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Find a Travel Buddy in Spain

Spain is known for beautiful beaches, delicious food and amazing architecture. Discover Madrid, Barcelona, or all of Spain including the islands with your favorite travel buddy! Have a fiesta with friends you haven't met yet by joining one of our unique trips down below!


Top 10 Things to do in Spain

1. Discover Architecture in Barcelona

Parc Güell in Barcelona

2. Eat your way through Madrid

Old Restaurants in Madrid

3. Enjoy the sun in Málaga

A view of Malaga

4. Explore Spanish History in Seville

The Plaza de Espana in Seville

5. Visit Alhambra in Granada

A small lake in Alhambra

6. Take a stroll through the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

Modern Buildings in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

7. Chill at the beach on one of the Balearic Islands

A view of a bay in Mallorce with crystal clear water

8. Explore Roman history in Córdoba

Ancient buildings, a garden and a lake in Cordoba

9. Walk the Camino de Santiago to Santiago de Compostela

Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela

10. Ruin your clothes at the Tomatina Festival

Tomatoes at the Tomatina festival


The Best Instagram Spots in Spain

1. Windmills of Consuegra, Toledo


2. Bunkers of Carmel, Barcelona


3. Fields of Lavender in Brihuega


4. Crystal Palace in Buen Retiro Park, Madrid


5. Port Saplaya, Valencia



The Best of Spain Itinerary

Discover the Highlights of Spain with the perfect itinerary. Explore Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo and Seville in seven days!


Start your Spanish adventure by flying into Barcelona. After two days you will take the train to Madrid, Toledo, and Seville for a picture-perfect Spain trip with your Travel Buddies!

Day 1 - 2: Barcelona


Barcelona itself is worth a 7-day visit to discover every beautiful nook and cranny. The architecture of the city is unique and should be discovered while walking through the city. Visit La Sagrada Familia, Placa de Catalunya and the Gothic Quarter for the ultimate architectural experience. Park Güell and Casa Milà & Casa Batlló will surprise you with unusual and unique architectural features as well. A visit to the Museo Picasso is also an absolute must-see. If you’re done with walking and need some time to relax visit la Barceloneta, the beach in the middle of the city. 

Day 3-4: Madrid


The capital of Spain is home to glorious palaces, classic museums, and delicious food. Visit the Palacio Real (Royal Palace) with its 2000 rooms and beautiful garden or go shopping on Gran Via. This famous street is known for exquisite shops and restaurants. Speaking about food, you shouldn’t miss out on the Mercado San Miguel. It is an indoor market offering all kinds of food from fresh fruit and vegetables to seafood. After walking around the city there’s nothing more relaxing than a visit to Retiro Parc. Take the perfect Instagram Snapshot at the Crystal Palace or just sit down and enjoy a little picnic. Other highlights include the Plaza de España, Plaza Mayor, and the Puerta del Sol.

Day 5: Daytrip to Toledo


Take the train from Madrid to Toledo and catch a glimpse of the beautiful train station in Toledo. Toledo is an ancient Spanish city and is known for its medieval Jewish, Arab, and Christian monuments. Visit Mirador del Valle for scenic views of the city and the area surrounding it. For the perfect Instagram picture, visit the Windmills of Consuegra outside of the city. If you want the ultimate cultural experience visit the Museo del Greco and the Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo. Another Highlight of Toledo is the Monasterio de San Juan de Los Reyes, a 15th-century monastery with spectacular architecture.

Day 6-7: Seville


From Madrid make your way to Seville by train. The 3-hour train ride will take you through beautiful landscapes and will just fly by. Seville is considered the city of Flamenco and its beautiful architecture will leave you speechless. Visit Royal Alcazar for an absolutely unique building that dates back to the 13th century and has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1987. Game of Thrones fans will also be able to spot filming locations in the gardens of Alcazar. When walking around and exploring the city you also shouldn’t miss out on the Plaza de España and Catedral de Sevilla. To relax after a long day of walking and exploring go to Parque de María Luisa.


The Hidden Gems of Spain

Escape the tourists and discover unique places all over Spain in our Hidden Gems section.



This little town was voted “most beautiful town in Spain” several years in a row. It sits right at a curve of the Guadalaviar river, about 3 hours away from Madrid. Wander through cobbled stone streets and visit the Cathedral El Salvador. For the best views of the town and the surrounding areas take a stroll to Torre del Andador

Setenil de la Bodegas in Andalusia


This little village in Andalusia has around 3000 inhabitants who live in small white houses. You can find the little village around 20 km away from Ronda (another hidden gem of the area). Fun Fact: some of the houses are built into overhanging rock. So the owners did not have to pay to add expensive roofs. 

Mijas in Andalusia 


This hidden gem is only about 30 minutes away from Malaga. A highlight of this city is Old Mijas (Mijas cicada Velha) with white houses and flowers everywhere. 

Agüero - Huesca  


This village is surrounded by gigantic 200m high rock formations called Los Mollos and is popular among climbers. This spot is the perfect spot for Instagram pictures as well. Make sure to also check out the 12th-century church with beautiful stained glass windows.

Calella de Palafrugell


This is the place to stay if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Barcelona. Calella de Palafrugell is a small fishing village with beautiful old and intact architecture. 


Getting around Spain


The best way to get to Spain is by plane. There are major international Airports in Madrid (MAD) and in Barcelona (BCN). There are also frequent domestic flights connecting Spain’s major cities. 


Even though planes are a convenient way to travel, Spain has a well-connected Railway Network, the RENFE. The AVE high-speed trains connect major cities in short periods of time. AVE connects Madrid and Barcelona - which is 600km away - in just 2.5hrs. If you're traveling on a budget you can also take the AVLO trains, which only cost around 7€, but go a little slower and stop more frequently. 


