The Azores: The Island Paradise for Nature Lovers

by | Feb 26, 2023 | Destinations, Europe, Portugal

There are so many beautiful islands on this planet that have become overcrowded by masses of tourists. The wish for a more deserted place seems to be kind of unreasonable. However, we want to show you how to make this dream come true! Explore the Azores Islands with us!

What is the Azores famous for?

  1. Where are the Azores?
  2. What Azores has to offer?
  3. Slow travel in the archipelago

Where are the Azores?

Kliffs and rocks on the Island Paradise for Nature Lovers on the AZORES

The Azores is a small Portuguese archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It will impress you with a mixture of breathtaking landscapes, warm-hearted people, and a lot of untouched nature. The islands are definitely worth a trip because you can discover everything, from azure blue crater lakes to waterfalls in jungles!

What Azores has to offer?

View of the AZORES Islands with azure blue water

By plane, it takes only five hours from Germany to feel the island’s vibes and leave everyday life behind to immerse in the Azores. Nowadays, a lot of airlines take you to the archipelago, which means the destination is very accessible.

For all you water fanatics, there are a lot of different activities, including diving, sailing, whale watching, and also observing wild dolphins! If you like to stick to land, the islands offer a lot with wonderful hiking trails and unique camping sites. It’s safe to say that this archipelago is a must-see for every outdoor lover!

Slow travel in the archipelago

Woman diving in clear blue ocean water reaching the sea floor

Are you more interested in a slow-down, wellness kind of trip? The Azores offer a lot of fantastic beaches, thermal spas, and hot springs. Another interesting thing to visit is the last European tea plantations that you can find on the biggest island, São Miguel. This island is called “the green island” because of its outstanding nature and flora. Don’t worry, though, if you are a city-lover and culture addict.

You will not get bored because the capital of the archipelago, Ponta Delgada, has a lot to offer! The best travel time for this destination is from June to September, but because of the temperate and tropical-like climate, you can travel the Azores all year long.

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