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15 Best Winter Getaways for 2022

Looking for both snowy and sunny winter getaways? We got your back!

Winter is slowly arriving, as the air gets chilly and temperatures drop into an icy-cold one. Winter is the perfect time to take a stroll in the city in fluffy coats, get a cup of hot chocolate or blazing vodka, and go out for ski trips. It is also the perfect time to fly somewhere sunny and find yourself sinking your feet into the warm, tropical waters. Snowy paradise or equatorial wonders, anything would be awesome for winter getaways!

Whether you are looking for a winter wonderland with northern lights and vibrant markets or a sunny paradise with sandy beaches and lush nature to visit this winter, you’ve landed in the right place! We have compiled a list of amazing winter destinations for both snow and sun lovers. They will definitely give you an unforgettable winter getaway. 

Snowy Getaways for Winter 2022

1. Zermatt, Switzerland

Perfect winter getaways in Zermatt

Imagine waking up to the amazing panorama of towering mountain tops and a series of pure white snowy hills, along with a colorful miniature of buildings in the mountains’ valley. You can get this scenery in Zermatt, Switzerland. The small town is the home of classic European villages, fantastic ski trips, fairytale-like glacier structures, and the glorious Matterhorn mountain. Spending winter in this Swiss town means scenic strolls along the town with a mountainous landscape, fantastic ski experiences, gorgeous sightseeing, and sizzling cuisines.

What to do: See the glorious Matterhorn from viewpoints such as Gornergrat Bahn, order some cheese fondue and classic Zermatt beer, go skiing in Rothorn, and visit the Matterhorn’s Glacier Paradise for picturesque sceneries and impressive attractions. 

2. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reyjavik is perfect for your winter getaways

Looking for something vibrant in the winter? Book your ticket to Reykjavik!

Winter is a joyful season for this capital of Iceland when lots of cultural festivals are happening. Reykjavik offers a snowy scenery of classic town buildings, blazing Scandinavian beers, and lively Iceland folklores in winter. You will also find yourself marveling at Mother Nature’s beauty in this land. Reykjavik is the home of the magical Northern Lights that you would likely see during winter, towering glaciers, warm geothermal springs, and alluring wildlife. Don’t miss going on outdoor adventures and visiting Reykjavik’s notable festivals, such as the Winter Lights Festival.

What to do: Chase the northern lights, see some glaciers, go whale-watching on a cruise, take a tour around Reykjavik, and warm yourself by taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon. 

3. Greenland

The snowy, freezing Greenland could be you awesome winter getaway!

Interestingly, the ‘green’ in Greenland’s name is an irony. You could not find lush forests, vast grasslands, or rich green vegetation. Instead, you can find amazing icy lands, magnificent glaciers, and pure white mountain tops on this Arctic island. Greenland is the true definition of a “winter wonderland”. 

While it is one of the coldest places on Earth, reaching -58 °F in winter, it is still worth visiting. Greenland is the home of gorgeous glaciers, icy cliffs, untouchable Arctic wildlife, and outdoor adventures. If you are into nature or looking for an adventure of a lifetime, Greenland should be on your bucket list!

What to do: Take a glimpse of the magnificent humpback whale and other wild animals, go dog-sledding, go for a cruise tour around the icy waters of Greenland, and spend some days in the dynamic city of Nuuk. 

4. Salzburg, Austria

Unforgettable winter getaways start from Austria

Music filled the air in this Austrian beautiful city. Salzburg is literally filled with music, as it is the setting of the infamous The Sound of Music movie and the birthplace of the world’s legendary composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. You can find yourself learning about the maestro’s journey in museums or take a tour of the filming spots of The Sound of Music. 

Besides its unique story, The City of Mozart portrays the perfect collaboration between artistic medieval architecture and classic 19th-century structures. It offers interesting history and indulgent culture, as there are lots of historical buildings in the small city. Salzburg is quite festive during winter with its feisty Christmas markets. You can find yourself enjoying the glimmering lights or grabbing a glass of wine in those Christmas markets.

What to do: Take a tour of Mozart’s birthplace and residence, grab a cup of hot chocolate in Cafe Tomaselli, visit Christmas markets, and stroll around the historical buildings in Altstadt. 

5. Budapest, Hungary

Beautiful Budapest for beautiful winter getaways

Winter is the best season to visit charming Budapest. This historical city is filled with powdery white snow and glimmering lights, giving out a cozy, romantic vibe. The snowy season is both magical and festive for Budapest, as there are crowded Christmas markets, cozy winter attractions, and beautiful cityscapes during winter.

