Sumer CoWorking Time in Valencia, Spain: Nature, Party and Beach

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Coworking trip
Hi! I'm Mile, I'm a 31yo freelancer that works mostly from home when I'm not hanging out at local bars and meeting new people. I want to do this trip to the periphery part of my city to change the scenery I usually am around and as this is my first trip on Join my trip I want to be able to be a good host. Sharing my favorite spots in the city as well as introducing my trip mates to awesome people. I work for my startup as well as my consulting job. This trip will give you the opportunity to work from a sunny place, very close to nature and the beaches, the plan is to also have a summing pool as the weather temperature can be high. A perfect way to relax while tending to your duties. Valencia is a very popular spot to enjoy the sun, it has a very beautiful city with old and new architecture, and lots of cultural activities such as museums, concerts, great food, and shows. There are plenty of activities to do too, sailing, surfing, and tour trips you're more than free to join on your own time and as I've lived here for the past 9 years I can recommend good bars and restaurants. The accommodation will have wifi guaranteed, a pool, and lots of space to work, call and rest. As close to nature as possible and with a close connection to the city and beaches. Be aware you might have to share a room and it'll be either an Airbnb or a rental house. The expectations for this trip should be enjoying a relaxing but exciting time in a new city where you can freely explore, be open to meeting new people, connect with nature, and have a little pool party as my birthday is around this week. You should be an independent person, open to collaboration, and organized but also open to flow with the rhythm. I will provide as much information as possible, I'll recommend and advise and introduce cool people during our staying. I'm looking for 3 co-working buddies, with a balance of gals and guys, LGBTQ+ people would be amazing. What is included in the cost? - Accommodation: 2 shared rooms, pool near the beach. Patacona Beach. The place is already booked. Av. Mare Nostrum, 7 Valencia. Spain. - Transportation: we are very close to the city and we'll have lots of ways to move around so no need for a car (Valencia is a hard city to park) I won't take any fee as this is y first trip here. Prices can vary depending on the negotiation around the place, the fastest we book the better chances to get a really nice place for a fair price as Valencia is a high-demand spot, and pool/beach places get booked really fast. Looking forward to meeting you soon in Valencia! Any questions let me know in the Q&A!
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Trip Itinerary

Albufera de Valencia

Day 1-2
It is the main portion of the Parc Natural de l'Albufera de València ("Valencian Albufera Natural Park"). The natural biodiversity of the nature reserve allows a great variety of flora and fauna to thrive and be observed year-round. Though once a saltwater lagoon, dilution due to irrigation and canals draining into the estuary and the sand bars increasing in size had converted it to freshwater by the seventeenth century.

Malvarrosa beach (Valencia)

Day 2-3
The most popular beach in Valencia with restaurants, nightclubs, and activities such as volleyball, surfing, and sailing. A must-stop while visiting Valencia no doubt. Take your summer pictures and have fun!


Day 3-4
L'Oceanogràfic is an oceanarium situated on the dry Turia River bed to the southeast of the city center of Valencia, Spain, where different marine habitats are represented. It was designed by the architect Félix Candela and the structural engineers Alberto Domingo and Carlos Lázaro.

Casa Kamarata

Day 4-5
A bar night out with Language exchange, board games, and beer, these nights usually end up moving to another bar or to a club. One of my favorite experiences in the city is an opportunity to meet new people and have fun.

Plaça de l'Ajuntament

Day 5-6
A day to walk around the city center, check the stores, the restaurants, and the ambiance, a very upbeat city with plenty to do around. Check out the historic buildings, get into an exposition or to the movies, feel free to explore.


Day 6-7
Explore the most upbeat zone in Valencia, with plenty of places to eat and drink, with LGBTQ+ nightclubs, Karaoke bars, and fancy restaurants. Enjoy the scenery and have fun, this is a must-stop in the city too.
Trip Summary
7 days trip
Albufera de Valencia, Malvarrosa beach (Valencia) & 4 more
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