ProTripLeader Terms & Conditions

(A) JoinMyTrip is a platform provider for travel services.

(B) A person ("Recipient" or "ProTripLeader") who uses the JoinMyTrip platform (the "Site") (accessible via the to offer trips and other related services to users of the Site.

(C) Both Parties intend to collaborate in the future.

(D) Both Parties are expected to invest time into this collaboration.

(E) The following provisions outline the support for ProTripLeaders as well as the usage of the JoinMyTrip platform fee:

  1. ProTripLeaders are entitled to priority support from the JoinMyTrip team at all times.

  2. ProTripLeaders use the JoinMyTrip platform to showcase their trips and get their trips reviewed with priority. JoinMyTrip provides priority services to their ProTripLeader Community. Over the last five years, JoinMyTrip has prioritized the concerns of their community vis-à-vis the development of the platform.

  3. All international payment transactions are handled between JoinMyTrip and the ProTripLeader. JoinMyTrip facilitates all financial transactions in collaboration with Stripe as a secure, fast, and trusted provider (the service provided by Stripe costs 3% of the total trip price and is provided for free by JoinMyTrip).

  4. JoinMyTrip offers a free settlement and mediation service when there is a dispute between ProTripLeaders and TripMates.

  5. JoinMyTrip offers a free replacement "search" service if the ProTripLeader is unable to perform his or her duty as ProTripLeader to complete a booked trip.
  6. ProTripLeaders get permanent access to our TripLeader Academy, and a weekly demand analysis for top destinations.

In return, JoinMyTrip expects every ProTripLeader to provide a first-class experience to all TripMates!
ProTripLeader Package

In the performance of duties, the recipient shall:

  • Well and faithfully perform the services required of them by JoinMyTrip;

  • Plan (CoWorking or Guided) trips, take care of suitable accommodations and excursions on locations, ensure a perfect experience for JoinMyTrip users, improve the travel experience for TripMates, motivate TripMates to join other trips in JoinMyTrip platform, motivate TripMates to become JoinMyTrip ProTripLeaders, plan and execute campaigns to reach new and old users and improve user experience.

  • Must publish at least 1 trip in the first 5 weeks and must execute at least 1 trip during the first 6 months.

  • Shall use their own tools of the trade when rendering services;

  • Promotion, planning, and ensuring the best possible experiences for TripMates all towards ProTripLeader's (CoWorking or Guided) Trip. We explicitly point out that especially in the beginning the effort can be high - but will also be very rewarding;

  • You, as a representative of JoinMyTrip, are prohibited from making disparaging remarks or negative comments about the platform. Additionally, you may not include any statements in your trip descriptions that cast the company in a negative light. In the event that such actions are identified, JoinMyTrip reserves the right to take action, which may include banning you from the platform or removing the trip listing.

  • Not offer their Trips (including JMT platform fee) on other websites at lower prices. This policy is in place to ensure that JoinMyTrip remains competitive and that customers continue to trust us to provide them with the best possible prices. Any TripLeader found violating this policy may face penalties, including account suspension or termination.

  • JoinMyTrip is founded on trust, and we maintain a commitment to fairness within our community. Any TripLeader discovered exploiting TripMates by imposing unjustifiably high prices for their services or inflating costs for accommodations, transportation, or activities associated with their trip will face immediate consequences. Such TripLeaders will be banned from our platform, and their trips will neither be published nor allowed to remain on JoinMyTrip.
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