A Journey Through the Charms of Andalusia 🌞 Malaga, Cordoba en Sevilla.

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What's special?
special 🍲Taste local bites during a Tapas Tour
special 👨🏼‍🍳Learn how to cook local dishes
special 🥾Visit breathtaking Caminito del Rey
Hey awesome travelers! 🌟 It's time to dive into the heart of Spain with my specially crafted adventure. As your solo tour guide, I'm thrilled to take you on an unforgettable journey through Andalusia, where every moment is designed for fun and exploration 🚆✨ Our adventure kicks off in Malaga, a city that's not just about beaches (although those are pretty awesome too!). We'll weave through vibrant streets, exploring hidden spots that only the locals know. But that's just the beginning – we'll also venture into the surrounding areas, discovering gems that don't always make it to the travel guides. From there, we'll hop on a train to El Chorro, a nature lover's paradise. Picture thrilling hikes, breathtaking landscapes, and a connection with the great outdoors. It's a perfect blend of adventure and tranquility. 🏞️ Next up is Cordoba, where we'll trade our hiking boots for aprons. Get ready for a hands-on cooking class where we'll whip up two Spanish culinary stars – paella and salmorejo. Delicious food, good company, and a whole lot of fun – that's what Cordoba has in store for us! 😋 Seville, the city of flamenco and tapas, is calling our names. Prepare for a night filled with the rhythmic beats of flamenco, followed by a tapas tour where we'll savor the diverse flavors of Andalusian cuisine. Our hostel stay promises more than just a bed; it's a hub of local activities, making sure our time in Seville is nothing short of amazing. 🍷💃 Ronda, with its iconic Puente Nuevo, offers a glimpse into Spain's rich history. It's a postcard-perfect setting, and we'll soak it all in before heading to a charming coastal village near Malaga to wrap up our adventure. 🌅 This isn't your typical tour; it's a personalized journey where every experience is handpicked to ensure we will have an authentic experience. Pack your bags, bring your enthusiasm, and let's make some travel magic! 🌍

ABOUT ME: Hey there, I'm Kiam, your travel buddy and organizer. I'll be with you all the way, planning, exploring, and making this Spanish journey unforgettable! 🌍✈️ During the Trip I will organise daily activities and explore every destination together with all tripmates.

ACCOMMODATION: Our accommodation is a thoughtful mix of highly-rated hostels, offering comfort and a sociable atmosphere. For a touch of privacy, we've arranged one night in a private room during the journey. It's about finding the right balance between shared experiences and personal space. Private or female rooms are available at a possible surcharge.

What's included?
🍲Local Tapas Tour
🏞️Daily organized activities
🍪Snacks and Drinks during activities
👨🏼‍🍳Cooking Class Paella & Salmorejo
🚄All train and bus tickets
🛌Bed in a shared dorm
✈️Help with booking your itinerary
🎟️Entry fee Caminito del Rey
Your Booking includes free protection from Trip cancellations.
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-3
Immerse in Malaga's history: Explore the ancient Alcazaba fortress and Gibralfaro Castle. Wander the charming old town streets, discovering hidden gems. Join me for a tapas adventure, savoring the flavors of Andalusia. 🏰🍤 But we will be back in Malaga in the end of our journey to discover even more.

El Chorro

Day 3
Nature lover's paradise: El Chorro offers a breathtaking natural escape. Walk the thrilling Caminito del Rey, surrounded by stunning canyon views. Feel the adrenaline and connect with nature in this adventurer's haven. 🌿🏞️ on our way to Cordoba


Day 3-4
Cultural exploration in Cordoba: Visit the mesmerizing Mezquita, a symbol of cultural fusion. Wander through narrow streets of the historic Jewish quarter, discovering the city's rich heritage. 🗺️🕌


Day 4-7
Royal splendor in Seville: Marvel at the royal Alcázar, a masterpiece of Moorish architecture. Stroll through the vibrant Triana neighborhood, feel the energy of Flamenco, and cruise the Guadalquivir River for a unique perspective on the city. 🚤💃🏰


Day 7-8
Nestled high above the El Tajo gorge, Ronda beckons with its timeless charm. As we spend a magical night in this historic town, get ready for an evening stroll along the breathtaking Puente Nuevo, a bridge that unveils panoramic views that will steal your breath away. Discover the narrow cobblestone streets, charming cafes, and the fascinating blend of Moorish and Spanish architecture. Ronda, with its dramatic landscapes and rich history, promises a night filled with enchantment and unforgettable moments. Get ready to fall in love with the allure of Ronda!


Day 8-9
Reflect in Malaga: As our Andalusian journey concludes, reflect in the vibrant atmosphere of Malaga. Share memories, enjoy local vibes, and bid farewell to an unforgettable adventure! 🌟🌇 During our last night we will have a dinner together.
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Apartments & Hostel
9 days trip
Málaga, El Chorro & 4 more
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Gratuity local partners (not mandatory)
Personal Expenses
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