Ideas for Slow Travel in Italy

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Do you love to travel that does not require a lot of itineraries? Then, you are one of many people who love slow travel! Slow travelers usually seek a tranquil and meaningful way to connect with people and nature during their trip, which usually can take days to get to know and enjoy the adventure better. One of the best places to do slow travel is Italy. There are basically many things you can do to have slow travel in Italy. What are they? Check them out!

What are the best ideas for slow travel in Italy?

  1. Cinque Terre
  2. Amalfi Coast
  3. Sardinia
  4. Sicily
  5. Umbria
  6. Tuscany
  7. San Lorenzo in Banale
  8. Arco
  9. Glorenza
  10. Fiera di Primiero

Enjoy Beautiful and Tranquil Beaches

Do you love beaches? But, you prefer the ones that are so peaceful and calm. So, these places in Italy are one of the best regions you can go to for your slow travel ideas.

Cinque Terre

cinque terre slow travel in italy
Copyright: Mike L

In Italian, “Cinque Terre” literally means “five villages,” referring to the five villages in town. They are Manarola, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Monterosso, and Vernazza. These places are very beautiful where you can enjoy the coastal towns and see the locals doing their routines. What a great place to enjoy slow travel in Italy, is not it?

It is obviously a perfect place to lie down and enjoy the beaches there. Especially in Manarola, the picturesque little village with colorful cliffs and buildings facing the Mediterranean sea. There are also cute cafes along the way where you can relax and talk with locals or your buddies. If you are into hiking, the place also offers you an easy hiking trail to follow.

Amalfi Coast

amalfi coast slow travel in italy
Copyright: Louise Krause

Who does not love Amalfi Coast? There are scenic seaside towns featuring cliffs and sandy beaches where you can enjoy the sunlight with the ones you love. Besides this amazing characteristic, there are also colorful and adorable villages around the town with narrow and steep alleyways.

Most of the towns along the Amalfi Coast have a very rich historical legacy. So, if you are looking for a destination where you can have slow travel in Italy, these towns are the right places for you not only for vacation but also to learn the culture and history of the local communities. It is a good way to get to know the locals in a better way, right?


sardinia slow travel in italy
Copyright: Ivan Ragozin

Do you want to go to a tranquil place with beaches for your slow travel in Italy? Sardinia maybe the heaven for you! This Mediterranean island hosts a lot of natural beauties where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of city life that has been bothering you for a while.

This kind of slow travel allows you to pause for some time from your hustle works, and Sardinia offers you such convenience. Besides its beautiful nature, the island is also rich in culture and history that are very fascinating to get to know. So, staying with the friendly locals and learning firsthand from them are also worth trying.

Relax in Countryside

Do you want to learn and immerse yourself in the local culture and routines? Then, spending time in the vineyards towns or the countryside will be the best choice for you.


sicily slow travel in italy
Copyright: luigicrosti

The island of Sicily has a very good spot for relaxing in wineries and vineyards. Tenuta di Fessina is one of many places in Sicily that has a great number of scenic vineyards and wineries. Besides, the scenery of Mount Etna decorates a panoramic background of the town. 

What is best about Tenuta di Fessina for slow travel in Italy is the experience that you can enjoy tastings the volcanic wines and mouth-watering delicacies to celebrate seasonal festivities. You can also ask the locals to be a part of their routines in producing the great wines there. What a wonderful experience, right?


Umbria slow travel in italy
Copyright: sterlinglanier Lanier

An inland region of Umbria in Italy has many beautiful wineries and vineyards devoted to producing Sagrantino grapes, which is an ancient and indigenous variety of grapes to the region. The landscape of Tenuta Castelbuono is astonishing, and it surely will not make you want to leave the place for a while.

Besides its beautiful scenery, you can also enjoy and learn about the production of wines here. One of the best places to learn about it is Tenuta Castelbuono. Its Carapace sometimes is also reserved as a venue for particular celebrations such as corporate events, ceremonies, and weddings.


Copyright: Skitterphoto

Tuscany is predominantly known as the beating heart of wine production in the whole of Italy. So, if you want to enjoy slow travel in Italy, why do not you go to Tuscany? You can enjoy and taste the good quality of wines or even learn how to produce them! That is one of the cool ways to engage with the locals there.

Besides this luxurious experience, the natural beauty of Tuscany is worth visiting. There are absolutely many places you can visit to get the fresh air and get immersed in nature. Imagine yourself adventuring in the Tuscany countryside and its green hills.

Unwind and Explore the Italian Alps

If you are interested in seasonal festivals and outdoor activities, You may consider looking for places for your slow travel in Italy within the Italian Alps mountain ranges. Why? Check these out!

San Lorenzo in Banale

san lorenzo
Copyright: Marek Piwnicki

San Lorenzo is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites that has a really magnificent landscape of the Italian Alps. Dating to Roman times, San Lorenzo comprises seven hamlets, and each of them had its own church, patron saint, and traditions. How diverse, is not it? So, you may want to spend your slow travel in Italy visiting this place.

What is more interesting about having a slow travel in Italy from San Lorenzo is that the town has various hiking trails to the Alpenrose Refuge and to the Val d’Ambiez. Both of these places offer beautiful views you will never forget. Also, the air quality in San Lorenzo is quite fresh. You will love it living here, especially when the town is covered with heavy snow during winter. It looks so fabulous!


Copyright: meineresterampe

Arco is one of the most visited winter getaway destinations in Italy. The charms of this town are very appealing. Why not? You can enjoy the great panorama of Lake Garda and the Alps mountains from the historic Arco Castle. Therefore, Arco is one of the best slow travel ideas in Italy for you.

Besides nature, you can also get immersed in the locals by attending many local festivals here. One of the prominent events is the Rock Master Festival, which is an annual major rock climbing competition. So, if you are into outdoor activities, Arco is the place for you to explore!


glorenza slow travel italy
Copyright: Christian_Adam

Looking for an adorable town full of historic heritages? Then, you must visit Glorenza. This town has a mix of Gothic, Renaissance, and Tyrolean architecture that will catch your eye. So, you can get your camera ready and take some beautiful pictures there for your photo collection.

As a part of your slow travel in Italy, Glorenza offers a chance for you to enjoy its fusion of culture. Glorenza is also home to the well-maintained Castle Coira/Churburg which dates back to the 1500s. So, if you are a fan of history and architecture, this place is certainly a part of your travel bucket list. Moreover, you can also enjoy the fusion of Italian-Austrian cuisine. For example, goulash and gnocchi are on the menu in restaurants.

Fiera di Primiero

fiera di primiero
Copyright: Manuel Podestà

Another slow travel destination in Italy offering the beauty of the Alps is Fiera di Primiero. The town has only 500 inhabitants. So, it is pretty easy for you to get to know the locals there. At the same time, you can also learn about their history and culture.

Fiera di Primiero is also home to the Palazzo delle Miniere, which is a mining museum that produces various local crafts, such as carpentry and cheese. If you are interested in learning more about that, you can visit this museum. Besides that, if you want to enjoy the beautiful nature and outdoor activities, you can go skiing and trekking in the local area there.

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