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Its culture, climate and biodiversity make Tenerife paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. With an endless of beaches and completely different ecosystems, a permanent springlike climate, and a culture that extends from Spain to South America, Tenerife is the perfect destination for a holiday full of adventure and new experiences. -Hike across dormant volcanoes and mysterious cloud forests. -Snorkel with green sea turtles and kayak alongside bottlenose dolphins. -Drive through the island’s staggering nature and explore towns from colonial times. -Enjoy the island’s night life, the Canarian food and the most beautiful sunsets. -Discover hidden beaches and natural rock pools. -Make new friends and create lifelong memories.

I’m Andrés, 37 years old from Spain. I love being outdoors, to travel and meeting people, which brought me to Tenerife four years ago where I’ve been working as a tour guide, taking adventure seekers and nature lovers in kayaking, snorkelling, hiking and mountain biking tours.

With the group trip starting on Sunday 10th, you can search for a good deal among the many airlines that connect Tenerife with the rest of Europe with arrival on Friday 8th, Saturday 9th or Monday 10th in the morning. The trip includes seven nights accommodation in private apartments, which can be extended in order to arrive earlier or leave latter than the specified dates. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Pick up & drop off at the south airport
Guided hikes and sea life activities
Van and fuel
Snorkelling and kayaking equipment
Vine tasting in an ecological winery
Salsa dancing class
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Love nature, travelling, wildlife, underwater photography and outdoor activities

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-5
WELCOME TO PARADISE Arrive in Tenerife and immerse yourself in the radiant Canary Island sunshine. International flights arrive/depart from Tenerife South Airport, on your arrival I’ll come to the airport to introduce myself and give you a lift to your accommodation so that you can start meeting your tripmates and making yourself comfortable. During the first four nights you'll stay in a private apartment with double and single rooms, close to the beach, restaurants and facilities.

Acantilados de Los Gigantes

Day 5
SNORKELLING WITH TURTLES Our adventure in the island of eternal spring will start with the snorkelling googles and fins to explore the underwater world in search of green sea turtles. The waters of Tenerife are a biodiverse ecosystem that host species from marine mammals to marine reptiles to many species of fish and rays. While some of these animals live in deep waters and are only seen in the open ocean, green see turtles are found in shallow waters close to shore, living in small areas where they spend their days swimming in peace and harmony in search of the next delicious bite, taking long breaths in the surface while warming with the rays of the sun or just chilling at the bottoms on top of very comfy rocks. Seeing them swim with their calmness and the peace they give off is a wonderful experience and one of the most beautiful ways to approach nature. Once we achieve our goal of swimming with sea turtles, we will take a leisurely stroll to discover some hidden rock pools alongside the volcanic coastline and relax surrounded by beautiful nature till the sun sets by the ocean.

Parque Nacional del Teide

Day 5
HIKING FROM TEIDE NATIONAL PARK TO VILAFLOR A new and unique adventure awaits us in the heart of the island with its star attraction, Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain with its 3.718m. The day will begin with a drive to Vilaflor, the highest town in the Canaries, nestled in a pine tree forest at 1.400m where we’ll start soaking up with the beauty of the nature and take a “Guagua” bus to Teide National Park, a protected area of 190 square kilometres, replete of endemic species and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage. The geological formations and the majestic volcano, will mark the start of the path at 2.100m, as we get away from the tourist spots the route will take a progressive ascend peaking at 2.500m, with the reward of the most spectacular panoramic views of Mount Teide on one side and the marvellous sea of clouds on the other side, from where the path will continue through stunning lava fields and pine tree forests to complete a total of 12 km ending up in the ancient streets of Vilaflor. After this amazing 3 hour hike immersed in nature, we’ll visit an ecological winery to try the wines produced in the area and recover some energy with some typical dishes.

