Weekend Trips in Europe: 10 Best Places

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Ready for some awesome Europe weekend trips?

Gorgeous cities, fabulous food, fairytale-like views, and many more. Those are the building blocks for Europe’s status as one of the best destinations in the world. Europe offers you the best experiences, whether you are going on long journeys or short weekend trips. Thinking about spending your weekend in Europe? That’s a great idea! Here are some best places for weekend trips in Europe. 

Weekend Trips in Europe – Summary

  1. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  2. Brussels, Belgium
  3. Dublin, Ireland
  4. Lisbon, Portugal
  5. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
  6. Munich, Germany
  7. Prague, Czech Republic
  8. Seville, Spain
  9. South of France
  10. Venice, Italy

1. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam Netherlands weekend trips Europe

Amsterdam is a world-famous city in the Netherlands. It has picturesque classic buildings, glimmering canals, and laidback neighborhoods with bicycles and pretty tulips. Besides that heartful side, Amsterdam is also a bustling city with fantastic nightlife and vibrant culture. Those two sides of Amsterdam make travelers fall in love. 

Amsterdam is convenient for traveling and weekend trips in Europe. The city is perfect for walking or cycling. If you aren’t into walking, you can quickly get on trams or buses. You can spend an exciting weekend exploring the city, gazing at its beautiful gingerbread houses, or munching on stroopwafels. You can always end your day with great drinks and parties in Amsterdam. 

Thinking about visiting Amsterdam or the Netherlands? Check this out for an essential travel guide!

What to Visit: Van Gogh Museum for Van Gogh’s authentic masterpieces, Stedelijk Museum for art trips, Albert Coup Market for fresh and affordable foods, and Anne Frank House for history trips. 

2. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Belgium weekend trips Europe

Are you a foodie and looking for great food during your weekend trips to Europe? Check Brussels out! This capital city of Belgium is home to the world’s favorite delicacies, such as  Belgian waffles and chocolates. Brussels is also known for its awesome beer-drinking culture. Besides its sweet treats and great beers, Brussels has lots of attractions to offer. 

Brussels is a vibrant European city with gothic-styled buildings, blooming gardens, and artsy city squares. The city is a hotspot for creative arts, from canvas painting to feisty street performances. Interestingly, you can find those modern art performances in Brussels’ central square, which includes century-old buildings and palaces.

What to Visit: Gran Palace City Square for historical buildings, strolls, and food; Cinquantenaire Park for the infamous triumphal arch; and Mont des Arts for its beautiful gardens. 

3. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Ireland weekend trips Europe

Looking for a city with rich culture? You must definitely visit Dublin! This capital city of Ireland is home to notable artists, such as the poet Oscar Wilde. The city is even recognized by UNESCO as ‘The City of Literature,’ echoing Wilde’s and other great writers’ legacy in Ireland.

Dublin itself is a colorful and vibrant city. Culture, nightlife, and history collaborate nicely in Dublin. You can see the example in Temple Bar Area, a complex of pubs and art spaces. Find yourself listening to modernized Ireland folk music while enjoying a glass of beer in the area. Therefore, it is an awesome place for a weekend getaway.

What to Visit: Temple Bar Area for art and nightlife, Guinness House Store for a glass of world-famous beer and its history, and Trinity College and Dublin Castle for history. 

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Portugal weekend trips Europe

Lisbon has the best of both worlds: mesmerizing nature and an amazing city. The capital of Portugal stands between on series of lush hills and towering rocks. It is located on the banks of the glimmering Tagus River. The natural sights and the beautiful city make Lisbon a great place for weekend trips in Europe.

Lisbon is the oldest capital in Europe, so you can expect lush history in the city. Lisbon has lots of medieval-style buildings and magnificent churches that date back to the middle ages. Historical landmarks stand all over the city, such as the Praca do Commercio and Jeronimos Monastery, which marks the legacy of great voyager Vasco da Gama.

What to Visit: Praca do Commercio for historical sightseeing, Sal Jorge Castle for a stunning palace and great panoramic views, Rossio Square to soak up the local culture, and the Monument of Discovery for historical trips and riverfront views. 

5. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Luxembourg weekend trips Europe

The capital of one of Europe’s smallest countries is captivating. Luxembourg City is a vibrant and bustling city with classic European cityscapes and architecture. The small city stands between towering rocky walls and lush hills, creating the perfect natural and city scene. Luxembourg City, with its small setting and serene atmosphere, is perfect for a short trip to Europe.

One of the main attractions in Luxembourg City is historical landmarks. Luxembourg City has lots of medieval and Gothic-styled buildings, even in the city’s main square, Place Guillaume II. If you are into history, we recommend visiting Bock Casemates. The rock fortress hides magnificent underground passages that date back to World War II.

