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Call your New Zealand travel buddy and start planning your trip, because. New Zealand has it all. We mean ALL -- mountains, lakes, glaciers, beaches, cities and more.

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New Zealand travel buddy

New Zealand is one of the world’s least crowded countries, with more sheep than inhabitants, making it a dream destination for travellers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and indulge in a peaceful get-away.

With unspoiled natural landscapes, surfing beaches, and endless epic adventure, it is no surprise why New Zealand is admired by many. With so many destinations to choose from, it could be overwhelming where to start. We're here to help: First, things first, find yourself an epic New Zealand travelmate for you’re going to want to share this with someone!

1. Mount Maunganui

mount maunganui - new zealand travel

One of New Zealand’s most popular beaches, but for good reason. Mount Maunganui is high on the list if you’re passing through the Bay of Plenty region. You can choose to walk the beach or hike up the mountain with stunning panoramas of the Tauranga Harbour.

2. Milford Sound

Milford sound - new zealand travel

One of New Zealand’s spectacular natural attractions. Noted as one of the most beautiful places in the entire country. Towering mountains, lush rainforest, hundreds of falling waterfalls, and even dolphins. Sounds like a piece of heaven if you ask us. You and your New Zealand travelmate can explore the sound by kayak, tour boat, or plane.

3. Piha

piha - new zealand travel

For our inner surfer dude. This little surf town is perfect for those who want to take things a little bit slower… One of the best off-the-grid places to visit in New Zealand. You and your travel companions can sit back and enjoy the rugged beauty this west coast town has to offer.

4. Great Barrier Island

great barrier - new zealand travel

Some say the best things in life are those you have to wait for… Great Barrier Island is one of them. After a 4-hour ferry ride, you can discover the magical beauty of this island. White sandy beaches, hidden waterfalls around every corner, and natural hot springs are just some of the highlights. The best? You will most likely be alone.

5. Roys Peak

roys peak - new zealand travel

Are you and your travel buddy looking for hiking trail? Look no further. This 6-hour hike is worth every grueling step. Once at the top, you will be rewarded with epic views of Mount Aspiring, the Matukituki Valley, and Lake Wanaka. Be prepared for all weather up there and take appropriate clothing.

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