If you’re traveling on a budget you should take a bus to get you around the country. You just need to deal with long travel times and best reserve tickets online ( because locals also prefer traveling by bus. With a bus, you will reach every single nook and cranny of Spain and be able to discover hidden gems everywhere. 



What does it cost to travel Spain?


Traveling to Spain can become expensive quickly. If you don’t want to spend too much money on your trip try to avoid the high season in summer, weekends in big cities, or big holidays like Easter or Christmas. Here’s an idea of what you could need for a trip to Spain. 


You should plan for around 50€/ day for accommodation, food, transportation, and attractions you might want to see. Booking a shared hostel room will cost you approximately 20€, Food will be cheapest if you cook at your hostel, but there are also local restaurants that won’t break the bank if you plan on spending 13€ a day. Getting around in major cities like Barcelona, Madrid and Seville can easily be done with local transport that will cost you around 8€ a day. If you want to save a little decide on only a couple of major sites, especially in cities, and plan a budget of around 10€ / day for tourist attractions such as museums. 

Mid-range Budget 

If you want to spend a little more and not share a room in a hostel, then the mid-range budget will cover you. You should plan between 80-100€ /day for accommodation, food, transportation, and attractions you might want to see. A private room in a hostel will cost you around 30€ /night and a budget hotel in the city will cost you around 40€ /night. Food will cost you around 20€/ day if you eat out and don’t pick the most touristy or expensive places. Traveling from city to city with high-speed trains will cost you around 15€ / day. You will spend around 15€/day if you want to see a majority of major attractions in a city. 

High Budget 

Are you ready to spend some money in Spain? Alright, let’s go! All in all, a higher budget means you can spend around 200€/ day.

Higher value hotel rooms in central locations start at 80€/night in a Boutique Hotel. For food on a higher budget, you should plan around 40€/day for eating out in fancier restaurants. For taxis or a driver, you should calculate around 30€/day and if you want to see all the sights, you can spend up to 35€/day


Must-Try Spanish Food

Spain is famous for its good food and for eating late. So try at least one of these delicacies during your stay.



Is a rice dish with a lot of spices usually served with varieties of fish, meat, and vegetables. Every family and every restaurant will have its own recipe. 

Patatas bravas


Are a very typical tapas dish. It’s fried chunks of potatoes served with bravas sauce. In Madrid, the sauce is made with Spanish Parika (pimentón) which is spicy and sweet. 

Pollo al ajillo 


This is literally garlic chicken. Everyone’s grandma has her own recipe but generally, it is fried chicken with lots and lots of garlic and mediterranean herbs like rosemary and thyme. And yes, they do look like chicken wings but taste even better!

Jamon Iberico 


This dry-cured ham is made using century-old techniques and from black Iberico pigs. You will get it in almost every tapas bar or at markets. Fun Fact: because the meat is only cured you’re not allowed to take it to the US. 



This almond nougat is to die for! Spaniards usually devour it during Christmas, but you can buy it year-round. Visit the small town Jijona to try the best turrón in all of Spain. 

Churros con chocolate 


Everyone should know and try churros. It’s the Spanish version of donuts: fried sugary sticks served with a sticky chocolate sauce. 



If you haven’t heard of Sangria, where were you? It’s cold red wine infused with spices and fruit, which makes it the perfect summer drink. Don’t like fruit in your wine? Try any kind of Spanish red wine, especially Rioja is worth a try. 

Restaurants to try in Spain 

These restaurants are absolute must-tries on your next trip to Spain

Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid 

This is not a classic restaurant, it’s a market. It is one of the best and most famous markets in Europe and you will be able to try yourself through Spanish delicacies. 

Botín in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid 

They offer traditional Spanish and a comprehensive wine list. The main dishes start from 15€. 

Tickets in Barcelona 

This restaurant is considered one of the best tapas restaurants in all of Spain. Try yourself through the wine list and as many tapas as you can. Tapas will cost anything from 3-30€!

Lasarte in Barcelona

This Michelin star restaurant will pop up every time you’re looking for fantastic restaurants in Spain. It is very fancy and offers European Cuisine with a twist. Mains start at 50€ and they offer a 12-course tasting dinner for 245€. 

Bar-Restaurante Eslava in Seville 

This traditional restaurant will feed you traditional Spanish food and tapas. Have some sangria at the bar while waiting for a table. Tapas start from 3€ and mains will cost you 14-30€. 


The best Travel Tips for Spain

With our Spain Travel Tips, you will have the best time!

Beware of pickpockets

Especially in Barcelona and Madrid, they are very skilled. Keep an eye on your personal belongings and keep your bag or purse in front of you. We would recommend not to use a backpack.

Be careful with your alcohol intake

In Spain, drinks are not properly measured and alcohol in cocktails is mostly eyeballed. You might end up drinking more than you intended and wake up hungover the next morning.


Walking is not only the cheapest way of discovering a city it will also show you paths away from touristy spots. This is how you will truly understand a culture and discover a city.

Dinner will be late

Spanish dinners don't start before 9 pm and they can last hours. Food is considered a social event and isn't rushed. So enjoy your food, some drinks, and time with your travel buddies in Spain.

Learn a little Spanish

Even though many people learn English in school they will most likely stick to Spanish in conversation. So get Duolingo ready before your trip!

Travel Slowly

Take your time, just as the Spaniards do, and take breaks during the day. Siesta is a lifestyle and much needed in the summer heat!

Tipping in Spain

Tipping is not considered essential but is greatly appreciated. If service was good you can tip up to 15%, but avoid double tipping! Some restaurants will add a service fee to your bill so you won't have to tip.