The Best Ways to Find Travel Buddies

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Travel Tips

Traveling together has never been better

Spending a vacation alone sometimes feels so good that it eventually bores you. It is arguably suggested that having travel buddies for a trip is way much better and fun. Why not? You can explore new places with new people. That way, you can share happiness together along your journey. Also, it feels way safer traveling with a companion, though. In that case, we have gathered some best ways you can try to find travel buddies for your fantastic vacation. Check them out!

Someone close to you

Traveling with someone close to you
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Nothing is as much fun as traveling with someone close to you. They can be your family members, partners, (former) classmates, or colleagues at work. Spending most of the vacation with the closest ones will create good memories. Just imagine, maybe you and your folks will talk about how adventurous your trip to South Africa was in the future.

Friends of a friend

Travelling with friends of a friend
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Using your connection to search for a companion for your trip is worth trying. This is probably the most common tip for people to find company or new friends while traveling to new places. Maybe your friend can refer you to their friends or family members to go out with you and show you places around. Indeed, this is the cheapest or even free and easiest way to find travel buddies.

Get to know them along the way

Get to know new travel buddies along the way
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You will never know what will happen during your trip, though. If you are lucky, you can find travel buddies to spend your vacation with. Many people share their stories about when they find travel buddies during a stay at a hostel, in tourist areas, on public transportation, and even at parties or clubs. Those travel buddies are not limited to other fellow travelers. They can also be the locals, who you can ask for guidance if you are curious about something.

Guided tours

Traveling with guided tours
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Another best way to find travel buddies is by joining a guided tour. This is surely the everyday activity that many tourists consider while traveling somewhere. Within a guided tour, there is a high chance for you to get to know other fellow travelers. Get to know them and have a very good conversation. Let’s say you meet a fellow traveler with the same itinerary to go surfing in Bali, Indonesia. Well, then you can spend the rest of the trips and have fun together.

Online communities

Traveling with online communities
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There are a lot of online communities of travelers who are spending vacations everywhere around the world. You can find these online communities on many social media platforms, such as Facebook or Reddit. By joining and engaging in a conversation on these online communities, you will find like-minded people who maybe have the same ideas about traveling with you.


Travel buddies with JoinMyTrip
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Besides online communities you can join on many social media platforms, you can definitely find travel buddies through JoinMyTrip. JoinMyTrip is a platform that provides you with a unique opportunity to enjoy and explore new places with various activities. JoinMyTrip connects you as a traveler to TripLeaders, who will guide and accompany you to explore new activities.

Safety tips for traveling with travel buddies

Safety tips for travelling with travel buddies
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You may also want to notice that most travel buddies you will meet are strangers. As we are aware, traveling with strangers requires high trust, and safety is the most important thing to consider. You should use common sense and trust your instinct whenever you smell a red flag or feel something does not go as expected. Also, let your family and friends know you are traveling with somebody else, so they know you are okay and safe.

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