Most Beautiful Airports in the World

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Airports are the places where our journeys often begin and end. That being said, they’re often the places where we get our first (or last) impression of a country! And, as we know, first impressions are key. Here are the most beautiful airports in the world, which are sure to leave a lasting impression, whether it be your first or last. Additionally, some of them are also considered the best airports in the world. Guaranteed – they will make you stunned!

Most Beautiful Airports in the World

  1. Vancouver International Airport, Canada
  2. Marrakesh Menara Airport
  3. Singapore Changi International Airport, Singapore
  4. Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Japan
  5. Denver International Airport, the United States
  6. Hamad International Airport, Qatar
  7. Abu Dhabi International Airport, United Emirates Arab (UEA)

Vancouver International Airport, Canada

First of all, the city of Vancouver is the perfect mix between a natural oasis and an urban jungle. Its mountainous backdrop and seaside are sure to make any city-lover thrilled. Not only is the city beautiful in itself, so is its airport and the backdrop of it. Vancouver International Airport is designed in a futuristic, highly artistic style. It is adorned with unique-shaped fluorescent lights, modern pillars, and stylish ceilings.

Moreover, the airport exhibits native sculptures as well as aquariums for visitors and travelers to see. It represents Vancouver’s natural beauty and the long history of native settlers that made camp in Canada. With its intricate design and jaw-dropping backdrop, no wonder that Vancouver International Airport is one of the most beautiful airports in the world.

Marrakesh Menara Airport, Morocco

Sky dome structure with triangle pattern at Marrakesh Airport

Well… Marrakesh is one of the most gorgeous cities in the world, so it only makes sense that the airport here is gorgeous as well. Its architecture is simply astounding, and the modern-traditional landscape perfectly portrays the city of Marrakesh itself. It is also a well-connected airport on a global level, so you’ll have no problem reaching Marrakesh, or reaching other destinations from there! You’ll find all you need to know about this beautiful country in our Ultimate Morocco Travel Guide

Singapore Changi International Airport, Singapore

changi international most beautiful airports in the world

Singapore is one of the most futuristic countries in the world and is known for its almost-utopian vibe. Thus, the airport is no different. Changi International Airport is repeatedly mentioned as the one of the most beautiful airports in the world. Of course, the architecture, indoor gardens, and manmade waterfall of Changi Airport are undeniably stunning. Besides that, it has a lot of greenery and sustainable aspects. Well, who doesn’t love sustainable travel these days?

The nature set-ups at this airport are simply incredible. See it for yourself by visiting Jewel Changi Airport, which includes a stunning, futuristic manmade waterfall and astonishing jungle. Moreover, this airport also has plenty of activities and two movie theatres. So even if you’re stuck here, you won’t get bored! Not to mention, it is lined with hundreds of retail shops that will lure the shopaholic inside you.

Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Japan

Tokyo Haneda International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, as well as the best. This airport also has all the luxuries that you might need. It is designed with a futuristic architecture style and adorned with tons of advanced technology. Furthermore, what makes Haneda Airport so special is that you can actually have a mini visit to Japan here without ever leaving the airport.

Edo Koji is a shopping center designed as if it was a street in Japan in the 17th century. A mini visit to Japan and a trip back in time on a time machine! The airport also houses many other interesting details portraying the culture of the country. Thus, Haneda Airport truly describes what Tokyo looks like as a city rich in culture and advanced technology.

Denver International Airport, United States

The teepee like exterior of Denver Airport in sunlight

This airport is characterized by white teepee-like elements on top. The airport is also slightly creepy and is home to many conspiracy theories. In the past year, we’ve learned to filter those out quite well, but one interesting one is that there is a time capsule inside a granite monument at the airport, that can only apparently be opened in 2094. Sounds interesting, right? Therefore, Denver International Airport is one of the best airports in the world when it comes to legends and architecture.

Hamad International Airport, Qatar

The main hall of Qatar airport bustling with people with a artwork in the middle

When entering this airport you’ll be left wondering if you’re at an art museum or an airport. It’s no wonder because this airport took the small sum of 16$ billion to be built. The country is a world-class epicenter for culture, history, sport, and adventure. Also an important business and trading center, this country is expensive. In fact, more expensive than 86% of countries in the world.


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