14 Fabulous Things to Do in Morocco

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The North African country of Morocco never ceases to amaze us. It offers ethereal landscapes, splendid culture, world-class destinations, and smiling faces. Moreover, Morocco has generous choices of things to do for everyone. Whether you are a passionate adventurer or a lively shopaholic, you will be amazed at how diverse and amazing Morocco is. So, we have compiled a list of the 14 best things to do in Morocco for you to add to your bucket list. 

The Best Things to Do in Morocco for Your Perfect Trip

  1. Wander Around Marrakesh’s Alleys
  2. See the Unique Blue City of Chefcaouen
  3. Snap a Picture of the Sea Arch in Legzira Beach
  4. Travel Back to the Past in Fez
  5. Camp in Erg Chebbi Dunes
  6. Feel Like a Movie Star in Ouarzazate
  7. Explore the Historical Casablanca
  8. See Roman Ruins in Volubilis
  9. Roam Around the City of Asilah
  10. Visit the Cave of Hercules
  11. Go for a Scenic Trip to Dades Gorges
  12. See Majorelle Garden
  13. Enjoy Local Dishes
  14. Sip Some Sumptuous Moroccan Wine

Wander Around Marrakesh’s Alleys

things to do in morocco marrakesh

Start your trip to Morocco by visiting Marrakesh. This Western Morocco city offers a scene out of the tales of Arabian Nights, which are labyrinth alleys, feisty souq or traditional markets, and a colorful scene of Moroccan carpets and fabric. Thus, you can stroll around the alleys in Marrakesh and indulge in its authentic beauty. Furthermore, make sure to check out some Moroccan goods, like Safi pottery and leather. 

See the Unique Blue City of Chefcaouen

Chefcaouen blue city things to do in morocco

The city of Chefcaouen looks unreal in the midst of a sand-colored desert and pale vegetation. It has numerous buildings and houses tinted in blue, giving out a cool atmosphere in the hot land. For that reason, tourists often head to Chefcaouen to enjoy the brilliant scenery. You can stroll around the perfectly blue city and take some pictures. Moreover, you can also greet a few locals living in the city. It is great to see smiling faces, right?

If you have visited India, Chefcaouen will remind you of the blue city of Jaipur. Of course, both of them are equally beautiful and unique! 

Snap a Picture of the Sea Arch in Legzira Beach

things to do in morocco legzira beach

Do you know that Morocco has several unique beaches? Then, you must see one of them in Legzira. In the region, you can find a gorgeous beach with the same name. Furthermore, Legzira Beach is known for its colossal arch-like stone structure. The structure was formed through years of erosion from the waves. Moreover, it looks authentic amidst the vast sandy beach and roaring Atlantic ocean. Additionally, during sunset, the sea arch turns color into blazing scarlet. So, make sure to snap a picture of this amazing scene! 

Check Out the Tanneries and Streets in Fez

things to do in morocco city of fez

If you are looking for somewhere less-touristy, head to Fez. The ancient city allows you to get in touch with the everyday lives of the locals. For example, Fez is known for its magnificent leather tanneries. You can see how leather is made and colored in those tanneries. Also, consider buying some authentic leather to support the local economy. They are great to bring back home as souvenirs! 

Furthermore, you can wander around the 900 old streets of Fez and soak up the mesmerizing atmosphere. Besides that, you rarely see any cars in Fez, so you can roam comfortably around the streets and alleys. You can also visit some religious and historical buildings in Fez, like the Byzantine-styled Al-Attarine Madrasa. 

Camp in Erg Chebbi Dunes

things to do in morocco desert camping

Visiting deserts is one of the best things to do in Morocco. As the country is situated near the Sahara desert, you can expect lots of brilliant landscapes and dunes. One of them is the Erg Chebbi Dunes, which is located off the town of Merzouga. Erg Chebbi Dunes will lead you to an experience you will never forget.

Erg Chebbi Dunes is a series of sand dunes formed by the desert wind. It offers an ethereal landscape, which includes golden sand dunes during the afternoon and a starry sky during the night. Moreover, we highly recommend trying camping in the dunes. You can choose between classic or luxury camping. Now, imagine sleeping in a lovely tent in the middle of a remote desert, while also having the chance to enjoy a brilliant starlit night. Sounds amazing, right? 

Feel Like a Movie Star in Ouarzazate

things to do in morocco Ouarzazate city

Head to Ouarzazate and see a landscape you can only see in movies. After all, Ouarzazate has been literally featured in movies. Due to its unique desert landscape, Ouarzazate was often used as a filming location. Movies like The Prince of Persia, The Mummy, and The Game of Thrones shot their scenes in the city. So, if you love movies, you must visit this city!

Thus, Ouarzazate offers a generous number of magnificent landscapes and gorgeous buildings. You can find geometrical sand-colored buildings and houses all over the city. Moreover, you can also find historical landmarks in Ouarzazate, like Kabash Taourirt Fortress and the UNESCO-listed Ait-Ben-Haddou clay town. Additionally, you can also head to the nearby legendary Sahara desert. 