You can experience Budapest’s winter wonderland by strolling around the snow-covered city in the evening, strolling along the gorgeous Danube river, going for some winter classic performances, and grabbing a bag of traditional roasted chestnut. Also, don’t miss out on the thermal spas in Budapest! Try visiting Széchenyi, a sizzling thermal spa that is surrounded by classic yellow buildings.

What to do: See Christmas markets, go skating in Europe’s largest ice rink, take a relaxing dip in the thermal baths, see the glorious gothic Buda Castle, and stroll around Budapest in the evening.

6. Prague, Czech Republic

This city looks like it was straight out of a fairytale! Gothic architecture, pastel-colored buildings, and a pretty river completed Prague’s charm. Visiting Prague in winter means visiting a winter wonderland!

Prague is recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it looks wonderful in winter. Prague transforms into a romantic, fairytale-like town with pure-white snow covering it. Moreover, winter calls for glimmering city lights and festive festivals, making this Eastern European city looks magical. Spend a wonderful winter in Prague by visiting its historical buildings and marveling at the beautiful spots.

What to do: Visit the stunning Prague Castle, stroll around St.George’s Square, visit the Christmas markets, see musical performances in the historical Municipal’s House Smetana Concert Hall, and grab a Nakládaný Hermelin traditional cheese.

7. Nagoya, Japan

Do you know that spending the winter in Asia is a good idea? Japan will show you why! This East Asia country offers a lot, including awesome ski experiences and relaxing hot springs. Go to Nagoya, a prefecture that can be reached by two hours bullet train ride from Tokyo.

Nagoya portrays the brilliant collaboration of natural beauty and bustling cities. Nagoya is infamous for its sizzling hot springs, wonderful ski resorts, and the magical Jigokudani Monkey Forest. Spending winter in Nagoya means getting yourself relaxed in a traditional Japanese hot spring, munching on seasonal staples, seeing unique, red-faced Japan macaques in their natural habitat, and skiing in a Winter Olympics venue. You can also warm yourself up by having a bowl of miso udon, a hearty traditional noodle soup.

What to do: Visit the Jigokudani Monkey Forest and see Japanese macaques, dip yourself in hot springs, stay at traditional Japanese villas, go skiing, and see the gorgeous temples in Nagoya. 

8. Park City, Utah, USA

This American town looks really good in winter. The town is surrounded by snowy hills, rocky snow-covered mountains, and beautiful pine forests. Park City is usually lively during winter, as it offers awesome ski trips and impressive winter experiences. You can get active and take a fun ski trip or go dog-sledding. If you are looking for something more relaxing, you can stay in cottages, dip yourself in hot tubs, and munch on Park City’s staples. Park City is the perfect destination for both a relaxing and adventurous winter getaway. 

What to do: Go on ski trips, try dog-sledding, stay in a cottage with hot tubs, jump into snowmobiles, try snow biking, or take a stroll along the historical Park City.

Sunny Getaways for Winter 2022

9. Canary Islands, Spain

No list of winter getaways would be perfect without the Canary Islands! The archipelago of six gorgeous islands offers a wonderful winter sun experience. The islands offer pleasant temperatures, relaxing black-sand beaches, alluring landscapes, and fantastic cities. Plan a visit to the five big islands: Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, La Palma, Tenerife, and Lanzarote. You can find old cities in Gran Canaria, a bunch of water sports choices in Fuerteventura, beautiful beaches in La Palma, an unforgettable hiking experience in Tenerife, and unique sceneries in Lanzarote. However, all of these islands allow you to have an awesome winter getaway!

What to do: Go for a hiking tour in Tenerife, dive in the sea near La Palma, stroll around the old city and have a great party in Gran Canaria, and go sightseeing in Fuerteventura.

10. Athens, Greece

The ancient yet vibrant city offers a lot in winter. This sunny side of Europe is occasionally snowing. It usually has a nice, mild temperature during winter. From magnificent ancient ruins to beautiful cityscape, you can find so many attractions in Athens!

Have a glance at the beautiful winter sun from the heights of Mount Lycabettus or humble Greece restaurants. You can also enjoy the sparkling Mediterranean sea by walking around bays and marinas. The Acropolis also looks nice in winter and even better, it is not crammed with tourists. Thinking about a near, sunny winter escape in Europe? Pack your bags and go to Athens! 

What to do: See Acropolis and the ancient ruins of Agora, explore Syntagma square (especially during Christmas!), have a bite of Greek feta in restaurants, visit Mount Lycabettus, and take a stroll along the neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki.

