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Vacation Buddies

Are you looking for vacation travel buddies? Your friends don't have time, they want to go somewhere else or they don't have the necessary change? There are endless reasons and excuses … But we have a very simple solution! Find the right holiday companion for your next adventure at JoinMyTrip. Together you can plan your next trip and share the costs of the trip. No matter whether you are looking for a dance-mad festival travel buddies, a sporty bike tour travel buddies, or a relaxed beach vacation travel partner - you are guaranteed to find it at JoinMyTrip!

You should consider the following things when planning …

Our most important tips for finding the perfect vacation buddies

Once you have found your desired vacation buddies, the next step is to plan the trip. There are a few things to consider before venturing out into the big wide world with strangers

1. Keep calm

Of course, there can be tension when traveling with strangers. Traveling can be exhausting and emotions can boil. But just try to ignore the little things and concentrate on the many things you and your travel buddies have in common.

Two vacation buddies sitting on a car in the desert.

2. Take time for yourself and your vacation companion

Just because you have chosen a vacation companion doesn't mean you have to be with her around the clock. If you feel that you need time for yourself, just plan an afternoon alone and just meet up with your travel partner for dinner. After all, we are all adults and everyone will understand that. You can enjoy the time together much more if you have a little time for yourself.

3. Be positive & open-minded

Travel is an incredible opportunity to make friends for life. Always be open and enjoy the trip to the fullest. Your vacation buddies could have the most interesting and exciting stories in store. We are sure: Travel only becomes unforgettable when you meet people.

Travel group rock climbing in a rock crevice in the desert.

4. Share with each other

Another advantage of vacation buddies is that everyone contributes something to the trip. Knowledge, experience, a helping hand, or just a snack in between. Always according to the motto "Sharing is Caring" or "one hand washes the other".

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