Explore the Historical Casablanca

things to do in morocco Casablanca

What are the best things to do in Morocco? – you might ask. Among the generous numbers of Morocco’s destinations and activities, make sure to visit Casablanca. See how the old and the new collaborate perfectly in this ancient city. Furthermore, you can find both hype shopping malls and historical landmarks in Casablanca. 

There are several must-see places in Casablanca. You can visit the gorgeous Hasan II Mosque, which is the most impressive landmark in the city. Besides that, you can see how multicultural and tolerant the city is through other religious landmarks. You can find Jewish synagogues and Christian churches in the city, bustling with practitioners. Additionally, you can explore the beauty of Casablanca’s medina and stay at impressive Moroccan riyads. 

See Roman Ruins in Volubilis

Rome ruins in Volubilis

Take a glimpse of the Roman Empire in Volubilis, an ancient city in Morocco. Furthermore, Volubilis consists of Roman ruins dating back to the Kingdom of Mauritania in the 11th century. You can find pillars, triumphal arcs, thermal baths, and other structures in the area. Besides that, you can also see some mesmerizing mosaics telling stories from Roman mythology. Due to its fascinating history, Volubilis is considered a world archaeological heritage by UNESCO. 

Roam Around the City of Asilah

things to do in morocco asilah

At the first glance, Asilah will remind you of Santorini. Thus, the seaside city has picturesque white-tinted buildings, geometrical houses, and cobblestone streets. Additionally, Asilah is situated on the seashore, offering brilliant scenery of the Atlantic ocean. Therefore, Asilah is perfect for visitors who are looking for a serene place and sightseeing experience.

Furthermore, Asilah is rich in history and culture. You can find Byzantine, Ottoman, and European influences around the city. Also, you can see centuries-old walls and fortresses in Asilah. So, if you are looking for fabulous things to do in Morocco, make sure to immerse yourself in the historic and beautiful Asilah. 

Visit the Cave of Hercules

the caves of hercules that keep a mythology

The natural cave keeps a piece of a legendary tale. Thus, people believe that the cave was the place where Hercules, an infamous Greek hero, fought against a three-headed giant named Geryon. Due to its legend, the cave attracts tourists from around the world. 

The Cave of Hercules is located on the shores of Cape Spartel. Thus, it is an archaeological limestone cave formed through natural phenomena. Besides the story of Hercules, people visit the cave for its impressive natural beauty. You can see the Atlantic ocean with its roaring waves from the cave opening. Also, you can absolutely see some statues of Hercules inside the cave. 

Go for a Scenic Trip to Dades Gorges

things to do in morocco in dades gorges

If you love the outdoors, this one is for you! One of the best things to do in Morocco is going for a road trip to Dades Gorges. Thus, Dades Gorges is a stunning gorge that stretches from the small town of Boumalne Dades. Here, you can enjoy the picturesque scenery of rugged reddish mountains forming an incredible structure and zig-zag road. Besides that, you can also go for a hike or drive along the stunning, naturally-walled roads of Dades Gorges. Furthermore, if you are looking for a slower and more relaxing trip, you can stop by one of the small cafes along the road. Then, you can enjoy a cup of Moroccan mint tea while enjoying the unbelievable scenery. 

See Majorelle Garden

things to do in morocco Yves Saint Laurent's Majorelle Garden

This artistic garden is one of the tourists’ favorite destinations in Morocco, especially for art and fashion lovers. Majorelle Garden is a botanical garden and museum designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle in 1923. For that reason, the garden looks intriguingly beautiful with exotic Saharan plants, a Moroccan-style sapphire building, and artistic decorations. 

Moreover, Majorelle Garden also offers interesting museums, like the Yves Saint Laurent museum. That is because Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé used to own the garden. Now, everyone can visit Majorelle Garden and marvel at its fascinating design. 

Enjoy Local Dishes 

things to do in morocco eat local dishes

Trying the local dishes of a country you have just visited is a must! So, make sure to have some flavorful Moroccan dishes as you landed in the country. Thus, Moroccan food has a luscious taste due to its rich mix of spices. You can sample some of the best delicacies, like couscous, tagine, and chicken preserved with lemon. Moreover, you can find lots of places selling delicious food, from top-rated restaurants to street food stalls. Exploring the flavors of Morocco is one of the best things to do in Morocco. 

Sip Some Sumptuous Morrocan Wine

enjoy superb moroccan wines things to do in morocco

Morocco is known for its world-class wine. Although the majority of Morocco’s citizens don’t drink alcohol, wine is one of Morocco’s best export commodities. Moroccan wine has a luscious and distinguished taste that makes it widely loved. Furthermore, there are some wine-producing regions with vast vineyards in Morocco, like Essaouira and Meknes. So, are you up for some wine tasting?

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