The Ultimate Pro TripLeader Guide

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Tips for Beginners, TripLeader

We know there are many things to remember as a TripLeader, and sometimes you need a little help or a reminder. No worries. The JoinMyTrip Team is always here to help and support you in your endeavors. This guide is for everyone considering becoming a Pro TripLeader and for everyone planning a trip with JoinMyTrip!

This guide includes…

  • TripLeader FAQ
  • Tips and Tricks from our Travel Experts

How to be the best TripLeader ever!

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TripLeader FAQ

Over the past months, we have gathered all the questions people had about becoming or being a Pro TripLeader. Let’s take a closer look…

How long does the JoinMyTrip application process usually take?

All in all, you can begin your adventure with JoinMyTrip about eight days after applying.

After applying, we’ll get back to you in three days. If accepted, you’ll get access to the JoinMyTrip TripLeader Academy. You need to finish the Academy in five days and score above 80% on the final quiz to complete the final step of the application process: planning your first trip. Set up the trip and start promoting to get some fantastic TripMates to join you. You can learn more about the application process here.

How are TripLeaders paid?

As a ProTripLeader JoinMyTrip will not pay you a monthly salary. You set your trip price. This price should include all your costs (accommodation, activities, transport,…) and a fee. This set fee is your salary. You are compensated for all your work through the fee you get when people book. Additionally, you will also receive a 5% success fee* if you bring in new TripMates, for example, via Facebook.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Is there any coaching?

Yes, you will always have access to the Academy to revisit learnings. As soon as you publish your first trip, you will also be assigned a CoTripLeader, who will support you with any questions you might have.

What is the TripLeader Academy?

The Academy is a multi-session educational course with JoinMyTrip to learn more about trip leading, creating a trip, and planning and executing your next adventure.

What is the difference between a ProTripLeader and a regular TripLeader?

As a ProTripLeader, you can access our TripLeader Academy and the ProTripLeader Tool to find the perfect way to promote your trip. You’ll get support from our team and the option to promote our trips on our social media channels and featured pieces on this blog.

How does JoinMyTrip support me?

Aside from the Academy and our various tools, our customer support is always here for you! You can talk to your assigned CoTripLeader, e-mail us at, or chat with our support team on WhatsApp! Our international team will get back to you as soon as possible to support you in whatever query you might have.

You will also receive a weekly update e-mail with the destinations most in demand every Monday. This way, you’ll always be updated on where to plan your next trip.

What is a JoinMyTrip SuperLeader?

SuperLeaders are very experienced and trusted TripLeaders. You can earn the SuperLeader badge by successfully completing three trips. We will also provide you with your own web page for more exposure. The badge shows that you are committed to our community and will ultimately reward you with more people joining your trip.

Tips and Tricks from our Travel Experts

We have gathered some tips and tricks to improve your experience with JoinMyTrip. With these, you’ll be able to find great TripMates for your amazing trips.

Don’t forget to promote!

Active promotion is one of the most critical things you can do to create visibility for your trip. You can make use of our Facebook Groups: Urlaubspartner and Travel Buddies. You can also tag us on your stories and posts on Instagram to get promoted. It is best to spend some time promoting to reach new people interested in your trip.

Create the best trip out there

We currently have more than 600 trips on the platform, so you need to make your trip stand out! Ask yourself the following questions and try to answer them in your trip description and promotion!

  1. What makes my trip memorable and unique?
  2. Why are you traveling to this destination?
  3. Why is your trip the best choice for the destination?
  4. Why should a TripMate travel with you?

Pimp your profile

One thing all of our SuperLeaders, like Carina, have in common is their comprehensive profiles. Add as much information about yourself as possible. A TripMate will make a decision based on the trip and the profile. Include the following in your profile:

  • Have a detailed “About” Section
  • Answer the profile questions
    • What have you been doing in the past?
    • What are you currently up to?
    • What is your favorite…?
    • Why are you traveling
  • Add a profile picture and other pictures of your adventures because, after all, pictures often speak louder than words
  • Add the countries you visited on the map in your profile

Be available

When you have a trip online, you should check your account (and your emails) regularly. We recommend coming by at least once daily to see if there are newly interested TripMates to accept or questions you need to answer.

For more tips and tricks about being a TripLeader, check out our Ultimate TripLeader Guide!

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