Why Travel to Portugal: The Ultimate 10 Reasons

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Europe, Portugal, Travel, Travel Bucket Lists

Step into a country where timeless history, enticing culture, and blissful everyday life collaborate seamlessly. Portugal is simply alluring. This Western European country attracts travelers from all across the world to experience its irresistible charm. Portugal has become special for its captivating history, powdery beaches, and world-class wine. Then, why Portugal should be your next bucket list destination? Why you should travel to Portugal this year? These are the 10 reasons that will make you book your next trip! 

Why Travel to Portugal – Summary

  1. The Country is a Historic Treasure Trove
  2. The Cities Shine Their Own Light
  3. It is the Affordable Side of Europe 
  4. Safe Country, Welcoming People 
  5. An All-Year-Round Destination
  6. Home to Gorgeous Beaches
  7. It Has a Lineup of Amazing Wine
  8. Haven for the Digital Nomads
  9. Playground for the Outdoor Junkies
  10. The Nightlife is Surprisingly Awesome 

The Country is a Historic Treasure Trove

Tower of Belem why travel to Portugal

Portugal has kept a record of mighty empires, notable periods, and unforgettable events as time goes by. From the conquest of the Roman Empire to the rise of the Visigothic kingdom, the history of Portugal is immaculate. Historical sites and centuries-old buildings take us traveling back in time. They display different architectural styles, ranging from the classic Gothic to the distinctive Manueline. Moreover, take a peek at the great earthquake in 1755 in some sites and ruins. So, why travel to Portugal? We confidently answer – the history! 

The Cities Shine Their Own Light

why travel to Portugal

There is no such thing as dozing off in Portugal, especially when you visit the cities. The country’s cities offer something special for everyone in their own way. Lisbon, the capital, beckons at the wanderer side of yours. Explore Lisbon’s impressive city setting, where gaudy neoclassical buildings stand and the bright-colored trams roam. Porto stands out as a historical center, while also spoiling your tastebuds with exquisite port wine. Portuguese islands’ capitals, like Funchal and Faro, wake up the party animal inside you to get a taste of the Mediterranean’s sizzling nightlife. Therefore, it is one of the reasons why travel to Portugal. 

It is the Affordable Side of Europe 

Can you travel to Europe on a budget? Well, the answer is yes! Portugal shows how it is done. Differing from its neighboring countries in Western Europe, Portugal is surprisingly affordable. The country has a low minimum wage, much lower than other big European countries like Spain and Germany. It is the reason behind the low prices and cheap deals in Portugal. Securing a budget of €50-100 allows you to enjoy a comfortable vacation in the country. Here is some general information about prices in Portugal, so you can consider why travel to Portugal. 

Safe Country, Welcoming People 

Do you know that Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world? In 2022, the Global Peace Index puts Portugal as the sixth safest country in the world. Stable politics and low crime rates are the reasons behind it. So, traveling to Portugal is fairly safe. Also, if you are a female solo traveler, you can find that it feels safe to wander around by yourself in the country. 

Besides that, Portugal is known for its friendly people. You can find smiley faces everywhere, offering help and kindness. Portuguese recognizes their hospitality as an important part of their culture. Whether you are staying in a hostel or eating in a local restaurant, get ready to encounter warm smiles. 

An All-Year-Round Destination

why travel to Portugal climate

Are you looking for an all-year-round destination in Europe? Portugal it is! The country has a Mediterranean climate, resulting in mild temperatures and weather. Some part of Portugal, like Madeira and Algarve, has 300 days of sunshine annually. Moreover, Portugal is known for its mild winter, with temperatures hovering around 10°C. For that reason, the country is widely chosen as a winter getaway destination for a lot of travelers in Europe. 

Then, what is the best time to visit Portugal? We recommend visiting in spring (March-May) when the temperatures are starting to get warm after winter. It is also the low season, so you can expect fewer crowds and lower prices. Additionally, you can visit in summer to enjoy the country’s brilliant beaches and go for water adventures. 

Home to Gorgeous Beaches

why travel to Portugal beaches

Golden-sand coastline bordered Portugal’s mainland to the brilliant blue Mediterranean Sea. Rugged cliff formations line the shores, creating exquisite beaches to visit. Therefore, sun-kissed beaches and gorgeous coastlines are the reason why Portugal is a popular tourist destination. Travelers flock to the Algarve, which is blessed with powdery beaches and beautiful limestone cliffs. Seaside resorts and star villas dot the islands, making them amazing beach destinations. So, what are the best beaches in Portugal? You can check out Praia da Samoqueira in Aletenjo, Praia do Camilo in Lagos, and Praia de Afife in Costa Verde. 

It Has a Lineup of Amazing Wine

Why travel to Portugal? – you might ask. Well, foodies and connoisseurs will answer the wine. Nothing matches Portugal’s locally-produced wine. The diverse elevation, lush soil, and Mediterranean climate of the country are the perfect combination to produce sumptuous wine. Thus, it is one of the reasons why people are traveling to Portugal. From the rich Port wine to the delectable Madeira wine, a sip of Portuguese wine will make you fall in love. 

Then, are you down for a wine-tasting session in Portugal? You can head to the wine regions like Duoro, Aletenjo, and Vinho Verde. Get some delicious Portuguese wine for you and your travel buddies! 

Haven for the Digital Nomads

travel to Portugal for digital nomad

If you are a digital nomad who is looking for a fabulous workation, make sure to check out Portugal. Imagine working from a luscious seaside villa on the sparkling shores of Madeira or a comfortable apartment in Lisbon’s historical center. Then, explore the area on the weekend and connect with other digital nomads. Thus, Portugal has gained popularity for being a digital nomad destination. You can apply for a D7 visa, the digital nomad visa that allows you to stay in the country for one year. 

Playground for the Outdoor Junkies

Portugal outdoors

Are you an outdoor enthusiast or someone who is always looking for thrills? Traveling to Portugal is for you! The country is blessed with extraordinary nature and diverse landscapes. From towering mountains to outstanding sea caves, Portugal’s nature calls you for an amazing adventure. You can go hiking through the winding mountain trails on the Azores, ride the waves in Ericiera, or try cliff jumping from the rugged cliffs of Lagos. Therefore, there is no shortage of outdoor activities in Portugal. It is one of the reasons why travel to Portugal. 

The Nightlife is Surprisingly Awesome 


People in Portugal know how to party – don’t say that we never tell you! For that reason, the nightlife and party scene in Portugal is fantastic. Major cities, like Lisbon and Porto, are bursting with awesome nightclubs, trendy discos, and amazing bars for you to spend a sizzling night. As the sun goes down, party lights up everywhere. Get ready to dance the night away in one of the nightclubs or taste some delicious cocktails in a buzzing bar. Therefore, it is one of the reasons why you should travel to Portugal.

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