How To Travel Around The World On A Budget

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Travel cheaply spending little to no money!

Did you know it’s possible to travel around the world on a budget if you are up for the challenge? As Nike would say, Just do it! Who doesn’t love the idea of being able to travel without breaking your bank account? The correct answer is no one because the cheaper the travel the better! Do you want to save a couple of bucks and learn how you can travel on a budget? Let JoinMyTrip show you how you can do that with these tips! Traveling should not only be for the rich, and everyone should be able to explore the world. Or, if you simply want to try how far you can get without spending a fortune while traveling, then this could be a challenge for the new year 2021!

5. Cheap accommodation

Accommodation is what most people spend their money on when they are traveling and is one of the most important parts of any trip, but there is also a way to do it on a budget! There are so many options on how you can get cheap accommodation throughout your travels. For example, you could couchsurf to stay with hosts from all around the world at no cost, however, it is recommended to pay them back with a kind gesture for their hospitality. If you feel uncomfortable staying with strangers, another option is to go camping. Before you do this, make sure to search where you can freely camp and where you can’t. Some places don’t allow anyone to camp in certain areas and you could get into serious trouble for that.

a blue tent under the night sky of a thousand stars.
Cheap accommodation

Another option is to stay with your friends! Do you have friends abroad? We’re sure they would be more than happy to accommodate you on your travels. Plus, you get to spend time with your international friend at the same time! In case you don’t have any friends in the locations you want to travel to, try finding travelers on JoinMyTrip.

how to travel around the world on a budget with 2 girls laying on a hammock.
Cheap accommodation

4. Exchange your skills for food and/or accommodation

Nowadays there are so many people all over the world who are in need of an extra hand with their garden, taking care of their kids, painting their house, it could be anything. They are willing to give you a warm meal or even accommodation at no cost for the duration of your time there in return for your help. There are also multiple volunteer programs out there as well that can be found, exchanging your skills for food and/or accommodation. What better way to travel on a budget while being able to do something good for others at the same time.

A man who is wearing a white shirt and blue pants is planting a tree in the brown soil.
Exchange your skills for food and/or accommodation

3. Low budget tours

You can find walking tours in almost any big cities nowadays, google search for tours in your area or walk into a hostel. Hostels are known to regularly have tours and they are not only offered to their customers but to anyone who would like to join. All you need to do is show up and start exploring. However, most walking tours usually do not cost anything, but the tour guide usually expects a small tip at the end of your tour. You can tip according to what you thought the tour was worth, it could be in the range of 5€- 50€ depending on your budget.

How to travel around the world on a budget with a red bus in UK.
Low budget tours

Or you could simply go to JoinMyTrip and create a post, asking if someone would like to hang out and show you around their city! This is the best way to travel on a budget while making new friends at the same time.

2. Travel for cheap

Have you been collecting flight points and waiting for the right moment to use them? Use your points to save some money on your travels depending on which airline you have it with. Airlines occasionally offer special deals you can acquire with your flight points, don’t leave your points sitting there forever! Some airlines even have expiration dates for their points, if you don’t use it in a certain amount of time you would no longer be able to take advantage of it. Start finding your next travel location here! If you don’t have any flight points collected, and you are crazy enough you could always bike. There have been people who have traveled around Europe with just a bike, explore the world as no one else has before. In case you want to explore Italy on a bike, check out these trips.

A Plane in the sky flying over icy mountains and snow.
Travel for cheap

If you are lucky enough you can try hitchhiking from someone who is kind enough and going the same direction. Why not make the most out of it and create a fun road trip from it with JoinMyTrip. Even though they are offering you a ride, make sure to still be careful and be aware of who you are hopping into a car with!

How to travel around the world on a budget by hitchhiking a ride.
Travel for cheap

1. Do a house swap

Swap your house with someone else in another location. Do you want to travel to Portugal and there’s someone in Portugal who wants to travel to where you live? Simply do a house swap for the duration of your trip, this way your rent money doesn’t go to waste. There are a couple of house swap websites online that help connects homeowners with only a quick search. Start house swapping away!

A house covered in green plants with a red door in the day time.
Do a house swap

Now that you are here, make sure to take advantage of JoinMyTrip’s partnerships as well. Our partners will allow you to travel on a budget much easier with our exclusive discount codes.

A lot of people tend to forget the other possibilities of traveling; you don’t necessarily have to be spending a fortune all the time. Many of us make the excuse “Oh, I don’t have the money” which, don’t get us wrong, is a perfectly good reason. Not everyone is in a position to just take the time off, plan and have the necessary funds to go on an adventure. However, we want to encourage you to look beyond that and see the different kinds of possibilities that you can do on a budget and save you a couple of hundreds!

Have we inspired you to go traveling on a budget and possibly share the experience together with other travelers? Then head over to JoinMyTrip to start finding like-minded travel mates, you can either Plan or Join a trip to start sharing costs!

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