Los Cristianos

Day 5
KAYAKING WITH DOLPHINS In our second day exploring the coast of Tenerife, we’ll climb aboard a kayak to live one of the most incredible experiences in the island. Tenerife is the perfect place for dolphin watching. The calm waters in the south, which are filled with life, attract pods of the resident bottle nose dolphin giving us the chance to enjoy some closeup encounters with these friendly and playful animals from a kayak. Protected by the winds from the east and the strength of the north Atlantic, the area is perfect to go out kayaking not only for the astonishing lava cliffs with its natural caves and rock formations or the stunning views of the island from the ocean but also for the frequent sightings of groups of bottle nose dolphins that come close to shore everyday looking for pray and make of this kayaking trip a fascinating experience. In the afternoon we’ll visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the south to relax and recover from the workout before we head to a salsa class to enjoy ourselves with music and dancing.


Day 5
ROAD TRIP TO THE NORTH A journey through remote and ancient towns on dizzyingly roads with the ever-shifting island’s landscape. The first stop of the day will be Masca, a charming village nestled at the food of a canyon surrounded by palm trees and staggering cliffs, from this remote village we’ll continue driving through dizzyingly roads with the vegetation getting higher to reach the island’s north face, where the banana plantations stretch all the way to the ocean and the ancient towns, which were once colonial settlements, outstand between the beautiful nature. After the must do visits in the historical towns of Garachico and Icod, we’ll visit a less known village to jump in a natural rock pool and take a leisurely hike in a protected area replete of palm trees, which will give us an insight of how the island once was. Finally, we’ll settle into our new accommodation, an old refurbished Canarian villa in the middle of the nature and only a few minutes driving from the vibrant city of Puerto de la Cruz, where we’ll go to have food and drinks in our first night in the north.

Puerto de la Cruz

Day 5-8
EXPLORING BLACK SAND BEACHES A day to live like an islander, visiting some of the most picturesque beaches in the island, enjoying a meal with the group and watching a sunset above the clouds. After a few days full of activities, our first full day in the north will be a more chilled one enjoying the simple things in life. We’ll wake up in a private villa surrounded by banana plantations and views to the ocean in a privileged location within a walking distance to some of the wildest and more picturesque beaches in the island, where we’ll spend the morning exploring the area. After a few hours sunbathing on a black-sand beach, we’ll return to the villa to cook and enjoy a typical Spanish meal together and get ready for the top pick of the day. In the afternoon we’ll drive up the hills towards the national park to reach the 2.000m and let the sea of clouds amaze us with a gorgeous sunset followed by one the brightest skies you’ll ever see.


Day 8
HIKING IN TENERIFE'S CLOUD FOREST The real adventure in the north will begin with a day trip to Anaga, an area of staggering natural beauty often missed off people’s itineraries. The Anaga Rural Park consists of a massif with sharped, jagged peaks and deep ravines, mysterious cloud forests and traditional villages set on narrow ridges, encompassing an area of 140 square kilometres, classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. After driving through dizzyingly roads with spectacular panoramic views climbing up to the massif, we’ll start a circular hike of 7 kilometres inside the cloud forest through narrow trails, under the twisting trunks coated with thin layers of moss and peaks with spectacular panoramic views which stretch all the way from Teide to the ocean. Despite its large size, Anaga is sparsely populated with only 22.000 inhabitants, keeping it as traditional as it can be and making of this the perfect place to try the typical Canarian food before we head to the breathtaking beaches in the very northern tip of the island.

El Médano

Day 8
BACK TO THE SOUTH TO SAY YOUR GOODBYES We’ll leave our accommodation in the north and drive along the east coast to complete a 360º loop around the island. This will be our last day together on the island or perhaps not, for those willing to stay longer in Tenerife, I’ll arrange an accommodation and help to make the most of your remaining days. On the way to the south, we’ll have the opportunity to visit places of interest such as La Laguna and the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife, always depending on the time we have before any possible departure but i'll be more than happy to spend another full day with the group and show you as much as possible. The same way as I’ll be waiting at the airport on your arrival to pick you up, I’ll drop you off before you take a flight back home, so that we’ll plan the day regarding on the flight schedule.
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8 days trip
Palm-Mar, Acantilados de Los Gigantes & 6 more
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