Asia Bucket List: The Ultimate Guide for 2023

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Asia, Travel Bucket Lists

Asia is the dream destination for your 2023 bucket list!

Adding Asia to your travel bucket list is highly recommended. Mesmerizing natural scenery, warm tropical sunlight, smiling faces, diverse cultures, and delicious cuisines are some of the things you can find around the continent. Asia is the dream destination for 2023! Lots of destinations are bucket-list worthy, so where should you start? 

Here we are, compiling some captivating destinations and countries in Asia for you to travel to and gather unforgettable memories.


The Eastern Asia nation which is famous for its cuisines and anime offers lots of great experiences. From shopping and grabbing some drinks at the busy Shibuya, to taking a peaceful walk by the serene temples of Kyoto. Don’t miss out to munch fresh sushi, a bowl of Okinawa ramen, and authentic Japanese matcha! Japan is great for seasonal travel, too. You can find pretty cherry blossoms blooming in spring, vibrant festivals in summer, orange-red leaves at Nara Park in autumn, and fun ski sessions at Hokkaido in winter. 


Taiwan is kickstarting its position as a dream travel destination
Yushan (Jade Mountain) in Taiwan

Taiwan is kickstarting its position as a bucket-list-worthy destination! Located in East Asia, this country offers outstanding nature, zealous festivals, and smiling faces. Taiwan is generally similar to China, so it would be easy to find the beautiful Chinese culture in Taiwan’s festivals and foods. Moreover, the gorgeous Yushan Mountain, scenic areas of Guanyinshan, and historical objects in Taoyuan and Hsinchu City are ready to give you the best of Taiwan.


Magnificent architectures in India

A land of diverse culture, colorful festivals, and extraordinary cuisines. India will captivate you with historical palaces in Rajasthan, the incredible Taj Mahal in Agra, delightful tea in Munnar, and magnificent buildings in New Delhi. Don’t miss Ellora Caves, the UNESCO World Heritage site, which portrays the tolerance between the Hindu, Buddha, and Jain faith in India beautifully. This country is a perfect place for those who love history and beautiful architecture!


The beauty of history and culture awaits in this Middle Eastern country. Turkey lies in the continent of Asia and Europe, separated by the Bosphorus Strait. The Asia side of Turkey offers you picturesque scenery and serene cities with pretty European buildings. A ferry trip is highly recommended to explore Asian Turkey. Looking for travel friends to explore this beautiful country? You can plan your trip or find the perfect group with JoinMyTrip!


Consisting of 17.000 and more islands, Indonesia has tons of exciting experiences. We can find white-sand beaches, aquamarine sea, and warm sunshine on islands like Bali, Lombok, or the Moluccas. Captivating views and amazing hiking experiences can also be found in Rinjani Mountain, Lombok, or the infamous Ijen Crater in East Java. You can also take an exciting cultural trip to Indonesia’s cultural melting pot, including the city of Yogyakarta and Bandung! Also, check out this anti-mainstream Indonesia destination!


Do you know that the Malaysian tourism slogan is ‘Malaysia, Truly Asia’? That resonates well with the outstanding nature, tasty cuisines, and cultural diversity of the country. From scenic, lush rainforests to bustling, modern cities, Malaysia got your back. We recommend visiting George Town, a colonial-styled city that collaborates nicely with modern life, in Penang. The Chinese-colonial architecture and mouth-watering dishes will leave you in awe!


The Land of White Elephants surely has elephants! Go out and meet these magnificent creatures in sanctuaries like Phang Nga Elephant Park and The Happy Elephant Park for an out-of-the-box Thailand trip. Moreover, Thailand is infamous for its natural beauty, including its crystal clear ocean, sandy beaches, and islands with gigantic limestone walls, spreading out in islands like Phuket, Krabi, and Phang Nga. Thailand’s tropical islands are worth visiting, as the sunny beach and tons of fun experiences are waiting for you!

The Philippines

Your Asia bucket list could've been more perfect with Philippines in it!
Exotic beaches in Boracay, Philippines

This nation of islands has so many to offer. Picture-perfect beaches, beautiful underwater scenery, rich biodiversity, serene cities, and amazing dishes. You can find yourself relaxing at the sunny beaches of Boracay, going on an exciting dive with whale sharks in Cebu, or taking pictures of the beautiful colonial-style buildings in Manila. Go on for a perfect trip to the Philippines with new travel buddies

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