Hamnoy & explore it and then to some scenic spots after that we'll head to Reine and check out some beautiful spots such as the small fishing colorful houses, and grab some lunch together then we will make our way to the peak of Reinebringen to get some mesmerizing views of the whole 2 towns & watch the sunset together. After that, we will make our way home to make dinner & call it a night.


Day 4-5
Rambergstransa Beach, Fredvangskrysset, Kvalvika Beach: We'll all wake up early and make our way to Rambergstranda beach to see the famous Red Shed and appreciate its land, after that we will head to the famous curved bridge by Fredvangskrysset and take some amazing footage there. After that we will make our way Ryten trail where we will get some beautiful & breathtaking views of the Kvalvika Beach. After that we can all decide and grab some lunch at a well known restaurant called By The Way Lofoten! After that we make our way back home or explore nearby some more.

Henningsvaer Stadium

Day 5-6
Henninggsvaer, Henningsvaer Stadium, Festavagtind Peak: We will wake up early & drive up to the town called Henninggsvaer and explore the town mabye shop for some souvenirs aswell. We will later make our way to the beautiful and amazing Henningsvaer Stadium. After that we will make our way to Festavagtind peak a little difficult hike but manageable & see some beautiful views that you'd never imagined. Or we can all decide to eat & have some drinks at a restaurant or bar and keep exploring the town at night.

Bunes Beach

Day 6-7
Reine, Vindstad, Bunes Beach Hike: We will wake up really early to head We will wake up really early to head to Reine and take our ferry (ferry ticket included) that will take us to Vinstad and take the famous Bunes beach hike. After taking many pics and videos we will head back to the ferry and make our way reine and have lunch at a restaurant and explore more of the little local islands around there. Then we will make our way back home and make dinner back home.

Leknes lufthavn (LKN)

Day 7
We pack our things to head to the airport to drop everyone off, we will tell each other our favorite thing or activity from the trip. When we drop you off we will all take one last photo together as a memory and give each other a hug and say our farewells and hope that we see each other again.🥺👋🏻 Optional: If we have time, we will make our way to the famous mountain peak Flakstadtind and take in the beautiful scenery and stay as long as we might and eat some snacks and drinks on top of there and then head out to the Airport👀
Trip Summary
Hotel & Apartments
7 days trip
Leknes lufthavn (LKN), Tindstinden peak & 5 more
What's excluded?
Festavagtind peak Hike
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