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Need some travel content to spice up your week? JoinMyTrip Weekly Update is here!

Our colleague, Stella is back again with another travel recap! Watch every Saturday as Stella recaps all the amazing things we have released, on the JoinMyTrip Travel Recap with Stella Show. What you can read, watch, or listen to. A little bit of everything for everyone. For this week, our recommendation is to check out the coolest SUP destinations in Europe to get your SUP’ing on this summer!

When in doubt on what to read, watch, or listen to, Stella will be giving you a short summary of everything that we have published this week. This will help you choose the right article to read, the right YouTube video to watch, and the right podcast to listen to. Simply tune in every Saturday to catch Stella’s weekly travel recap!


Daily Travel News:


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We hope you enjoyed this week’s JoinMyTrip Travel Recap Show with Stella! Be sure to check the coolest SUP destinations in Europe! In case we have gotten you into the mood of planning your own trip or join unique trips. Make sure to try it out now! Find your travel buddies on JoinMyTrip to share costs, experiences, and have the time of your life with other like-minded travelers

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