11. Limassol, Cyprus

Do you want to be comfy in your T-shirt and jeans during winter in Europe? Limassol allows you to do it! The Mediterranean city has a signature winter sun and cool temperature during winter. Moreover, you can have a great deal of Cyprus as prices are dropping during winter. Limassol is generally quiet during winter, allowing winter tourists to get the best out of the serene city.  Enjoy this seaside city with its glimmering Mediterranean sea and pastel-colored buildings, while having a sunny sky during winter. 

Limassol offers a pretty cityscape, ancient heritages, warm waters, and delightful beers for travelers to enjoy during winter. It is a great way to escape the freezing season and have a sunny day out!

What to do: Take a stroll around the calm Limassol, see the Kourion ancient city and Kolossi palace, spend the day at the Kourion beach, and grab a bottle of Cyprus beer.

12. Mauritius, East Africa

Find the tropical paradise of Africa in Mauritius! The tropical island has the perfect combination of wonderful nature and magnificent history. Moreover, it has sunshine and warm temperatures between November and April, making it an ideal destination for escaping the freezing winter. Mauritius offers sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, magical nature landscapes, and a bunch of outdoor activities. You can find a variety of tropical wonders here, from beautiful and sunny beaches to spectacular marine life. 

Find yourself chilling on the deck of a catamaran, having an island hopping tour, visiting the unusual-colored dunes in Seven Colored Lands, marveling at gorgeous botanical gardens, or taking a dip into the warm Indian Ocean. Forget the word ‘bored’ in this beautiful country! 

What to do: Visit botanical gardens, hike to viewpoints, take a tour of the national parks, go island hopping, chill out on the beaches, spend some time in the waterfalls, and swim with dolphins in Tamarin Bay.

13. Yucatan, Mexico

If you are looking for sunshine and unique adventures during winter, Yucatan got your back! This Mexican peninsula is the home of lively cultures, magnificent history, delicious cuisine, and sandy beaches. The all-year-round sunshine in Yucatan allows you to marvel at the stunning Mayan pyramids, dip yourself in cenotes, and sunbathe on glimmering beaches in winter. Yucatan allows you to explore legendary and beautiful ancient ruins, chill out on sandy beaches, munch some delicious tapas, and see exotic wildlife. Spend some days in the sunny Yucatan for a spectacular winter getaway! 

What to do: Dip into crystal clear cenotes, spend time on the sunny beaches of Tulum, explore ancient Mayan ruins, go to national parks, and grab some authentic Mexican dishes.

14. Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Land of Smiles will surely warm you up with its all-year sunshine and of course, smiles. Chiang Mai is a cultural hotspot in Thailand that should be added to your bucket list. It is a vibrant city in Northern Thailand, standing in a mountainous area. Chiang Mai offers interesting history, magnificent temples, alluring nature, and affordable travel experiences. You can find vibrant night markets selling mouthwatering street foods, beautiful temples, lush forests, great outdoor activities, and pretty gardens. Go for something memorable, such as visiting Thai elephant sanctuaries or rafting in the Mae Taeng River.

With its variety of attractions and activities, Chiang Mai is an awesome place to escape from the freezing winter. 

What to do: Take a tour around the city, see Thai elephants in elephant sanctuaries, see the hidden Wat Pha Lat temple, learn to cook Thai cuisine, go for river adventures, and chill in comfortable villas.

15. Bali, Indonesia

From brilliant blue waters to serene rice fields, Bali has so much on its plate! Bali knows no winter, as the sun shines upon the tropical island all year round. This tropical paradise offers numerous sandy beaches, brilliant blue waters, rich Hindu culture, vibrant nightlife, and gorgeous natural scenery. Other good news: you can enjoy both a luxurious vacation and a budget getaway in Bali.

Bali allows you to enjoy tropical beaches, have insane parties, explore the lush mountainous areas, and stay in great villas at the same time. Whether you are feeling like sipping some cocktails in nice beach clubs or having a calm yoga session with lush green backgrounds, Bali got your back!

What to do: Chill on the beaches of Melasti, Kuta, or Uluwatu, spend a night in nightclubs at Seminyak, go for a yoga retreat in Ubud, eat fresh seafood at Jimbaran, and see beautiful temples in Bedugul.

Are you ready to head out to these wonderful destinations? What are you waiting for? Go for the perfect winter getaway you deserve! If you are thinking about going with a group or finding new travel buddies, we got your back! Find new TripMates and explore tons of amazing trips in JoinMyTrip.


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