Underrated Hidden Gems in Sardinia

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Did you know that Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean sea after Sicily? Besides this fact, many people believe that this Italian island is the long Lost City of Atlantis. Is that true? No one knows about that. However, there are certainly many things that make this island outstanding among many other islands in the Mediterranean. What are they? These are 10 underrated hidden gems in Sardinia.

From beaches to cute towns

Cala dei Gabbiani

Cala dei Gabbiani hidden gems in sardinia
Copyright: Luca Cassani

The first hidden gem in Sardinia you must not miss during your visit to this island is Cala dei Gabbiani. This beach is located in the Gulf Orosei, which is in an area called Punta Ispuligi. You can expect soft white sand and crystal clear waters that are waiting for you to enjoy from this beach. There are only a few tourists visiting this island, so it is perfect to be your secret area to escape from the crowds.

The truth is you can only go to this island by private boats or motorboats, which operate daily from the ports of Arbatax, Cala Gonone, and S. Maria Navarrese to the beaches of the Golfo di Orosei. This island is so remote that you will not find any restaurants around. Therefore, you need to bring your own water to drink and snacks to eat.


villasimius hidden gems in sardinia
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One of the must-visit hidden gems in Sardinia that you clearly should not miss is Villasimius. This is a coastal town located in southeast Sardinia. Villasimius offers you a charming mixture of hip nightlife, stunning beaches, and historical culture. In July and August, there is lively nightlife which you can go to have fun with your close friends. Besides, there are many chic clubs and bays for you to enjoy the typical Sardinian lifestyle.

Some other spots you can visit during your stay in Villasimius are the piazza at the center of the village, the old Fortezza Vecchia fortress, and some other restaurants, clubs, and bars. The adorable little shops in this town also allow you to purchase some good accessories and merchandise from Sardinia. You can also discover some secluded bays and beaches which you can enjoy for a swim. 

La Pelosa Beach

La Pelosa beach hidden gems in sardinia
Copyright: Jürgen Scheeff

As an island in the Mediterranean, you can expect Sardinia to have a lot of beautiful braces with a mild temperature that is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. This is your chance to explore the turquoise waters of La Pelosa beach, which offers you such outdoor adventures. The refreshing water on this beach will clearly make your mind relax for the hustle and bustle of city life.

With the sand whites decorating the crystal clear water and a stunning view of the castle, you can see the beautiful view of the old Pelosa Tower erected between Capo Falcone and Piana Island. This beach is also easily accessible since it is only 2 km away from the harbor town of Stintino. Does it sound like a perfect calling for hiking for you?


Copyright: Jürgen Scheeff

You must visit this one of the hidden gems of Sardinia, situated in the west of Sardinia. Bosa is a truly beautiful, colorful little town that is really worth visiting. Do not forget to taste the popular and special yellow wine called Malvasia during your stay in Bosa.

The views of the town from above are really stunning. You will see an array of houses standing on the side of a hill, crowned by an old castle. Just stroll around this town, and you will get the vibes of a tranquil small town with beautiful alleyways. Moreover, the beauty of this small town is not only in its unique buildings. Located in the area where the Temo river meets the sea, the view of the stunning sunset is really spectacular.

Nebida Lavery

Nebida Lavery hidden gems in sardinia
Copyright: Francesco Ungaro

Close to Iglesias, you will find old mines called Nebida mines standing in the coastal area. These mines last operated around the 1980s. Nowadays, there are still some remains of the old mines that people often go to visit for educational purposes. You can learn the extraction and process of mineral mining here.

This mine is an important legacy of Sardinia’s mining past. The very iconic, panoramic part of this old mine complex is its washing area. The washing area overlooks the sea and the scenic view of the Pan di Zucchero islet, making it a good object for photography. So, if you are into photography and looking for an aesthetically pleasing object to capture, Nebida mines should be on your list.

Capo Caccia

Capo Caccia hidden gems in sardinia
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Do you know that there is one area in Sardinia has a rocky outcrop offering astonishing hiking routes, diving sites, and caves with archaeological remains? And this area is called Capo Caccia, which is also recognized as the Sleeping Giant. If you are a climbing lover, there are a lot of sheer cliffs in Capo Caccia that you can play with, let alone its breathtaking views of the coast, which will refresh your mind, body, and soul.

Moreover, this hidden gem in Sardinia also covers a marine protected area of Capo Caccia Isola Piana. This marine park preservers Sardinia’s priceless natural heritages, flora, and fauna. At the bottom of the Capo Caccia, there are caves and grottos which are worth exploring by diving. One of the most popular caves in this area is Neptune’s Grotto. So, are you brave enough to explore Capo Caccia?

Galleria Henry

Galleria Henry
Copyright: Jürgen Scheeff

Galleria Henry is one of the next hidden gems in Sardinia that you can visit with your family, especially with kids. This is a very educational area where you can learn about railways development. In Galleria Henry, there is a labyrinth of tunnels etched into the rock, which shows you beautiful views of the islands and the sea.

There is a guided tour if you want to visit the area. You can even take an electric train to explore the old steam railways and 1 km long tunnel that was excavated in 1865. You do not need to worry about the safety there because it has been made safe so that tourists can enjoy the place.

Cuile Ziu Tattanu

Cuile Ziu Tattanu
Copyright: Jürgen Scheeff

This hidden gem in Sardinia is one among many that you must visit during your stay in Nuoro, Sardinia. Cuile Ziu Tattanu is a reconstruction of the old sheepfold showing the original way of life for shepherds in this area. Nowadays, this cottage has a fireplace used as a fire pit for hikers. Thus, you can actually sleep inside this unique building.

What is best about this cottage is its location on the top of Mount Iveri, which provides a panoramic view of the limestone bastion in the north of Cala Gonone town. Another breathtaking view you can watch over is the whole southern part of the Gulf of Orosei where you have a look at the beauty of the open sea there. With these views, you should put this place as one of the hiking places you must visit on your hiking bucket list.


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Located in the center of Nuoro’s Barbagia, there is an adorable small village, Orgosolo, that you must visit. This hidden gem in Sardinia has more than 150 murals painted on the walls of buildings all over the town. In fact, this has made Orgosolo become one of UNESCO’s intangible world heritage sites. Just stroll around the alleyways and adore every mural that got into your eyes.

Besides its infamous murals, some activities you can enjoy in Orgosolo include watching the performance of Canto a Tenore, the production of silkworm farming, and many other festivities. If you are more into outdoor activities, you can also do hiking around the village since Orgosolo is located in the center of Sardinia’s beautiful mountains.

La Maddalena

La Maddalena hidden gems of sardinia
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La Maddalena has been known as the beautiful Sardinia’s secret archipelago due to its charm. This is truly a definition of a hidden gem that you must put into your travel bucket list. Many said that you will not feel like you are in the Mediterranean here. Otherwise, you will get the Caribbean vibes in this archipelago. Historically speaking, Napoleon Bonaparte even tried to occupy La Maddalena during his golden time.

The beauty of La Maddalena not only caught the attention of the French emperor, but it also catches a lot of attention from people nowadays. Why not? La Maddalena has the cleanest and clearest water that people can enjoy for swimming or sailing around in this chain of islands. Besides, its national park also hosts many uninhabited islands that tourists can explore.

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