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Festival travel buddy

Festival season is upon us. This means that we’re surrounded by flower crowns and cut offs. You and your music festival travel buddy have waited all year for these sun-soaked, music-filled days.

Festival travel buddy

European festival lovers don't have to look far to find some cool musical events that kick summer into high gear.

To help save your energy for the mosh pit, we did some trip planning for you. We’ve done some extensive research on festivals across the continent based on price, weather, location, even down to the price of a beer. Read on and then get your best festival gear ready. See you at the stage!


Your festival packing list

Music festivals can be one of the most memorable times of your life. Hanging out with your friends, watching your favorite bands, feeling the sun on your back, and partying until the wee hours of the morning: This is festival life. It could ruined easily if you haven’t planned ahead. Here's our top tips for making the most out of your music filled venture.

festival people partying and having fun


1. Comfortable and sturdy Shoes

Your festival dreams can be dashed when fashion beats practicality. To make it through hours of standing in lines for food and toilets and dancing, comfort must be a priority. You will want sturdy, comfortable shoes that will keep you going all day and all night. Sure, those sandals are cute, but not if your feet are covered in blisters by day two., you will be miserable Plus, dust and mud quickly make a mess of white shoes. So make sure you wear dark and supportive footwear. It’s summer, so decide if your boots are the best footwear for the heat.


2. Quality Air Mattress

Don't cheap out when it comes to your sleep. You might think that you aren't going to be sleeping much, but trust us, when you do want to rest your head, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Rolling up your jeans as a pillow won't do. and the next day you’ll be bad at yourself for not being better prepared.


3. Pop-Up Canopy Tent

Depending on which festival you fancy, chances are the weather will be hot hot hot. Investing in a pop-up tent will give you some privacy at night and allows you and some shade from the strong afternoon sun.


4. Fold-up Table and Chairs

These are is an often-forgotten must-haves. For meals or sundowners, a fold-up out table and chairs should be high on any packing list for comfortable camping trips. Sitting, eating, drinking and relaxing on the ground will get old quickly.


5. Trash Bags

Pack up what you bring in. Clean up your entire campsite (It’s easier if you clean up as you go, not wait until the end of a three-day frenzy to clean.). For this mission, bring garbage bags that are strong and large. Plus, you need a method to keep the bag from blowing away.


6. Earplugs

Save your hearing and sleep better by using earplugs. This small purchase can really improve your festival experience, especially if you like to be near the stage. That ringing in your ear? That could be the start of permanent hearing loss. Enjoy the music but at a safe decibel level.


7. Sunscreen

This one speaks for itself - save your skin and your mood by lathering on the white stuff throughout the day. If you’re using it correctly, your body will consume more than one bottle during the festival.


8. Water

Save money by buying a couple flats of water before the festival. One bottle of water at the festival can cost an unforgiving amount of money. Between drinking beer and sweating in the sun, you and your music festival travel buddy will need to consume even more water than usual. You will need several liters a day to stay hydrated, so the expense will quickly add up. Plus, you don’t want to spend half your day waiting in line to get water. Just bring your own if you are allowed.


9. Healthy Snacks

Most of the food at music festivals are fast, fried and fatty. Give your body a boost and pack fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks that will give you more energy than that overpriced cheese burger and fries.


10. Charging Phone Case

You have much better things to do than charging your phone at festival charging stations. Usually, there are thousands of people waiting in line to give their phones some juice. Save yourself time and frustration by investing in a phone charging case. Better yet, turn off your phone. Let’s face it, we never look at the videos we take at concerts, most of the photos we take are never shown off, and we text nonsense to fill up stage changes. Only turn on your phone if you need to find a  music festival travel buddy or important information.