What to Visit: Place Guillaume II for relaxing strolls and great drinks, Grand Ducal Palace for stunning landmarks, Bock Casemates for historical trips, Saint Michael’s church to see one of Luxembourg’s best churches, and Grund for picturesque views.

6. Munich, Germany

Munich Germany weekend trips Europe

Get the best out of Germany in this vibrant city. Munich has lots to offer, from stunning gothic landmarks to mouthwatering Gastuben food. Munich is also the lifestyle hotspot of Germany, with its green parks, beer gardens, and bustling everyday life. Moreover, Munich is the perfect place to see where the old and the new complement each other.

One of the greatest finds in Munich is beer. Make sure you have Munich beer on your bucket list! You can grab a pint in Munich’s beer gardens, such as the infamous Hofbräuhaus. Level up that sensory experience by having delicious German sausages and dishes. So, if you want to indulge your senses for a weekend trip in Europe, visit Munich!

What to Visit: Frauenkirche Munich for sightseeing, Old Town to see the panoramic view of Munich, Nymphenburg Palace for historical trips, Olympic Park for strolling and cycling, and St. Peters Church.

7. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Czech Republic

People say that Prague is a place out of a fairytale. You will know why as you step into this wonderful city. Prague has a series of medieval-style buildings, towering castles, and beautiful cobblestone streets. It is the spot where Western and Eastern Europe meet, creating a mesmerizing scene and culture. 

Find yourself stress-free as you blend into Prague’s atmosphere. The serene old cities will leave you in awe, as well as its gorgeous churches and palaces. Besides its jaw-dropping scene, Prague offers great culture and experiences. You will find out that people love beer so much that Prague’s notable for its quality beers.

What to Visit: Prague Castle for mesmerizing views and historical trips, Old Town Square for great crowds and gorgeous viewpoints, Klementium Library to see the world’s most beautiful library, and Tyn Church for sightseeing.

8. Seville, Spain

Seville Spain weekend trips europe

Listen to flamenco taps and enjoy the sunshine in Seville. This Southern Spain city is recognized as one of the best destinations in the world. It earned several awards, such as ‘The Best to Travel’ from Lonely Planet. Seville is home to three UNESCO world heritages, exquisite Spanish culture, medieval-styled buildings, and fantastic cuisines. 

Seville is perfect for a short weekend trip in Europe. It is quite small and usually has sunny weather. You can explore Seville by walking or renting a bike. There are several places that must be visited, such as the famous Plaza de Espana and the beautiful Royal Alcazar palace. Their classic architecture, bright colors, and alluring details will leave you in awe. You might want to take pictures all the time because Seville is gorgeous! 

What to Visit: La Setas de Sevilla for the modern side of Seville; Plaza de Espana for magnificent city square and feisty flamenco; Santa Cruz for a dive into Jewish history; and Royal Alcazar, a UNESCO World Heritage.

9. South of France

South of France weekend trips europe

Looking for a warm place with sandy beaches for a weekend trip in Europe? Consider visiting the South of France! This coastal region is widely known as the ‘French Riviera,’ offering the sunny side of France. There are several cities in this region, but several well-known ones include Nice, Cannes, Saint Lopez, and Antibes. 

In the South of France, you can spend your weekend trips Europe by chilling on the beach, tasting some Mediterranean-influenced French cuisine, or strolling around the laidback streets. Despite its reputation as a luxurious destination, the South of France allows you to get both fancy and budget getaways.

What to Visit: Promenade das Anglais in Nice for seaside strolls, Château Barbeyrolles vineyard in Antibes, Oceanographic and Marine Museum in Monaco, and Gorges du Verdon for nature adventures.

10. Venice, Italy

Venice Italy weekend trips europe

Venice is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Its brilliant century-old buildings, artistic legacy, and powerful canals are the reasons behind its status. Moreover, this city has a laidback and romantic atmosphere. You can always choose Venice for a relaxing weekend getaway.

Venice has lots to offer. The grand Saint Marks Basilica church, colorful gondola, beautiful bridges, and gothic buildings will leave you in awe. You can either ride a gondola along Venice’s famous canals or walk around the city to explore. It’s important to take your camera with you as Venice looks awesome in pictures! 

What to Visit: Saint Marks Basilica for historical trips and a jaw-dropping view of a century-old cathedral, a gondola ride in Gran Canal, Piazza San Marco for relaxing strolls, and Doges Palace for museum trips.

Ending the week by going on trips or getaways is a great idea. That way, you can reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve been giving in the past weeks. Note that weekend trips in Europe don’t have to be expensive or far away. There are lots of gorgeous places in Europe that call you for a short trip or a weekend getaway.

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