5 Reasons Why Traveling in Groups is Better

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Tips for Beginners, Travel Tips

Years passed by after the coronavirus pandemic hit the whole world, resulting in many countries closing their borders. Now, many countries are opening their borders one by one so that you can travel the world again. Before that, make sure that you have prepared everything well. For example, traveling in groups for your trip. Traveling in groups offers a lot of benefits for you. Why? Read until the end to learn more.

Why we love traveling in groups

  1. Have a support system
  2. Travel with like-minded people
  3. Less expensive
  4. Share fun experiences with others
  5. Make new friends in difficult times

Have a support system

friends together standing in a beautiful sunset
If something happens abroad, it’s better to be in a group than alone

God forbid something bad happens. But imagine you fall ill in another country; Wouldn’t you much rather have lovely people around you who can help you and sort things out for you, rather than being all alone? When you don’t feel well or something happens, it’s much easier to deal with it when you are in a group that can support you. And, who knows, maybe you’re lucky enough to have a healthcare professional among you.

Travel with like-minded people

friends together and sitting on a beautiful beach around a campfire while chatting
Keeping your family and friends safe is vital

Finding people with the same attitude towards corona is easier than figuring out who in your close circle thinks about this pandemic the same way you do. Your parents are in their 60s, and your best friend has diabetes? Be sure to keep them safe! Traveling with like-minded people your age, who all share similar opinions on handling this unique situation, is a great alternative.

Less expensive

silhouette of three women, while Traveling in groups in the beautiful sunset
Sharing the cost is a big plus

For many people, the effects of the coronavirus can be felt most in their bank accounts. It’s taken its toll on employment status and wages, so close friends and family might not be up for traveling to the next big destination any time soon. When you are traveling in groups, every cost is always split. For example, car renting has become much cheaper in groups than traveling alone. But not just the better cost when shared, making it less expensive. Experiences and adventures become better when you have others to share them with. 

Share fun experiences with others

Traveling in groups, sitting in a circle chatting to eachother in front of buildings
Easier to find passionate travelers

We are sure that we’re not the only ones who cannot wait to return and travel the world. Most of you reading this blog post are counting the days until measures are relaxed and the first flight ticket can be booked again. So imagine how easy it will be to find people traveling with you. It feels like we’ve all gone into a state of hibernation, stuck inside, not doing much. Let’s wake up together, be free, and HAVE FUN!

Make new friends in difficult times

Traveling in groups of friends standing together and dancing in the beautiful sunset
Make new friends in difficult times

Hard times make us bond more closely. We’ve all had to go through the same thing, strengthening our community. Everyone is ready to make new friends and be around people. What better way than by experiencing amazing times together and making life memories? We are sure you will have the best time traveling in groups.

As you can see, traveling in groups will fulfill your vacation expectation in ways it wouldn’t have been able to before. It keeps you safe, you can share the cost, and it is more fun than alone. And while the time has not yet come for us to travel, there is plenty of preparation time to at least plan your next trip. This way, it will make life a little easier when we can travel from home. If we have inspired you, check out JoinMyTrip to offer or discover unique trips. 

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